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Monday, August 7, 2017

Most Definitely

Yes, I was on vacation from work (and this blog) from Saturday, July 29th until arriving home back in North Liberty yesterday. I most definitely had a good vacation and, at the same time, I am glad to be back at work.

At work, I have a lot to complete between today and next Tuesday, August 15th. I need to get my disaster recovery project 'ready' for the IT Audit on Wednesday, August 16th.

Actually, that day is going to be nuts. We are getting up "early" to take the kids' things to UNI. I will help unload the big stuff and then return home in time for the IT Audit meeting at 4 PM. It's going to be nuts.

Of all the things that I did or thought or found out during vacation, the most emotional was reconnecting with Ken Schmitt. I talked to Tim, his cousin, at Karen's class reunion on Saturday night. I had not been able to find him on Facebook and I didn't have an email address or physical address for him. Thus, I asked Tim about him at the reunion. Tim is Ken's Facebook friend and pulled up his page. I sent him a "Friend Request" which he accepted and now we've messaged each other. As you may or may not recall, Ken was the guitarist in Assume, my first basement band. He moved from Cedar Rapids in 1994 - the last time I remember speaking to him was in my basement in our first house in North Liberty. I missed talking to him and am really happy that we've reconnected.

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