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Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Statistical Fodder

This is a snapshot of my external hard drives, showing the space used and space free:

Drive Letter Used Free
M* 1.46 TB .859 TB
N* 1.46 TB .859 TB
U 1.55 TB 274 GB
Y 1.69 TB 1.94 TB
Z 1.76 TB 52.96 GB

The amount of space used is equal to 5 TB. I noticed Best Buy has a portable 4 TB external hard drive on sale this week for $119. While I am still gathering the duplicate file statistics for the M, N, U, and Z drives, I do know there is 0.396946556521 TB (396.946556521 GB) of duplicate files on the y: drive. Once I know the statistics for the M, N, U, and Z drives, I can determine if a new 4 TB drive would benefit me. What would be REALLY cool is if I could copy all of my duplicate files to a single drive as a means to keep files as a backup.

* The M & N drives are shares on the MyCloud device.

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