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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nice Harmony

I Don't Believe This

Sorry, but I don't agree with this decision.

The series is FICTION!!

Life and death are serious things, make no mistake. At the same time, I am not sure canceling the red carpet event brought the victims back. Oh wait, it doesn't.

I watched the first season. The description in the article reads like the author is regurgitating what others have said, not firsthand experience.

I think it's incredibly difficult to criticize or label something that I have never seen. I can say that I don't think I will like something but I don't think that I can judge it without seeing it.


Black on Blue?



Friday, May 18, 2018

KO is Growing on Me

The Acute Angle: Kevin Owens KO doesn’t always win, but can WWE keep a great heel down? By Kenny Herzog May 17, 2018, 3:47pm EDT

S is Right

Splice is right: has Disney stumbled upon the perfect Star Wars formula?

Love this comment:

Milestone Passed

Two weeks ago, on 5/4/2018, I reached 1 year of tracking my steps. Using some basic math, my cell phone tells me I walked 2,771,126 steps in 365 days for an average of 7592.12602739726 steps per day, which is -2407.87397260274 steps per day below 10,000 steps. It's important to mark this milestone as I now have a year's worth of data as a baseline. In the 13 days from May 5th - May 18th, I have walked 176385 steps, which is an average of 13568.07692307692 steps per day. If I were to average 13568 steps per day for 365 days, my total steps from May 5, 2018 - May 4, 2019, would be 4,952,320 steps, an increase of 2,181,194 steps.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Clap on 2+4 Except for Sunshine of Your Love


This article describes a new SMSS (Subscription Music-Streaming Service) as YouTube’s long-rumored subscription music-streaming service is now official. I look forward to ignoring it.

The Scrub

I took Alex to The Yacht Club in downtown Iowa City a few years ago to see Gene Hoglan do a drum clinic. The way he comes across in the video below is how he came across when we watched him. What I remember the most about the clinic is how I left it inspired to practice more. I don't believe I will ever play as fast as Gene Hoglan, but from what he said at that clinic and what he says below, I know I don't have to play as fast as him. His message to me is to be the best drummer you can be.

  1.        8:03 - Gene's Warmups
  2.   15:12 - Ankle Weights
  3.   19:55 - Energy Conservation
  4.   25:55 - Why Two Rides?
  5.   30:18 - Tuning Drums
  6.   35:00 - Gene's Ambidexterity
  7.   41:00 - Gene's Influences
  8.   57:38 - Mental Exercises
  9. 1:01:13 - "My Name Is Murder" by Galaktikon

And since Gene Hoglan mentioned Dark Angel, I thought I'd listen to the first album that features him on the drums.

Oh my. In the first 1:30, I hear so many things that are amazing!

Someday Perfect

I can see Alex being perfect for this job ... after he graduates from UNI.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Too Comfortable

I'm playing a Rummy 500 game during a break at work. I'm ahead by 96 going into the 4th round. What happens? I get set and only earn 11 points while the computer (my cell phone) racks up 121 points for a 501 - 487 victory!
I'm certainly not going to get all bent out of shape about a Rummy 500 game, but I did think about something after the game was over. Like many times in life, I thought a victory was guaranteed. I thought I was going to sail through the final round and end up with an outcome but, in reality, it didn't turn out that way.

It's a lesson I have learned many times in my life.

For example, I thought I was going to be the drummer for Avery Riot in April 2016. Instead, I didn't get the gig.

For example, a short 842 days ago, I thought I would be working at Pearson until I retired. Instead, I was laid off 841 days (or 2 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 6 days) ago.

Sometimes, though, I am the computer.

For example, I thought I would never reach 1000 blog posts. Instead, I have published 6069 posts in 3711 days with an average of posting 1.635408245755861 posts a day. I have 3594 days until 3/28/2028 to post 2.376460767946578 times a day to reach a total of 8541 posts between 3/18/2018 and 3/18/2028, which will bump up that 1.635408245755861 posts a day average to an even 2 posts a day average.

For example, I thought I would never get over my high school sweetheart. Instead, when I saw her at my nephew's Confirmation reception in Cedar Falls, I did not have the urge to go talk to her.

My point is that I cannot take anything as a given. Instead, I must always work hard for what I want.


Funk Sand

Stream the funkiest cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” ever

Reliving the F of F

And another video:

I Hope I Can Play Drums When I'm 79!

Not to be disrespectful, but I didn't remember that Ginger Baker was still alive. I thought about him when I saw that this tour - The Music of Cream - 50th Anniversary Tour - on Saturday, November 10, 2018 - at the Paramount Theatre - Cedar Rapids, IA. The tour features Ginger Baker's son - Kofi - on drums. Tickets are Tickets: $57.50, $45, $39, $35, with VIP Packages available for $175.

From back in the day:

This is the band from 2/10/2017:

And together, they did this:

Guess I'm going to be listening to Cream the rest of the day...

Introducing the 'not new' band: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

I became of this band - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - because I read a Craigslist ad. The band was listed as an influence by the person posting the ad so I thought I'd check them out. I found this playlist:

As I randomly listened to tunes by the band, I was reminded of this Fearless Records compilation:

Of all the compilations I own, without a doubt, it is my favorite because of this tune by Bigwig (my all-time favorite punk rock band).

Editor's Note: This is the first post to EVER use the Punk Rock label.

Storage! Storage! Rhymes with Porridge (which I've never ate)

While this article is good - How Google’s New Storage Pricing Compares to Microsoft, Apple, and Dropbox - it doesn't address two other storage options: Carbonite and BackBlaze. As you may recall reading elsewhere on this blog, I use BackBlaze. I do have a Google account as well as a Dropbox account.

This Will Be Nice

Send Texts From Your PC With This Upcoming Windows Feature

Makes Me Giggle

It makes me giggle that this article - How to Survive on the Road with all the Tech Comforts of Home - was published while I was on vacation.

I am NOT the Target Audience For This Festival

Since I have never heard of a single one of the bands / acts playing at this festival, it seems not being in Las Vegas this weekend was a good choice.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Gem

History Lesson


Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth: 'Overkill Has Never Aired Its Dirty Laundry In Public' -

Infinity War feels like the beginning of a goodbye to Captain America Avengers: Infinity War feels like the beginning of a goodbye to Captain America.

Waterloo's 'eyesore' to come down this month

Waterloo's 'eyesore' to come down this month

Awaiting the New Tool Album Requires Patience

Catching Up with Monday Night Raw

40 Youtube URLs

I just came across this list in a text file...

2018 Tech Forum Information


Some Confluence Resources

I do not long for the days when I used Confluence on a daily basis at Pearson. I am happy using RoboHelp at work as I work on Knowledge Management & Disaster Recovery documentation.

Hi Keith,

I haven't had to create a spreadsheet in Confluence, so can't answer that specific question.

But in terms of a bit of advice based on a couple years of experience maintaining content on a Confluence site with thousands of pages of content:

   1. If you have a single hierarchical arrangement in which you wish to
   present the topics you create, just organise them in the order you wish in
   the page tree, and you're good to go! If you wish to re-use a single topic
   in multiple different locations in the tree, a separate folder of
   topics-for-inclusion + the Include Page macro to include a shared topic in
   a particular page in the tree seems to do the trick quite nicely. It's not
   quite the same as a full-on authoring system with re-usable content blocks,
   but you can fake it acceptably using that technique.

   2. ** Consider your strategy for search early **. Search is one of the
   weak points of using Confluence as a documentation presentation platform.
   You can mitigate this by using naming conventions for topics that include
   terms users can put in searches, using labels, and even putting information
   in different spaces associated with different types of information since
   search can easily specify the space to search. Because clicking on a search
   result does not advance the displayed page to the location of the search
   string on the page (or highlight the search string on the page) when it is
   opened, we learned quickly that users prefer smaller topics if they plan to
   locate content using search more often than using a TOC or the page
   hierarchy -- because there's less of a document for them to page around
   looking for the content they require.

   3. ** Consider your strategy for versioning early **. You can do this by
   hand, using separate spaces for different versions, so that users can
   search for docs for different versions of a product by specifying the space
   associated with the desired product version -- this allows pages to have
   the same title across versions. Advantage: You can easily clone the space's
   content to a new space for a new version of the docs. Or you can do this by
   hand, with all documentation in the same space -- which requires you to put
   the version at the end of each title so that multiple versions of a
   document can exist in the same space. Advantage: It pleases an admin who
   sees a separate space for each version to be an excessive use of Confluence
   spaces, at the cost of making it a bit of a nuisance to create a new doc
   set for a new version of the product, for any pages that are not
   automatically generated an uploaded with a version-unique title. (No more
   will be said about that.) Or you can try out Scroll Versions and see if it
   meets your requirements.

   4. If you use Scroll Versions to manage across versions (it's not bad,
   depending on what you want to do, but it's not glitch-free either), beware
   that at least as of a year ago -- and probably still today -- you cannot
   post pages using the REST API if you want those pages to be managed by
   Scroll Versions.  We require this for some of our automated documentation
   production -- many of our collection TOCs and individual reference pages
   are generated using local table-driven tools and XSLs that create and post
   Confluence-internal-schema-compliant XML -- so Scroll Versions was out.

   5. Plug-ins are your friend. As Sharon Metzger pointed out, they are
   variable in quality, and some are very much worth the money.

   6. Beware moving and copying pages with embedded images that were first
   added by cut and paste. It seems to be better to explicitly insert images
   file-by-file if you ever plan to move pages around later. (This may only be
   an issue across spaces or may be an issue across permission boundaries.
   Once we determined explicit inserts fixed it, we just proceeded with that
   as process without investigating further.)

   7. Know that the Confluence Server editor is glitchy, but usually not
   fatally so. Confluence Cloud may have similar issues but I haven't put the
   hours into it that I've put into Server. If you are in the editor 6-8+
   hours a day and your topics tend to be on the longer, multi-page side,
   remember this: Control-Z will rescue you from all manner of scary ills!
   Occasionally -- 5-10 times a week for me -- you might be copying and
   pasting around a document, or attempting to apply a heading style, or doing
   something else other than simply typing in the editor, and find that your
   whole document suddenly renders in a particular style, the entire body of
   your document disappears, a cell in your table now contains what used to be
   the entire next row of the table, etc. When this happens, do not panic,
   just undo. Although Confluence sometimes gets the "do" part wrong, it
   RARELY gets the "undo" part wrong.

   8. If you want to buy a third-party theme setup plug-in, beware that
   they can interact poorly with other third-party plug-ins and Confluence
   itself. A theming package my employer uses causes me to constantly get
   "Cannot save page" messages from intermediate auto-saves during editing or
   for final updates -- even though Confluence does seem to save the page.
   Atlassian and the theme plug-in vendor are playing the "No, it's them!"
   game at each other; it's been an issue for most of a year.

   9. Sharepoint tends toward the over-designed end of things. Confluence
   tends toward the under-designed end. Neither are built to be full-featured
   content management systems, just easy-to-use web-publishing systems for the
   masses. The more you use Confluence, the more you will wish it can do, that
   it can't do, and the more you will understand that when they bolted a
   WYSIWYG editor on top of their product's existing non-WYSIWYG wiki editor,
   the end result works like a WYSIWYG editor bolted on after the fact. It is
   a relatively simplistic tool whose power derives from the ability to create
   plug-ins to do things that it, itself, cannot do. Welcome to the club.

   10. If you have a need to export content to Word docs, the Word export
   plug-in seems to produce acceptable output. It's not as well-formatted as a
   document created from scratch in Word would be, but it's OK.

Kind regards,


Marketing Crap

Upon returning to work after a 10 day journey to New York City, I began the laborious task of weeding through my emails. This one made me chuckle:

To read the "marketing crap" for yourself and generate your own opinion, go here:

To read the referenced page, go here:

When will Load no Longer be a Loaded Topic?

Gr8 Collection of RJD