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Monday, February 19, 2018

Getting Pumped for Season 8B


It’s Time to Banish Your Screens From the Bedroom by Justin Pot on February 17th, 2018

The Marvel Symphonic Universe

Lots of Memes Like These in the Wake of the FL School Shooting

The 'correction' for this article has a grammatical error

Coming in the Future

Ensembles Go to War on a Monday AM

Slayer's "War Ensemble" is not a tune I can play.


  • I cannot play double bass.
  • I cannot play as fast as the tune requires.

That's why I enjoyed hearing this interpretation of how how Lars Ulrich might play it:

Of course, after hearing that, I wanted to hear the isolated original drum track:

OF course, after hearing that, I wanted to hear someone else - anyone else - play the tune. I selected this drum cover (out of a trillion choices) for no specific reason except that it was towards the top of my search results on

I probably have now heard enough of this tune to last me quite a while.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time is Now

I need to find the time to be 'unbusy' long enough to do what this article suggests: Now is the time: Home inventory assessments in case of fire Pat Person Grand County Wildfire Council February 14, 2018

LG Promotion Expiration - 2/15/2018

Changing Gears Drastically

Actor Matthew McConaughey Buys Full-Page Ad in Paper after Super Bowl

Where Is God?

There was a shooting yesterday in Florida. This morning, I saw this article by Erick Erickson - Where is God? - which includes the video below.

It is ALWAYS worth the time to listen to EE.
More on the shooting from my Fox News daily email:

THE LEAD STORY –FLORIDA SCHOOL SHOOTING AMONG 10 DEADLIEST IN MODERN US HISTORY: A shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, killed at least 17 people, stunning the town and much of the nation, as investigators raced to find a possible motive behind the bloodbath … The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who'd been expelled for disciplinary reasons, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed during an evening news conference. Sen. Bill Nelson told Fox News that Cruz was wearing a gas mask and may have had smoke bombs during the rampage. The suspect carried an AR-15 rifle and had "countless magazines," the sheriff said.

Of the 17 people killed, 12 of them died in the school, two were killed outside, one died on the street and another two died at the hospital, Israel said. He added that 15 people were transported to the hospital. Israel said earlier that the suspect was taken into custody "without incident" in an area off school grounds.

·         Students describe scene inside Parkland, Florida high school

·         Politicians, officials react to Florida school shooting

HIDDEN IN THE CROWD: Nikolas Cruz opened fire in Florida high school then fled with students, police say … Cruz concealed himself in the crowd and was seen running out of the school with hundreds of terrified students, authorities said. Authorities said Cruz was later taken into custody “without incident” by Coconut Creek police in a Coral Springs neighborhood, located just a few miles from the high school itself. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said Cruz, 19, was identified as the only possible gunman after looking at security footage from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Police said Cruz was taken to the hospital because he “exhibited labored breathing.” He was later seen being escorted into Broward Sheriff's headquarters in a medical robe. The motive behind the massacre was not immediately clear. Lawmakers and officials suggested the shooting may have been planned.

·        The psychology behind mass shootings

·         Nikolas Cruz, identified as Florida high school shooting suspect, reportedly showed warning signs

FLORIDA SCHOOL SHOOTING HERO: As an ex-student at a Florida high school allegedly opened fire Wednesday on his former classmates, a football coach at the school reportedly risked his own life to save those around him … Coach Aaron Feis, employed as a security guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, jumped in front of students to protect them from the gunman, according to the Miami Herald. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said that a football coach died in the shooting. It’s unclear if Feis is that coach. Students and players took to social media Wednesday to express their gratitude and concern for the football coach. Feis graduated the school in 1999, and in 2002 joined the junior varsity football team as head coach, according to a bio posted to the school’s website.

·         'I Didn't Want to Look at Anything': Students React to FL School Shooting

·         US figure skating duo dedicates routine to Florida high school shooting victims

What a mess...

Paul Stanley Spills His Guts

Face the Music CD 1
Face the Music CD 2
Face the Music CD 3
Face the Music CD 4
Face the Music CD 6
Face the Music CD 5
Face the Music CD 7
Face the Music CD 8
Face the Music CD 9
Face the Music CD 10

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Buckets of Joy

Drumeo has done it again with an inspirational video about playing more with your left foot. I'd never thought about making my left foot be more than controlling the up & down of my hi-hat pedal until I saw this article:
At first, I thought it was crazy, until I realized I can actually play the snare with my foot - I can actually do that! You see, on the Yamaha electronic set, I can assign different pads and my two pedals different sounds. My left pedal has usually been assigned to the hi-hat pedal, but if I change it to a snare drum sound... Wow. The buckets of joy are filling in my brain this AM!

This is so cool!

Damn! We're All Hypocrites, Right? Part II

From this article - - comes the sad news that we, human beings, are hypocrites:

I didn't put this on the "Get Your Political Opinions 4.0" page because today is Ash Wednesday and it's the beginning of Lent. Jesus spent his time on Earth with the hypocrites. See the connection?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Stage was Sacred

Send To Option Dies the Process

When I right-click on my disaster recovery project folder - c:\rh\drm - and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder:

I see this:

I had to delete the compiled versions of my project in order to create a .zip file backup of my project.

The Downfall of the Dynasty-era KISS


From Iowa City Press Citizen: Iowa basketball season has been a flat line. From the article:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State men’s basketball team has been using its preseason ranking as fuel this winter.Picked by the media to finish 11th in the Big Ten Conference, the Buckeyes occupy first place after Saturday’s 82-64 beatdown of Iowa here.The Hawkeyes, meanwhile, are in a tie for that 11th slot that had been allotted to Ohio State. Their fan base is growing increasingly agitated with poor defensive efforts, confounding roster management, a secretive contract extension for coach Fran McCaffery and, most of all, a 12-15 record with no hope for postseason play.Iowa sophomore Jordan Bohannon was asked after Iowa’s latest loss whether the team could use naysaying fans as an excuse to rally together next year.

They play tomorrow night, at Michigan, at 5:30, which is about the time we'll be heading over to Saint Thomas More for 6 PM Ash Wednesday Mass. They play Indiana, at Carver, on Saturday, then go to Minnesota on 2/21, and then return home for their final game, at Carver, on Sunday, Feb 25th against Northwestern.

Destroyer Demos

Some PW News

Last Night, the Olympics were on in my house so here is a recap of what I didn't watch
Here are some video highlights from the above page:

He's Right: Why 2018 Will Be the Year of The Miz in WWE

"Deer D e e r" "What w h a t" kills Me EVERY TIME!

Damn! We're All Hypocrites, Right?

Anti-Police Brutality Anthem-Kneeler Arrested for Domestic Brutality

Monday, February 12, 2018

Drumming Outside - Yay or Nay

I saw an interesting thread in my Facebook group related to playing drums outside:

My drums have always lived in the basement. I have never really had issues with neighbors saying my drumming was too loud. I can only recall a single instance when I practiced drums outside and that was when I had a practice pad kit with two rack toms, a floor tom, a snare, and a bass drum. One day, I took it outside and set it up on the patio of my parent's house... until my mom came home and said, "No way."

I took it back to the basement.

Anyways, here's something to ponder:

Best of the Dudes - 2 Tall, 1 Short Dude


This is the REVISED Teaser

Somewhere, there's a draft of the text for this cover that reads "Mushy movies and happy endings are just what we need this winter."
Damn editors...
Editor's Note: Hee hee. That's funny.

Because ... Duh!

Friday, February 9, 2018


Really Like DM's Tweets

I found myself here - - and saw these two really awesome tweets from the legendary guitarist.

What a cool guy to encourage 'the next generation' of guitarists to keep playing!

Mind the Calm Trying to Break Through

A Calm Mind Can Find the Answer by Thought for Today | Feb 9, 2018

Anxious to See This

Before Publishing This Post I Saw This

On this blog, I've managed to write about Metallica quite a bit! Before I published this post, I captured this milestone:

If you look now, there are 667 posts with the "Metallica" label - 667 is not as sexy as 666!!!

Bluffer's Guide to Epica


Did the Hamster Survive?

Heartless airline forces student to flush hamster!

Sing Me A Song

One of these articles mentioned this fact: Billy Joel has not released new music since 1993 and he is still selling out stadiums:

Will that ever be able to be said about current bands like Justin Timberlake or P!nk or Bruno Mars?

Editor's Note: DO NOT EVER use the word 'band' to describe Justin Timberlake or P1nk or Bruno Mars EVER AGAIN or face dire consequences!!

Clocking in at 50 Percent When I Came In Today

Getting Pumped for Season 8B