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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I Was Wrong

I've been seeing information about Alice Cooper's new album and upcoming tour with Deep Purple*. I have zero desire to attend any concert where those two are playing. While I respect both artists, they are both in the same group as Aerosomith, Thin Lizzy*, Pink Floyd* (to me) where I know their radio singles but I have never gone 'deeper' into their material. I'm not saying I shouldn't or that by not doing so I am better for it - it's just that I haven't felt compelled to do so. Maybe someday I will dive into their materials and kick myself but that ass kicking is not scheduled at this point.

But what is the point of this post - to dismiss classic bands? No. I saw these dates:

with the two dates at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, one in Chicago; the other in St. Louis. My first thought was that it was wrong - that the venue on one of those two dates was created because of lazy copy and paste. However, that's when came to my rescue. I entered "Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre" and guess what I saw? There is one in Chicago and there is one in St. Louis, as shown below:

Sometimes I am wrong.

* Editor's Note: These bands are so far away from being considered a favorite band that labels for each - Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, & Pink Floyd - have now all been added.

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