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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pleading Ignorance

First, I don't know who Alex Jones is. I really don't. If he walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Alex Jones!" I would likely say, "Do you like Volbeat because the Des Moines Register reviewer wrote only a single sentence in his review - that it was a "forgettable set" - and I thought it was better than that.

Second, I guess he is not really popular with Chelsea Clinton (and others) for what he says, according to Chelsea Clinton Attacks Megyn Kelly for Interviewing Alex Jones, even though Megyn Kelly's "interview with Jones has not aired yet" on TV.

Third, the reason any of this is relevant is because it's just stupid and it reminds me of an editorial I have taped within one of my private journals. The letter to the editorial is from a long time ago, though I can't specify the exact date. I can say it was prior to June 15, 1994. The reason I know that is because I can still recall how, in the letter, the writer complains and condemns "The Lion King," which hadn't been released. The letter writer was complaining about something she had not seen.

I find that as repulsive then as I do now with this Alex Jones interview. Chelsea Clinton has not seen the interview but has already condemned it. I realize Clinton is not alone in doing so - many other liberals are jumping on the "anti-Alex Jones" bandwagon, trying to discredit Jones' words.

And, as I said, maybe Jones' words should be discredited - I'm not saying they should not be discredited. What I'm saying is this and it's really simple. If I want to review a book or a movie or a theater production or a concert or a CD, I need to spend time with what I'm reviewing so that I may write intelligent prose about it. I can't condemn an In This Moment  concert, for example, if I didn't actually attend an In This Moment concert. I can push my impression of what the concert would be like - let your imagination run wild - but I would have no credibility. Rather, I should have no credibility. Chelsea Clinton should have no credibility for her attack on Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones because the interview hasn't aired on TV - Clinton hasn't seen it! I find it insane that Chelsea Clinton's opinion is getting cyberspace. Again, I wouldn't know Alex Jones if he came up and introduced himself. Perhaps I shouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt. But I also do not want to be like that letter writer from all those years ago, condemning a movie I have not seen.

Editor's Note: J.P. Morgan Stands With Alex Jones. Company Opposes Funding Any Journalist Who Might Question Jones

Editor's Note - the video in question was removed from

Editor's Note - the video in question was removed from

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