Thursday, February 28, 2019

After the Outbreak

Batman v Superman v Captain America: Civil War

Why One Worked and One Didn’t

Dropping Plot

The Best J O K E R

10 into One

American actor and self-proclaimed nerd Topher Grace (That ’70s Show, BlacKkKlansman) has made a video that compiles all 10 Star Wars movies into one super-intergalactic trailer.

This Band Seeks a New Drummer . . . in Chicagoland!

The Paradigm Band

Skipping IA is Okay

The closest this tour comes to Iowa is going from Lawrence, KS, to St. Paul, MN, and then to Chicago.

Picking Nits

Dokken Minus Don

Look At the 20

Top 20 college prospects to watch at the Iowa boys' state basketball tournament

M Por v M Man

Prog Legends Have New Blood


Marvel Fan Puts the Entire MCU in Chronological Order in One Image

Not a Good Outcome

REVISIT: Stay in a Haze to Be Honest

It's been a year since I embedded the NAOMI video Soaked in Bleach on this post Stay in a Haze to Be Honest. I really enjoy the drums & the piano.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nope - Not Me!

Writer / Editor

Iowa City, IA Marketing & Media $50,000 to $60,000 yearly
Job Reference #: 19001557
Position Summary: Guide the acquisitions list and editorial development of scholarly and trade books for the University of Iowa Press.

Education Requirement
  • A bachelor’s degree in a humanities-based field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required. A master’s degree or PhD is desirable.
Experience Required
  • Experience (typically 3–5 years) as a primary acquisitions editor for academic and trade books in the humanities with a demonstrated track record of list-building and ability to identify emerging areas of scholarship is required.
  • Extensive knowledge of academic book publishing processes required: including all aspects of manuscript preparation, development, and organization; experience working collaboratively with manuscript editing, production, and marketing; and experience assessing fiscal requirements of individual books.
  • Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to effectively transmit, receive and accurately interpret ideas, information, and needs through appropriate communication methods and behaviors at a working proficiency level is required. Highly developed interpersonal skills are a must for this position.
  • Working proficiency in the use of computer software applications is required.
  • Demonstrated ability to adjust and develop self to prepare for new or changing assignments, processes, people or priorities as organizational needs dictate at a working proficiency level is required.
  • Demonstrated working proficiency in the ability to work with variety of individuals and groups in a constructive manner while appreciating the unique contribution of diverse individuals is required.
  • Knowledge of trends in electronic publishing, basic publishing permissions, rights, fair use policies, and of The Chicago Manual of Style is required.
Desirable Qualifications
  • Experience with AAUP peer review best practices is desirable.

The University of Iowa is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment free from discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, religion, associational preference, status as a qualified individual with a disability, or status as a protected veteran.

Moving K to G


  1. Freshman Justin Ahrens scores 29, Ohio State blitzes Iowa - Buckeyes sail past Hawkeyes in second half, win 90-70
  2. Ohio State and Fran McCaffery both red hot in Iowa basketball's loss - Buckeyes rout Hawkeyes, 90-70, and McCaffery berates official afterward
    • It was 78-67 when Connor McCaffery got his technical with 4:08 to go. McCaffery got bumped by OSU’s Keyshawn Woods when Woods had the ball and fell backward, but was charged with the personal foul. Then, a technical.
      “I had no intention of getting a technical,” Connor McCaffery said. “(The official) sad it was my hand gesture. I turned away from him. I didn’t curse at him, I wasn’t yelling at him. I had no intention of getting one.
      “I don’t know why, but I guess that was his decision to make.”
      Ahrens made two free throws for the technical, Woods made two free throws for the personal, and it was 82-67. If Iowa had any hope of rallying to win before that sequence, it was gone.
      Fifty-eight seconds later, Connor’s father got ‘T’d up. Ahrens made both foul shots from that one, too.
      “I think that was just probably a little bit of frustration,” Connor said. “He had my back a little bit, too.”
      Asked what his issues were with the officiating and if he said anything to an official after the game, Fran McCaffery replied “I can’t talk about that.”
      About his son’s technical, he said “I asked him what happened. And he told me.”


Now, let's talk 'why' Gary Dolphin My lifelong and totally wonderful connection to the Voice of the Hawkeyes

Friends & Enemies

Cool Setlist

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

Screw the Infant

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Bowing to IP

WWE wrestler Roman Reigns opens up about his leukemia battle


One of the COOLEST CSS Tricks I've EVER SEEN

Content Filtering Using CSS

Another Band I Need to Investigate More Fully

I Was Born for Dying!

All of a sudden, James Hetfield singing, "I was born for dying!" popped into my head.

Don't know why. Also, found this drum cover, which is cool.

Some Excellent News I didn't Watch As It Was Revealed

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from February 25


I received an email from the Backblaze Team. The email states that I have the following:

Backed Up/Selected: 3,907,390 MB / 19,424,301 MB

I use TB, not MB, to describe the amount of files being backed up by Backblaze. Google says the following:

Yes, that's right. I have, roughly, 80% of my files (15.516911 TB) not available within BackBlaze. I can't make Backblaze work any faster than it is.

Neat House in CR

1826 23rd St NW Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 4 beds 3 baths 2,424 sqft - $280,000

From the ad:

Wow! Look at that view! If you've been looking for an in town wooded acreage, this may be the answer to your dreams. This home comes to you featuring .96 acres, spacious deck and awesome patio, 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, a finished walkout lower level AND a heated 3 car garage. A few other extras are a formal dining room, main floor laundry, lockers off the garage and a gas fireplace with built-ins. If this isn't enough, picture being at the end of a dead-end street and having 20 wooded acres next to you. Words cannot describe how heavenly this is! Seeing is believing, so schedule a private showing today. You will be glad you did!

A Message to AMC - NOT from Me.

You know, I 'get' that people can have their own opinions about The Walking Dead. I just don't agree with the authors of these articles. I don't really care about the ratings, though I fully understand that without ratings & viewers, there's no feasible way a show with a big budget, which I presume The Walking Dead has can continue. There are likely other articles online that spin the ratings for the show as a signal that the show should end and, to be fair, perhaps there ought to be a marketing campaign to say to those who have never watched the show, "You can start watching now and figure out what is going on." After all, many of the original cast members are gone through death or through abandoning the location of the communities for someplace else that will be explained (hopefully) in one of the movies that will (someday) be on Netflix.

The argument against that sort of marketing campaign, though, is it places new viewers as a higher priority over viewers that have been watching the show for at least a couple of seasons. I can testify that Alex, my son, stopped watching the show when Negan was introduced. I can also testify that Karen, my wife, stopped tolerating the show when Negan was introduced. Their perspective is that the character of Negan was introduced as a vicious and evil. He was introduced brandishing a baseball bat with barbed wire on it and, in his first scene, he murders a couple of adored characters. Over the next two seasons, he also murdered other characters who were not as adored as the first two, but still, he was a bully and personified evil. It turned a lot of people, including my wife & son, off of the show.

That seems to be the issue with the authors of the articles below. They all have negative opinions of the show and think it needs to end. Go ahead, read their words, but know this. I think it's a good show. I think the current arc for the characters is interesting and as the show has always done, there are clues to what caused the characters to act as they are now acting. I am invested enough in the show that I will watch the conclusion of Season 9B, which has 5 episodes which will air as follows:
  1. 3/03
  2. 3/10
  3. 3/17
  4. 3/24
  5. 3/31
I am eager to learn about the motivation behind the characters as that has yet to be fully explained. If I have any gripe about the series, it would be that I feel like the episodes are too short. I feel like when the episode is over, that I want more scenes. I want the episodes to be twice as long because I want MORE of these characters.

All of that said, here, then, are the articles that make the case that The Walking Dead should end. I disagree.
  1. A message to AMC: ‘The Walking Dead’ needs an end date
  2. 'The Walking Dead' Isn't Dead Yet, But It's Dying -- And It's Time To Die
  3. ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans ‘Can’t Assume’ The Show Won’t End After Next Season

I Want Both: The Garage Set & The Gig

Just for the record, I've seen the drum set that is classified as 'Garage Drummer' below for several decades. The Tama catalog with that picture is long gone, but I know I got that Tama catalog from Carma Lou's House of Music on Center Point Road, though, to be honest, it may have been called Uncle Ike's when I picked it up. It was one of the first sets I had ever seen with the remote hi-hat over the mounted toms as well as one of the first sets I had ever seen with the drums in what many would call a "cage" setup. At the time, a lot of drummers were using similar sets, with a lot of drums and a lot of cymbals. Honestly, I never really "got" the purpose of the 8 Octabans that hang from the top of the cage.

I love where I work now and have zero plans to leave. That said, I would also love to know how I could be hired to work remotely as a technical writer for Tama, writing and editing documentation like the PDFs on this site: Tama Drum PDFs; it would be utopia! And, of course, I'd have to take one of those drum sets home to ensure I had "real world" experience with it.

Editor's Note: While researching the spelling of "Tama Octobans," Google was used.
When the search result in the red box was clicked, it presented the following page: 
This is the URL: and no, there is not a search box on the Tama website, but I did find this page:

Posting without Checking If I have done so before


When I was waiting for something yesterday in a business, the radio was on. This tune was played. I had never heard it before. While I like the tune, I'm not sold on the video. Yet, it's a groove to be heard. Thus, here's my advice. Click the video below so it starts and then close your eyes. Trust.

Animal Rich

Watch Dave Bautista Attack Ric Flair, Call Out Triple H in WWE Raw Return

Monday, February 25, 2019


Cardinal George Pell, Vatican Treasurer, Convicted Of Child Sexual Assault

Please Remain Logical

Logical Functions in Excel

Best Fran Team?

Catching Up with TWD

How Nuts is this Set of Drums?!?

Wash Your Paws

Unexpected Situations Where You Need to Wash Your Hands

Some Info about WWE

And a flashback to August 2016: Braun Strowman Reveals Which WWE Legend Turned WWE On To Him, Not Having The Wyatt Family Now, Goals

I Prevail on Shiprocked 2019

Brief adult language in the video below.

Editing Test

I saw this on Facebook and thought it'd be a neat thing for an editing test for both myself and if I am ever in a position to hire staff. Today, I neither believe I would want to be in that position nor do I think my current role will be expanded to include additional technical writers. The common answer I saw was 17, but I see 16.

Status of EHDs

My renewal for BackBlaze happened last week on 2/20 - $100 for the next year is what I pay. I'm still working on getting a "single set" of data across my external hard drives (EHDs).

In the screen captures below, I do not include c:\, f:\, v:\, w:\, or x:\ in my calculations, mainly because they are measly MB capacity - not even a GB.

The green box shows what I am including for my calculations . . .
Because I suck at math, I used Google to add up the capacity of my EHDs and my Free Space.



Thus, to calculate the percentage of terabytes being used, I divided the used amount (15.70594) by the capacity (40.94838). My answer is 0.3835546119284817, but I know if I multiply that by 100, I'll get a percentage, which is 38.35546119284817%. When I took the used (15.70594) from the capacity (40.94838), my answer is 25.24244 TB free.

My overall goal is to create a single set of data. Right now, it feels like I have more duplicate files than 'real' files.

Sorted by Volume column

Sorted by Capacity column

Sorted by Free Space column

Sorted by % Free column

One and Done

Proposal by NBA to End One and Done

Friday, February 22, 2019

R in H

This video analyzes one of my favorite movies - Bad Boys - which was rated R for many reasons, including adult language. As this video includes clips from the movie, there are occasional adult words.

Will Smith Turned Down The Matrix

Coming Up on TWD!

Wanting a V in CHA Tonight!

Men’s basketball set for rematch against Indiana

Ear Dial

Perfect Job ... 27 Years Ago!

27 years ago, I was in the infancy of my very first post-college job search. I was a senior at Mount Mercy College, with the horror of student teaching in the Language Arts area behind me, enrolled in 4 classes in order to complete my Bachelor's degree in English, and more than I realized at the time, I was SOOOO ready to graduate in May 1992. This technical writing internship that was in my email would have been a perfect job for me on 2/22/1992.

Sure, the commute between Cedar Rapids & Ankeny for a part-time, temporary, internship, would have been tough to justify, but then again, I remember driving to Des Moines for a job interview at a Catholic newspaper in 1992. I didn't get the job because I sucked at job interviews. 

The reason I would have been interested in this job has more to do with where I was outside of my career. On 2/22/1992, Karen and I were already serious. I knew I was going to propose to her after I graduated from college. I knew that the probable way to being able to do that was to have a job. An internship at Casey's hopefully would have led to that permanent position. Yes, that 2 hour commute would have been tough, but I knew Karen was the woman for me to be with for the rest of my life and if driving 4 hours a day to a part-time, temporary, internship in Ankeny would get me to my goal, then I sincerely believe I would have done that.

Editor's Note: Using the "Crappy jobs that I won't apply for" label.

Earl. He Got Shot. He Was a LLama.

NOT BREAKING NEWS: Woman Gets in Shoot Out with Pet Llama

Happy Birthday to This!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Giggle Giggle SNORT!!

Fastlane to Slowdown

Which is Worse?

Choice A: WWE doesn't schedule an event in the eastern Iowa area.
Choice B: WWE schedules an event in the eastern Iowa area on Easter Sunday.

Her Odor

5 Weeks Away

Includes a stop at Gabes in 4 weeks, 6 days (rounded up to 5 weeks for brevity)

Would You Like To Speak at KM World2019

In the back of my mind, I've often thought that I could be a speaker at a conference about either technical writing or music reviewing / critiquing. Although my experience with Knowledge Management is under 3 years, I think I've done plenty of homework and studying of different techniques and methodologies to say, "Yes, I can speak about Knowledge Management at a conference.

The deadline for proposals is 45 days (1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days) away so if I'm going to do it, I need to do it!

A Reminder to Me to Listen the Second Cited Way

This Has to be TOUGH

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim hits, kills man walking on I-690

Heard about this on Rock 108 this AM

LOOK: Georgia loses to Mississippi State after fan tosses stuffed animal onto court Someone in Georgia is definitely keeping a low profile

Shoe Destroyed!

Nike ‘working to identify issue’ after Duke star Zion Williamson sprains knee when shoe bursts open

Ideal Job

I might have confessed this before but I don't remember when I did it so I'll repeat it. I know what my ideal job is.

It would be to be involved in Live or, writing content or ... hell, I don't care what it would be! I would retype every word on either site as long as I was involved in the content of either website. I love the tone & layout of this page: and, without going over every page on the site, I'm sure there are a zillion other great & awesome pages. I would love to somehow be involved in their content.

Just for the record, I have a VHS tape in my basement that was recorded on July 30, 1991, when this video premiered.

I distinctly remember clear as if it was today that day, even if it was 10067 days (27 years, 6 months, 3 weeks) ago. It will be 20000 days on May 3, 2046, when I am have been alive 27909 days (76 years, 4 months, 4 weeks, 1 day). If I could beg for anything, I would beg two things. First, that I am alive and second, that I have my hearing so I can listen to "Enter Sandman" again. Hell, even if I don't have hearing, I would hope that I could feel the pulsating drums and bass in a stereo speaker. I mean, just listen & watch this video again - it's brilliant!

Anyways, if I had cancer (I do not) and if I was a kid (I am 9 months, 1 week, 6 days (286 days) from my 50th birthday), I would choose to work for Live or as my "Make a Wish" wish. If nothing else, I would love to fill in the gaps on the website for these 4 times when Metallica played in Cedar Rapids, IA. Only Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States Five Seasons Center / November 10, 1991 has a set list, but not the concerts in 1985, 1986, or 1989. I would also fix the issue that makes "Quick Links" cover "...might be interesting" in the screen capture below:
If I could go back in time, I would tell the version of me that was living in Cedar Rapids on the 1985 and 1986 dates to go see Metallica. That would be the best thing I could do, if I could time travel, given how all the other terrible things that have happened in my life have, more or less, made me who I am today. 

Hype for IX

A short film created by a fan...

Celebrating 20 Years - No Idea This Band Existed

Guess I'm Behind

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Number 33 was ALWAYS my Favorite

Real Navy SEAL on What War Movies Get Wrong

Caution - some adult words.

Lars Ulrich Drummer Grief

Lars Ulrich Drummer Grief

Stay the Course

Avengers Endgame Iron Man - Infinity War Deleted Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

Did Morgan See The Whisperers?

Mongolian-language melodic metal force hailing from Hohhot, China

Tengger X Cavalry Recordings is pleased to present LIBERATION - a new Mongolian-language melodic metal force hailing from Hohhot, China. LIBERATION is thrilled to enter the North American metal scene with their new music video for the single "Hope". The emotional, stunning new video can be viewed now via YouTube here, or via the Alternative Press Facebook page here.

LIBERATION's native Hohhot is a major northern city in China rich with nomadic history and culture. The band incorporates these themes in their music, but with a fresh, young twist.

LIBERATION says, "'Hope' is an emotional track with peaks and valleys. The song describes the struggle of a person going through desperation and depression, but then rising up to hope and enlightenment."

Tengger X Cavalry Recordings founder Nature G says about the band, "LIBERATION is newly formed, yet as soon as I heard the quality and energy behind their music, they caught my eye really quickly. They're very passionate, great composers, and they give a fresh take on their own Mongolian influence with metalcore and Linkin Park-like choruses and melody. Well balanced."

"Hope" can be found on the new compilation album, Sound of the Raging Steppe, available now via Tengger X Cavalry Recordings - a new record label founded by Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature G to bring underground Chinese and Mongolian nomadic metal music to North American listeners. Sound of the Raging Steppe is available for download here via Bandcamp. The compilation also features music from five additional folk-influenced heavy metal bands, who have come together to provide a stampede of horseback-heavy sound - weaving an untold story of Chinese history that smashes stereotypes.

Follow LIBERATION via and Tengger X Cavalry Recordings via

Vocal - Oyun Dalai
Guitar - Buren Bayar
Guitar - Zurhe
Bass - Oyun Bayar
Drum - Namora

Club Scene in JW

The video below is from a movie that was rated R by the MPAA. Viewer beware!