Monday, November 26, 2007

a start

Whims... we all have them. This is mine.

My son is in 3rd grade. He has a test tomorrow over the following:

A ___________________ is a rock that was once melted but has now cooled and hardened.
A process of changing rock types is the ________________________.
A rock that has been changed by heat and pressure is a ____________________.
A solid material made of one or more minerals is a _________________________.
A solid material that settles into layers and hardens is a _______________________.
A solid natural object that has never been alive is a ______________________.
Marks or remains of once living things is a _______________________.
The center of the earth is the ___________________.
The Earth's middle layer is the ___________________________.
The Earth's solid outside layer is the _______________________.

Hardness, color, and shape are examples of a mineral's ______________.A) priceB) propertiesC) healthD) weight

What fossil is formed when mud or minerals fill a mold?A) fossilB) diamondC) castD) rock
Iron is used in all of the following except:A) shipsB) buildingsC) pencilsD) cars
How do scientists know the kind of food the dinosaur's ate?

How can sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rocks?

In what type of rock would scientists most likely find fossils?

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