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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Future

Over the weekend, I learned that Overkill, Crowbar, Havok, and a 4th band are playing at Spicolli's in Waterloo, IA, on Thursday, September 28th. Tentatively, my buddy Kevin and I are going. If it is an "all ages" show, maybe Alex and Ryan, his UNI roommate, will go with us too.

  1. 01:01 Conquering 
  2. 04:16 High Rate Extinction 
  3. 07:45 New Dawn 
  4. 12:16 Self-Inflicted 
  5. 15:47 Cemetery Angels 
  6. 19:43 Walk With Knowledge Wisely 
  7. 25:14 The Lasting Dose 
  8. 30:14 Sever The Wicked Hand 
  9. 34:41 Planets Collide 
  10. 40:20 All I Had (I Gave)

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