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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Typo = Unstable

Since it is June 1st, it is likely I will see this specific post in the future. I have looked at "first of the month" posts in the past just as a quirky thing I do. Thus, here's something to think about, Future Prhmusic: looking back at the reaction to the Covfefe typo in President Trump's tweet, did it prove he is unstable or evil?

I only mention it because of the headline in my Washington Free Beacon email newsletter:

To read the "freak out" summary, see

Editor's Note: This is a post because it deals with writing.
More rantings about the Trump tpyo...
<snark>MY GOD!! PEOPLE!! Are you freakin' dense?!? It's a typo! Get over it! Good thing none of the above sites EVER have a typo in their content! </snark>

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