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Editor's Note: This page is simply meant to collect links to political articles leading to the 2020 election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Each of the links on this page could have been a separate post, which would have artificially inflated the total post count on this blog. 

The following guiding principles have been established for this page and have not been changed over time, but edited below because I like writing different words to convey the same idea.  Actually, no, see Single Sourcing Rant

  • This is a page with blind links. I often use the title of the article so the decision can be made whether to click the link or not, but sometimes, I'm pressed for time. If it looks interesting, click it.
  • This is not a "fair and balanced" page. I repeat, "This is not a "fair and balanced" page. I make ZERO attempt to have an equal number of "conservative" links and "liberal" links on this page. 
  • While I often align myself with Conservative values, there are some issues where the Conservatives have it wrong. There is a list of those issues on which the Conservatives DO NOT have it wrong at the bottom of this page.

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Okay. I wanted to point out that I was wrong. I thought that the "gun" being pointed at the woman was actually a "gun" but it is a microphone. I didn't know that, but now I do. I hope to use this realization as a reason to sharpen my critical thinking skills in the future.
So that's a mic, not a gun... I'm embarassed...

July 2020

  1. Media Outlets Describe Trump Rushmore Speech as Dark and Divisive
  2. Trump-At-Mount-Rushmore-Left-Wing-Cultural-Revolution-Is-Designed-To-Overthrow-The-American-Revolution
  3. celebration-of-white-supremacy-colin-kaepernicks-july-4-posts-compared-to-his-pre-anthem-protest-july-4-post
  4. March Democratic Debate Transcript: Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders - Rev
  5. Joe Biden Speech Transcript to the National Education Association July 3 - Rev
  6. Opinion | Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police - The New York Times
  7. Trump tries to drag America backward on a very different July 4th - Add this to the Print Folder on Desktop
  8. We need to live with it: White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus
  9. Trump's Baseless Attacks on Times, Post Reporting on Russia Probe -
  10. College football in Iowa: A lot has to go right for fans to be at games
  11. Trump calls Black Lives Matter a 'symbol of hate' as he digs in on race
  12. BLM leader: If change doesn’t happen, then ‘we will burn down this system’
  13. The Agenda of Black Lives Matter is far different from the Slogan
  14. What We Believe from
  15. Catholic priest suspended for comparing Black Lives Matter activists to ‘maggots’
  16. Fact check: White House press secretary makes two false claims about the Iraq War in one sentence

June 2020

  1. Occupy City Hall grows in numbers as NYPD budget deadline looms
  2. The agenda of Black Lives Matter is far different from the slogan
  • Trump Shares Video That Includes Supporter Shouting 'White Power' At Protesters
  • Screenshot from the above article that shows that the Huff Post lies.
  • Black Lives Matter leader calls for defunding police: 'Black people do not trust politicians'
  • Measures to protect Trump from coronavirus scale up even as he seeks to move on
  • Andrew Yang Offers Scathing Explanation For Donald Trump's Racist 'Kung Flu' Slurs
  • Erick Erickson on Wokeness
  • Nadler gets called out for breaking the rules! From 9 months ago
  • Trump DC
  • Leftists Say Triangles Are Secretly Offensive Now
  • Shooting in Seattle protest zone leaves one dead. Police say crowd denied them entry
  • Opinion: Trump's Tulsa rally was a flop
  • President Trump Needs to Fire People - What happened in Tulsa was inexcusable - by Erick-Woods Erickson
  • Washington state mayor now calls BLM protests ‘domestic terrorism’ after her home vandalized
  • Fact check: five false or misleading claims Trump and his allies make about the response to the protests
  • Filmmaker Tells Black Lives Matter Protests Statistics About Police Shootings, Gets Told To F—k off | The Daily Wire
  • NY Times editorial page editor resigns amid staff fury over Tom Cotton op-ed
  • Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Cops Fatally Shoot Black Man At Wendys Restaurant (UPDATE)
  • Detroit is united against racism — but divided on protesting tactics
  • New York Times opinion editor resigns amid fallout over op-ed calling on military to quell protests
  • Democratic leaders clash with Black Lives Matter activists over 'defund the police'
  • What Does Defund the Police Mean? Depends Which Democrat You Ask | SUPERcuts! #779
  • AOC Really Needs to Calm Down | Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
  • Welcome to Chaz!
  • CHAZ Protesters Release DEMANDS! FREE HOUSING & COLLEGE...
  • Bodycam video shos moments leading up to fatal shooting
  • Defending the Rioters | SUPERcuts! #778
  • Press Sec. OBLITERATES Jim Acosta Using MLK to Trash Trump
  • Protests At The White House Were Still Going On At 1 AM
  • David Webb - The United States is Not Institutionally Racist
  • Media's "Peaceful Protest" Narrative SHATTERS On Live TV
  • CBS News 'Experts': White People Have Contempt for Black Life
  • Trapped Looters Break Out of Store in Front of a Dozen Waiting Cops!
  • Atlanta Mayor Condemns Violent Response To Floyd's Death
  • Chicago Mayor To Trump: 'F You'
  • Will Republicans finally break with Trump?
  • Minneapolis City Council President Says Calling The Police "Comes From A Place Of Privilege"
  • Defunding America's Police: A Dumb Solution to a Misunderstood Problem
  • Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party
  • Black Business Owners React To Looting
  • INSANE: Democrats Push To DEFUND Police; Shapiro Responds
  • SJWs Triggered Over Spider-Man Helping Cops AGAIN?? (Miles Morales Standalone on PS5)
  • Political
  • Mark Levin: Defunding the Police Means Chaos
  • Ben Shapiro Reacts to Seattle Protestors INSANE Demands
  • Actually, some people did say all of the stuff that is after "We never said" in this picture:
  • Can Someone Get This to the President? Please?
  • Krist Novoselic Praise Trump Twitter
  • May 2020

    1. ‘Obamagate’ May Just Be Trump’s Return To His Racist ‘Birtherism’ Comfort Zone
    2. Music store owner weeps as he loses his dream due to CO
    3. Lockdown protesters shout be like Sweden - Swedes say they are missing the Point
    4. Political Playlist
    5. Greta on CNN
    6. LOL: Chuck Schumer Calls #ObamaGate a 'Ridiculous' Conspiracy Theory
    7. See iconic Las Vegas casino's unprecedented situation
    8. Where Does Brian Kemp Go for an Apology?

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