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Friday, September 30, 2016

Final 092016 Post

What a Deal... NOT for Me!

I just heard about "" which is a company that will convert your legacy audio to digital. I have a collection of 1000 cassettes. It's a little hard to read, but here the "Closet" option was selected. It is $499.95 to convert 20 cassettes through this service.

I would need 50 of  this service to get all 1000 cassettes converted. 50 x $499.95 = $24997.5.


A Mixture of Interests

  2. Bayside may not be coming to Iowa but that doesn't me they're not smoking live.
  3. A video from undertakerfreak1127 about the new Metallica tune called "Moth Into Flame" is funny.

  4. Speaking of Metallica, this collection is hilarious:
  5. This is what Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" sounds like live. I can't wait to hear it....

Your Ideal Band is Out There Somewhere

It turns out I didn't write about getting together with Marc, Seth, and Bob in Seth's basement with my drums. It happened on Monday, August 8, 2016. We played through some tunes and I guess I had thought it went well. I didn't hear anything so, on Monday, 9/26 - 49 days after getting together with them - I started an email thread:

On Monday, September 26, 2016, I wrote:
Did you guys find a drummer?

And the reply back:

After a long time of hearing people we did end up deciding to work with a different drummer. Initially I didn't email the others because I wasn't sure it would work out. It has been a couple weeks now, and it seems to be working fine.

Good luck with your search, I think your ideal band is out there somewhere :)

I like that he referenced "ideal band" because I had sent him a link to those posts on this blog. I will keep looking for that ideal situation.

We Need to Commence with the Melting of My Face

Just come to Iowa - either Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City or the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls - and melt my face!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Damn EE - You Nailed It & the Fall of Cruz

From Erick Erickson:

The government will stay open, Planned Parenthood will get your tax dollars, and children will continue to be killed because pro-lifers in Washington have decided a Republican congress is more important than actually standing up for what they believe in.


In other news, Ted Cruz recently endorsed Donald Trump. Here's an article about it.

Just a FYI

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I replayed the sentence, “Cliff was killed in the accident” over and over

On Sept. 27, 1986, in the midst of a European tour, tragedy struck as Burton was killed in a bus crash. Read More: 30 Years Ago: Metallica's Cliff Burton Dies in Bus Crash |

It's common knowledge that Burton had a lot to do with the composition of the Master of Puppets release. I think he would have liked this:

Count me in as one of the fans around the world that is happy that, somehow, the band found a way to move on from that terrible tragedy. "Moth Into Flame" is the second song from "Hardwired to Self Destruct" and they played it live for the first time ever last night in New York City in front of 2000 fans.

Read More about Cliff Burton: 30 Years Ago: Metallica's Cliff Burton Dies in Bus Crash


Typically, I enjoy reading Michelle Malkin's column and this one - Hillary, Interrupted - is a good example of why. Using her wit and humor to make me smile is a bonus to the actual logical arguments she makes. I like this paragraph in particular:

Ironically, the Clinton campaign publicized a letter this week from the candidate to a 7-year-old schoolgirl encouraging her to always "make your voice heard." She advised her young fan to not "be afraid to carve out a space of your own." Sound advice. But you can't have it both ways, sister. Either you're a strong woman warrior capable of handling anything -- or you're a grievance-mongering grouser who can't out-bellow the boys.

Malkin then follows up with this zinger:

Feminism is supposed to be about holding your own, not about being entitled to everyone else holding their tongues in your sainted presence.

It encapsulates the way some feminists but certainly not all think.

One more Reason I'm Glad I'm not Job Hunting

Today, September 28, 2016, is my 6 month anniversary and, judging by this Indeed jobs email, thanks be to God I am not searching for a new job! Obviously, it's not something I would be interested in since the only reason it showed up as a "technical writer" job is because it contains the words "technical" and "writer."

Of course, yes, this is not the only source for jobs that I would use during my job search earlier this year, but it does indicate the white noise that I had to filter out in order to find viable situations to continue my career.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Person that Clicked the button to Publish this Headline is an Idiot


Lots of Analysis

Updated 12:24 PM: This was too funny to not include here:  
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were on the debate stage last night and the analysis of who won and who told the truth is just beginning. Frankly, the effort to "keep up" on all of this would be exhausting. I'll put the first 3 links I came across below but I really liked @ this page of sketches:

Obviously, with 2/3rds of the links below from, this list is NOT fair & balanced.
Maybe, if it is warranted, I will continue to update this page as I see more articles worth sharing.

White Privilege Definition

Saw this on Facebook this AM:

I'm on board with this definition - I get it. My only other comment would be that the solution used to be very simple. You obey an officer's command. Police officers have split seconds to make a decision and unlike many people, that decision is then broadcasted on social media for non-police officers to critique & second guess as if they would have made a different decision. I can tag this as "politics" and "Republican Tendencies" but that's only because race, in America, is extremely political.

Kind of related, but not exactly is a post my friend Ralph shared on his Facebook page. Ralph & I worked together at Quintrex a long time ago. I think about him fairly often whenever I think about great musicians I've been lucky enough to be able to play drums with in the same room. Ralph, Steve, and I started out playing in Steve's walkout basement and having fun. The fun continued when Jon, a friend of Ralph's joined both the band and Quintrex. I have a video of Ralph, Jon, and I playing this amazing funk influenced instrumental piece, complete with different feels and moods - it is amazing to watch. That band - we never played a gig but I called us "Free Beer" - fizzled in the early 2000s. It was clear I needed to practice more and, unfortunately, where I was in life with 2 small kids, there wasn't a way to bring my drums up to CR for rehearsal, rehearse, load them up, take them home, unload, find any time to practice, and repeat. It just wasn't realistic and if the drummer is weak in your band, your band is weak.

All that to say that when Ralph posted this on his Facebook page, I thought it was great so I shared it on my Facebook page. As with many things that appear on my FB page, it is something that belongs here as well (verbatim)

many of us feel strongly that something has gone awry with our country, and we look to politicians for solutions, and feel disappointed. I think the answer to our crisis is not a political one, but a spiritual one. Christ said that one of the greatest commandments was "To Love your neighbor as yourself". Frankly, we need to be doing a lot more of that right now. If enough of us took those words to the depths of our heart - we'd start solving the problems facing our nation. God bless you all!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Seriously I HAVE to Watch

Brand NEW Metallica

Last Friday

Last Friday started with this email (paraphrased) from my manager asking me to review the following blurb about what was formerly called "Administrative Services" - now called Business Services Division on an external facing page. This is the original text:

Business & Operations Services provides reliable and knowledgeable shared business services supporting the mission critical and essential operations of HCIS.  Its mission is to provide timely and high quality services supporting the staff, operations, and outputs of HCIS. In its daily operations the division interacts with vendors, internal customers, University departments, leadership, and other entities. BOS manages the services necessary for department accounting, budgeting, billing, purchasing, payroll, human resources, benchmarking, service applications, fleet management, travel, and technical documentation. Additionally, the division provides the fiscal oversite of the department’s business services and financial reporting. The division interacts with vendors, internal customers, University departments, and other entities.

Go check out the the blurb about Administrative Services on the page now.

No, But Interesting

If I hadn't been laid off by Pearson in the first place and if I was in the job market, I might have considered applying for this position. Timing is every thing and things happen for a reason. My 6 month anniversary has arrived and I am beyond happy to be where I am. It's more fun to think about options when they are options I don't actually have to consider whether to choose it.


Education Management, E-Learning, and Information Technology and Services

Employment type


Job Title

Information Technology,Analyst

**Associate Software Configuration Analyst**


At Pearson, we’re committed to a world that’s always learning and to our talented team who makes it all possible. From bringing lectures vividly to life to turning textbooks into laptop lessons, we are always re-examining the way people learn best, whether it’s one child in our own backyard or an education community across the globe.We are bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers in an environment that supports and inspires us to always be better. By pushing the boundaries of technology — and each other to surpass these boundaries — we create seeds of learning that become the catalyst for the world’s innovations, personal and global, large and small.

Pearson is the largest provider of educational assessment services in the U.S. Yet, for us, being the leading assessment provider isn’t about scale. It’s about ensuring learning outcomes are at the heart of every assessment we create. We partner with educators in states and districts across the country to help them develop problem solvers and critical thinkers who are ready for college and careers.

The Associate Software Configuration Analyst is part of our large scale assessment group. The ideal candidate for this position will have experience using MS Excel to create complex spreadsheets and extract data using formulas and pivot tables, a passion for organization and meeting deadlines, and the ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers both verbally and in writing.


Using Oracle P&D, the Associate Software Configuration Analyst supports Pearson’s Packaging and Distribution (P&D) Setup and Configuration Team with the setup and configuration of projects for the distribution of paper testing materials to schools and districts around the country. This position works closely with the Program Teams and Business Analysts to understand test material requirements; using strong organizational and problem solving skills the Associate Software Configuration Analyst translates those requests into digital materials requirements. Additionally, this position supports the setup of configuration files for the Report Development team and may identify the need for improvements to existing work processes.


  • Setup and maintain P&D packaging rules.
  • Verify P&D packaging rules that have been coded.
  • Create P&D Inventory files for Test and Production.
  • Create P&D Inbound and Outbound Labels files for Test and Production.
  • Assist in setting up Additional Orders for P&D
  • Archive reporting files.
  • Setup configuration files for reporting services for zbatching, extracts, scrubbing data, and validating input driver files.
  • Assist in the implementation of new processes and tools that increase development accuracy and reduce overall development hours
  • Achieve consistent level of deliverables completed ahead of project deadlines
  • Report team-performance metrics and monthly deliverable reports to management team
  • Establish long-term customer (schools and districts) relationships through prompt and courteous service
  • Monitor timelines and flag potential issues


  • Demonstrated proficiency using MS Excel to create complex spreadsheet and manipulate data using pivot tables and formulas
  • Proficient working in windows and Linux operating systems
  • Ability to prioritize and complete tasks on schedule, and manage concurrent tasks.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a highly organized environment and demonstrates strong organizational skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Project
  • 2 or more years of experience working in a business or educational environment
  • Associate Degree preferred
  • Experience with XML preferred

Primary Location

US-IA-Iowa City

Work Locations

US-IA-Iowa City-2510 North Dodge 2510 North Dodge Street Iowa City 52245




Assessments School

Employee Status

Regular Employee

Job Type



Day Job

Job Posting

Sep 13, 2016


Weekend Wrap Up in 15 Links to Elsewhere

Because I was in Elkader over the weekend and because the Blogger app on my phone is unreliable, I sent a bunch of emails to myself with links to interesting thinks I didn't want to forget today, Monday, 9/26/2016. There is no organization to the following list - don't bother trying to understand the order.
  3. The Power of Lars

  4. Metallica's 5 song set in NYC on Saturday night


Friday, September 23, 2016

All Kinds of Good & Evil

  1. I really don't know how anyone can give the new tune by Green Day a 'thumbs down' because I really REALLY love it, after only two complete listens, both this AM, when I got up to go to work:
  2. I am a picky eater & I don't eat the type of foods I should. I drink too much Mountain Dew, I had pepperoni pizza for supper last night and brought the leftovers for lunch today. Veggies and fruits are rarely in my system, though I will eat applesauce & bananas on occasion. Thus, if I were in high school now - it has been 28 years since I graduated! - there is no way any person would be able to as this article suggests "teach students to ‘nudge’ others into healthy eating." It would take a monster truck to nudge me.
  3. Speaking of eating, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich eats 20 pancakes a day
  4. Speaking of movies - yes, no one was but bear with me - I realize that Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens has been out for 280 days (9 months, 5 days) but that does not mean my enthusiasm for it has waned. That's why I found myself sitting on the couch, engrossed in this long (45 minutes!) video about all the references in the movie.
  5. We subscribe to Netflix and October looks to be a busy month with lots of things happening: Netflix.
  6. Love me some Papa Roach today
  7. No, I'm not at the Rock Allegiance 2016 concert but yes, I still need to write my review of Pierce the Veil / Neck Deep / I Prevail for

  8. Here's a new tidbit of information about me - I talked to Max Calavera on the phone in 1998 even though I don't remember much about the conversation. I mention it only because I was thinking about their release Roots and how I really enjoy the percussion / drumming by Max's brother on it.
  9. A headline like this

    Ky. family judge: Gay marriage, like 'jumbo shrimp,' illogical

    is the kind of headline that promises "scandal" or "controversy" but it turns out this judge said what he said and no one that was interviewed for the article said they knew of any anti-gay bias. Read it here.
  10. There was a shooting in Tulsa, OK. The officer that shot the man has been charged but apparently there is more to the story, per this article.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Guess that's not his Fetish

Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson reportedly beat a protester to a 'bloody pulp' after getting a pie thrown in his face

20 or 18 - What's the Difference? (Answer: 2)

It's really funny that when Daniel Dale tweeted "Donald Trump said 18 false things today," it was with a list of 20!


I Get the Meaning


James Hetfield gave The Pulse Of Radio his interpretation of what "Hardwired" is about. He said: "Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try to be different or to do something right or a better way or something, it just seems like the default is hardwired to just screw it up sometimes. [Laughs] So, man, in general, sometimes I think, I just feel we're hardwired to self-destruct."

Read the article here

I feel like this!

348.7 Billion is A LOT

Last night, I watched a new show called "This is Us" on NBC. I had seen the previews and thought, "Wow this looks like a show I should watch." I wasn't disappointed. This is the trailer I saw that gave me the idea to watch it:

That balances out the disgust I feel now after learning that Senator John McCain has collected information about 25 regulations that will cost me - a taxpayer - 348-billion - how crazy!

Reason Two Trillion & 1 Why

This is a photo of the headline from the print edition of the Iowa City Press-Citizen that is given to us free on Thursday nights. It never fails that I find crap like this:

When I initially read this, I interpreted the headline as follows:

Wadley eager to show Rutgers what it is missed.

This morning, it dawned on me that what the headline writer was going for is to interpret the headline as if these were the words:

Wadley eager to show Rutgers what it has missed.

I think it's a stretch to interpret "it's" as "it has" in that headline. Sure, it technically is correct, if interpreted as such, but that doesn't mean I can't offer a solution to what I'm sure they don't think is a problem. Thus, had I been the one writing the headline, I would have composed this:

Wadley is eager to show Rutgers what it missed

I'm certain I have mentioned that in 1994, I kept a spiral notebook of writing / editing goofs from the Iowa City Press-Citizen - today is just one more reason I would never work for the Iowa City Press-Citizen. I know "never say never" but I'm saying it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Negan's backstory will come in Season 7

45 - 50 Bucks a day?

So, if you worked an 8 hour day and made the high-end of $50 a day, your hourly wage would be a whopping $6.25. Really? Who would agree to that, given the requirements below?!?

Technical Writer- Remote
Clear Point Consultants Inc - Cambridge, MA 02138
$45 - $50 a day - Contract
Technical Writer
Contract: 1 year plus
Remote Work

Our client is looking for a tech writer to create online help for a consumer audience.

The software product is a rewrite/reimagining of an existing product, an ERP system for project-based businesses. It will include apps for accounting, CRM, resource planning, HR, payroll, billing - basically everything that a project-based business need to run its front and back office. It is being built specifically for cloud deployment, in HTML5.

For online help, the writers use DITA and a content management system from SDL called Live Content Architect. They are embedded in agile teams and work side by side with designers, developers, and QE and UX people.

The emphasis on user self-sufficiency: making it easy for customers to get up and running on the product without a lot of hand-holding. Therefore, we are focusing a lot on ease of use and on robust documentation and self-directed learning.


  • Very strong English skills
Experience documenting API's, REST, JSON etc is highly preferred

  • Ability to work as an embedded member of a development team and gather information from designers, developers, and others. (Exposure to agile development is a plus.)
  • Experience writing about software for a non-technical, end-user audience.
  • Experience writing online help. (Knowledge of DITA is a plus.)
  • Exposure to accounting or other business applications.
The tools they use are:

  • XMetaL (for DITA authoring)
  • SDL Live Content Architect (for component content management)
  • RoboHelp (for older help systems)
  • Microsoft Word

Editor's Note: This is post 3500 on this blog.

Take the Reins and Control Destiny

Where is the moral outrage about abortions that are performed every day? When An Unarmed Black Man was Shot by Cops in Tulsa it's big news. There is big news every damn day. I only mention this because of the stupidity of statements made by those who agree abortions are fine. In fact:

It always comes back to the unborn, because they are the worst.

To the Left, the unborn stop the lives of teenagers and adults mid-sentence, just as they're becoming something. The unborn strain finances, cause exhaustion, and sometimes are nothing but a reminder that criminal sexual assault has been committed. Now they can be blamed for environmental destruction.

If your stomach can endure the opening of this article, read more about how Gloria Steinem Thinks Killing Babies Will Help Save The Planet.

Some - NOT all - of This Makes Sense

After reading this entire essay by Jerry Christofferson, I have a comment waaayyy at the bottom.

I feel the need to drop a little truth on y'all. So buckle up...I'm about to be politically incorrect.

We don't need to take America back. No one stole it. It's right're sitting in it. Chillax.

Mexico isn't going to pay for the wall and we're not going to deport millions of people and break up families. If you think either one is a good idea, you're not smart and probably not a person I want to hang out with.

We don't live in a democracy. Technically we are a Federal Republic. But in reality we are ruled by an oligarchy. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Reading will do you good. You probably need to do more of it.

FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC have an agenda and are not "fair and balanced" or in any way unbiased. I'll more. Read newspapers (even online ones). Read lots of opinions and sources and then (stay with me here), THINK! Form your own opinion based on as many facts as your can brain can tolerate.

Speaking of facts...there actually is a difference between facts, opinions, and propaganda. You should learn the difference. (Another opportunity to show off your mad reading skills.)
Science is real. We know things because of science. Don't be afraid of it. You have an iPhone and Facebook because of science. It's your friend.

Global warming or "climate change" as the cool kids call it IS REAL. Anyone who tells you it's not real is not a smart person and probably should not be dressing themselves or caring for children.

Racism exists. And you are probably a little racist and should work on that. Seriously.

American Christians are not under attack. We are not being persecuted. We wield so much power in this country that politicians pretend to be Christian just so we will vote for them. No one is trying to take your bible away from you. The gay people are not destroying our families—we don't need any help from them, thank you. We do a fine job of that by ourselves. So stop saying we are persecuted. You sound stupid.

Poor people need help. If you're not helping them but complaining about how the government helps them with your money you are not a nice person.

Be nice to the people who teach your children. Don't send them nasty emails or yell at them. Their job is 10,000 times harder than your stupid job. You are not a professional educator so just shut your mouth and be thankful someone is willing to teach your offspring.

You don't know what Common Core is. You think you do, but you don't unless you're a teacher. So stop complaining about math problem memes on Facebook. You can't do the math anyway.

ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. We do not need to rebuild our military. Our military is the strongest, scariest, most badass killing machine the world has ever seen. So stop being afraid and stop letting politicians and pundits scare you.

Guns do in fact kill people. That's what they are designed to do. If you feel you need a gun to protect yourself in America, you are probably living in the wrong neighborhood and should move before you go out and buy a gun. There are like a billion places to live where you won't need a gun, or even need to lock your front door.

If you do own a gun, then make sure you know how to use it really, really, really well. Seriously...get some training because you still don't know how to record stuff with your DVR. Go to the gun range and shoot the thing a lot. Learn how to clean it properly and be able to disassemble it and reassemble it with your eyes closed. It's a freaking gun and it deserves that level of care, proficiency and respect. And for God's sake, keep it locked up and away from your kids.

If you are even a little bit crazy, sad, or pissed shouldn't have a gun. And the Founding Fathers would totally agree with me.

Stop being suspicious of American Muslims. I guarantee the guy sitting next to you in the cubicle at work is probably more of a threat to you than any Muslim. He has to listen to your uninformed ranting day after day and has probably already imagined very colorful and creative ways to end you.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and all the rest are ENTERTAINERS! Stop getting your opinions from them. (Here's where that reading thing can really be an advantage.)

Stop sharing Facebook memes that tell me to share or else Jesus won't bless me with a laundry basket full of cash. That's not how prayer works. And I don't want money delivered (even from God) in a laundry basket. Nobody ever washes those things out and they just keep putting nasty dirty clothes in them. Yuck!

We are the United States of America and we can afford to house every homeless veteran, feed every child, and take in every refugee and still have money left over for Starbucks and a bucket of KFC.

Unless you can trace your family line back to someone who made deerskin pants look stylish and could field dress a buffalo, you are a descendant of an immigrant. Please stop saying that immigrants are ruining our country. Such comments are like a giant verbal burrito stuffed with historical ignorance, latent racism, and xenophobia all wrapped in a fascist tortilla.

That's all for now. I feel better.

Okay, this stands out to me:

If you feel you need a gun to protect yourself in America, you are probably living in the wrong neighborhood and should move before you go out and buy a gun.

Idiots are everywhere - not just in the neighborhood you live in. There are idiots at the malls, on the road - everywhere. I find it a sweeping over-generalization to think the only place an American can not feel the need to protect yourself.

That said, I 100% agree with the next paragraph:

If you do own a gun, then make sure you know how to use it really, really, really well. Seriously...get some training because you still don't know how to record stuff with your DVR. Go to the gun range and shoot the thing a lot. Learn how to clean it properly and be able to disassemble it and reassemble it with your eyes closed. It's a freaking gun and it deserves that level of care, proficiency and respect. And for God's sake, keep it locked up and away from your kids.

I won't take the time to continue dissecting the above words - just wanted to point out the above.

Drums! Not Drugs Please

From the Iowa City Craigslist Musicians page:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brief Break

Today, at 6:30 AM, I am boarding a plane for Washington, DC with my dad on the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight. The forecast is for sunny and 85 degrees so I hope that holds true. I'm excited about spending the day with my dad and am hopeful that it will be a memorable experience. Because of that, I am not posting anything else today - I'll be back to work, making the world aware of HRC's evil, Metallica's greatness, and pushing the Iowa Hawkeyes to victory tomorrow (9/21/2016). Enjoy the brief break from my rantings! This blog has been in existence for 3221 days or 8 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, and I can't recall a prior break where I was taking a day of vacation to spend time with my dad* so this will be nice.

Editor's Note: The day that was spent visiting various care facilities in Cedar Rapids for Mom doesn't count.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Don't Even

Candidate for DUMBEST Tweet EVER

Three Become One

While I get the general idea / point / thesis of this article about Fear the Walking Dead, after watching last night's episode, I definitely do not agree with it. Until last night, it wasn't clear that the 3 storylines in the show are located in close proximity of each other. That was tied into a nice bow last night. Read the outdated article here.

This is Beyond Sickening

These words make me furious!

In other words: If you’re a taxpayer who might want your tax dollars to not fund abortion-inducing drugs and devices, you’re out of luck.

You must have a strong stomach before you read the words that come before and after the above sentence. If you do have such a stomach, you can read more here.

Totally Bitchin' Drums

It's Totally NOT FAIR that I don't have $3200 laying around...

From the Dallas / Fort Worth Craigslist page:

Here is a beautiful set of Ludwig Vistalite Clear Drums (double bass). This is a 15 piece kit! I've had them for over 30 years. They are well cared for and in super clean shape. They come with factory soft black vinyl type of material bags for the drums (7). Also it has a set of 8 clear octabons that make the kit really big with lots of show and sound. I have new heads (remo whetherking pinstripe) for the octabons but just haven't put on. The symbols are Zildjian and the pedals are Pearls. There are many stands that are Tama. I've always liked the look and strength of those stands.

Super impressive set and I got a lot of attention when I use to play them. If you have any question, then please just give me a call.

Of course, it'd probably be helpful if I had an actual band I was playing in to possibly justify the $3200 expense.


This is a snippet from an interview with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine who, after 20 years of feuding with Metallica, is keeping his mouth SHUT and not saying words that would likely be taken out of context:

On whether he has heard the new METALLICA song "Hardwired":
Mustaine: "I did."
On his opinion of "Hardwired":
Mustaine: "I'm not gonna say anything."

I think there's a level of maturity to just being silent. Too bad the people that commented on the story can't be silent and, yes, warning, sensitive minds should stop reading because there are "big boy" words below because, you know, that makes a point even stronger! NOT!!

Jo King: Metallica should of ended when Dave kicked those three out back in 83. That is what really happened but Dave was too drunk to remember that he actually did this so Lars and the others took advantage of him claiming Metallica was their band when infact Metallica was formed by Dave Mustaine.

Chris Neighbour · Wiltshire College: I love megadeth but all these "band beers" are bloody pointless and a tad hypocritical from a band who's singer is a self confessed alcoholic.

Matthew Kaprutus · Manager at Scowl Farm Inc.: I think he forgot the fact that he is an addict/alcoholic and did numerous stints in rehab.

Igor Kountsevich · Works at Cygno Solutions: He took the high road and did not call this crap of a 'song' what it is.

Aaron Rever: Gives his opinion and runs his mouth on everything else, yet refuses to give his opinion about Metallica's new song. What a fucking loser.

Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle: It looks like I'm in the minority again, but I like "Hardwired". More importantly, I suppose, is that my kids like it. They're about the age I was in 1986 when I got into Master of Puppets. At least it ain't Justin fuckin' Bieber.

Richard Jarvis · St. Helens High School: "Hardwired" is not worth commenting on. What can he say about it? It does not suck as bad as it could? That would be a fair but brutally honest evaluation.

Read more at here.

As a side note, this is what a friend of mine wrote about "Hardwired" when I questioned why he called it a "crappy new song." His qualifications for the following comments are that he has a Master's degree in Music and played in a short-lived basement band with me back in 2000. He was the first person to suggest I listen to Lamb of God and Gojira. This is what he wrote:

Musically, I'll grant that I think it's a good throwback to their classic rhythms (e.g., their patented reverse-gallop, more thrash-like tempo). But the first time I listened to the song, the guitar solo didn't even register with was unmemorable. Lyrically, I have to ask if he's 14 again? Insipid. The only thing that bothers me about the swearing is how uncreative and immature it sounds, like a pre-teen writing songs with all the words the grown-ups won't let him say because he's so metal / punk / rebellious. And really, Top 40 pop bands like Maroon 5 and Cake are dropping F-bombs all over their Summer hits, and in ways that don't disrupt the flow of the song. Hardly anyone is clutching their pearls these days when they hear an F-bomb in a song. It's ironic that his lyrics on earlier albums are actually more profound and mature than what he's writing in his actual maturity.
So yes, crappy new song. :)

So there you have it.

It Doesn't Matter

The Tokyo Police Club are playing in Iowa City on Saturday, 9/24. Having never heard of them or their music, I found these... and fell in love with their pop style. I shouldn't have bothered to do that because the reality is that I am not going to be able to attend their gig. Too bad. I listened to these two tunes and, had I not made other plans for Saturday night, I would like to think I would be at Gabes Oasis.

Maybe the saddest part about "discovering" them on a Monday AM is not that I can't go see them - it's that they've been "around" or "a band" since 2005 and have released 4 albums, per Wikipedia.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016

Going Back to 2005 for This Gem

I am NOT Kidding

I have never listened to any of these bands and yet, they are the 15 bands playing at the Dome in Tufnell Park, London on November 19
  1. Onslaught
  2. Hell
  3. Warrior Soul
  4. Bull-Riff Stampede
  5. Mechanical God Creation
  6. Oliver/Dawson Saxon
  7. Anihilated
  8. Skyclad
  9. Beholder
  10. Nightlord
  11. Hysterica
  12. Huron
  13. Weapon UK
  14. Furnaze
  15. Dethonator
For a band-by-band description, read this article.

A Change in Plans

Metallica announced a change in the content on their new album that comes out in November. Previously, they were going to release what they called "Riff Origins" as a 3rd CD, but yesterday, that changed. Now they are releasing tunes that were part of other compilations as well as their 2016 Record Store performance in a record store. Read about the changes here.

My suspicion is that those tunes will be released in the future - just not now.

Kickstart for the AM

The Mantra for a Rainy Friday

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Opening New Knowledge

Microsoft really does love Linux

Three Tweens

Simply amazing. I give them extra credit given for the heavy reliance on my favorite Metallica album "And Justice for All"!
00:00 Eye of the Beholder
01:05 Blackened
02:00 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
02:30 To Live is to Die
04:04 For Whom the Bell Tolls
07:59 ...And Justice for All

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back into the Saddle

I ended a 1045 day (2 years, 10 months, 1 week, 3 days) drought of having reviews published on with this review. I have already submitted a review of Adelitas Way's The Getaway that will be published and I will be submitting a review of Bayside's Vacancy release as well.

Tonight, Alex and I are driving to Clive, IA, to see I Prevail, Neck Deep, & Pierce the Veil in concert. He is really excited about going.

Editor's Note:

Reasons Why TWD Rules

Only 4 are required....

Top Ten Lars Ulrich Drumming Moments

Best opening paragraph ever about Metallica's Lars Ulrich:

If there’s one thing that really pisses me off about the metal scene it’s how so many people jump all over Lars Ulrich. Sure, he may be short, flamboyant, fiercely emotional, speak with an accent (by the way, how’s your unaccented Danish coming along? Exactly.), posses manic amounts of uncorked energy, never stop talking and not care what anyone thinks as he fearlessly voices his opinion, but I’m sure each and every one of us has a list of traits and qualities that anyone who knows us can rhyme off as irritants.

Read the rest here.

  1. One

  2. Sad But True

  3. Blackened
  4. The Outlaw Torn
  5. Master of Puppets
  6. Damage Inc.
  7. Escape
  8. Dyer's Eve
  9. The Shortest Straw
  10. The Prince

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stay Here but only IF you want to Stay Here

It's all so nerve-wrecking for college kids, whether they are coming to the University of Iowa or to another college. Thousands of high school seniors - most with only 18 years under their belt - have to pack up their belongings and move in with a roommate in a new city and learn a new culture. Add, on top of that, if you are being recruited to be a college athlete. That's being 18 and having those normal pressures as well as the pressure to become a contributor to a team.

I was thinking about that in light of the news that the recruitment of Iowa City West's Oliver Martin continues. According to this article, there are 14 scholarship offers, including the Iowa Hawkeyes, on the table. Only if all things are equal between those 13 other schools and the University of Iowa would I lobby for him to become an Iowa Hawkeye.

Personally, I don't envy Martin's situation. There are too many variables. On one hand, I'm guessing he thinks it would be great to be an Iowa Hawkeye. On the other, he may want to look to what has happened so far with another Iowa City area football player - Drew Cook - who led a talented football team at Iowa City Regina. Cook's father, Marv, played football at the University of Iowa and now Drew Cook is an Iowa Hawkeye. To this point in his football career, he has not played. In the 4th quarter of the Iowa v. Iowa State football game on 9/10, the Iowa coaching staff took out starter C.J. Beathard and Cook was not his replacement. If Drew Cook had decided to go to a college that is not the University of Iowa, would he have been placed into the rotation, either as the #2 or as a starter?

We'll never know.

My thought is that a college athlete has 4 years to make an impression significant enough to get to the next level. I would never want Martin to decide to go to the University of Iowa, only to end up riding the bench. No high school athlete goes to college with the hopes and dreams of being a role player and riding the bench, as Drew Cook is doing. I'm not being negative about Drew Cook - he was fun to watch on the football field from what I saw on KCRG's Friday Night Lights show on Friday night. For Oliver Martin, I think he really has to hope that the college he chooses will put him in the player rotation immediately.

And, frankly, when I read that the University of Oregon is interested in him, my heart beats a little faster. They are a good football team and if he would be a significant recruit for the team, then obviously I want what is best for him as a person as well as a player. The fact that Oregon is a long way from Cedar Rapids doesn't bother me a lot. After all, at least one Iowan did very well. The name Marcus Paige comes to mind. For whatever reason, he chose to attend the University of North Carolina even after getting a scholarship offer from the University of Iowa. While some Iowans do not do well and their success is plagued by homesickness and not fitting in when they go to other states, Paige was not like that - he's on a NBA roster.

I hope wherever Oliver Martin goes to college is the right place for hm - I sincerely wish him the best. I have never met him.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Darth Vader Almost was Different

Hoping Tim Kaine is Wrong

To me, this is disturbing. It's not that Tim Kaine predicts Catholic church will change views same sex - he can predict all he wants. It's that he actually believes he can speak with any authority about the Catholic church. He is running with a pro-choice / pro-abortion / pro-killing babies candidate, presumably because he believes abortion is okay.

This Post Started as a rant about a Generic Metal Band Seeking Musicians and Evolved to What You See Now

Just what I would NEVER join - a generic metal band. From the Hennepin (Minneapolis area) Craigslist Musicians page:

We are a generic metal band with currently a vocalist, bassist, guitarist/keyboardist, and DJ looking for a couple more guitarists and a drummer. Versatility and skill are key. Pro/stage-ready gear, commitment, and reliability are a must. Also just to throw it out there we ask drink and smoke so if you're straightedge this probably isn't the band for you. Also if you're just looking to hang out and get f*cked up without any care for the music this isn't for you either. So now that that's out of the way, lets get into it...

Our current guitarist (who will of course be staying) plays rhythm which means you will both be lead so keep in mind what that entails. Sweeps, squeedlies, and meedlies are your tools. Use them.
* Bonus * You have previous experience in performing onstage, you're two guitarists that played together in a previous band, one of you is lefty (cuz lets be real that shit looks dope onstage), and/or you get the squeedlie/meedlie reference.
Must have your own kit and transport for you and said kit. Double bass is definitely a must. We play fast. You need two feet to keep up.
* Bonus * You have previous experience in performing onstage, fantastic bass triplet work, and/or you get the squeedlie/meedlie reference.

Also, from the same area, there was this ad. I'm including this ad because I like it when ads on Craigslist specify an existing setlist:

New Part time cover band in St. Paul (Off Duty Astronauts) looking for a fun loving Drummer / Percussionist to join the fun! We practice 3 to 4 times per month in St. Paul. We laugh, don't sweat mistakes, like band commaraderi (sic)while polishing the tunes.

We're experienced but have day jobs and want to keep music in our lives! We want to play out 10 times a year (private or pub/bar) but are open to more depending on opportunity and schedules. This isn't a "project" and there are no egos!
We are not expecting pay while we polish to a competitive product. (Using the word product a little loosely)
Age range 40 to 55?
We are at 40 songs and have a gig lined up for Oct. 22nd.

Here is a feel for what we are Playing.
  1. Chain Gang - Pretenders
  2. Creep -- Radio Head
  3. Vertigo - U2 Hello -- Dragonette
  4. Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5
  5. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
  6. The Middle -- Jimmy Eat World
  7. Should I Stay Should I Go
  8. Shook Me All Night Long
  9. Sweet Child of mine
  10. White Wedding -- Billy Idol
  11. Ex's and OH's -- Elle King
  12. Shake it up - Cars
  13. Hash Pipe -- Weezer
  14. Blister In The Sun -- Violent Femmes
  15. Forget You -- Cee lo Green
  16. Flag Pole Sitta - Harvey Danger
  17. Gigantic -- Pixies
  18. Gone daddy Gone -- Violent Femmes
  19. Smooth Criminal (MJ)- Alien Ant Farm
  20. Wicked Game - Chris Iaasic
  21. Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
  22. Gimme One Reason- Tracy Chapman
  23. Mercy- Duffy
  24. Fulson Prison
  25. Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
  26. Valerie- Amy Winehouse
  27. Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones

In other news, yesterday, I had a voice mail from John, a guitarist I've talked to occasionally over the last 18 months. He wanted to know if I would be interested in getting together and jamming soon. Hopefully we can do something.

Editor's note: I have no idea what these words mean:
  • sweeps
  • squeedlies
  • meedlies

Friday, September 9, 2016


I really don't know how much longer I can take the BULLSHIT that I read. HRC claims to be Christian. To me, Christian faith is contradictory to the pro-choice movement. HRC is pro-choice. I searched for the word "abortion" in the article - convenient for HRC to not be taken to task for her anti -life position.

FCC pushes for TV providers to drop set-top boxes, use apps

To me, it sounds like the FCC is simply going to shift the $ around. For example, instead of paying rent for a set-top box to my cable company, I will need to continue to pay for cell phone service. I would need to buy / purchase / obtain a cell phone if I didn't already have one.

What am I babbling about? This information from my "CBJ Business Daily" email:

Cable TV providers doing business in the Corridor and nationwide could be forced to embrace more digital viewing options if a new proposal from the FCC is adopted.

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote Sept. 29 on a proposal from Chairman Tom Wheeler that would require cable television providers to offer customers a free app as an alternative to renting set-top boxes.

The set-top boxes, sometimes called set-top units, convert cable TV signals into content that can be viewed on televisions, all of which, when purchased new, are digital. Many units have built-in applications meant to support internet-based programming from providers such as Netflix, Comcast Xfinity and others.

According to the FCC, U.S. cable TV customers pay an average of $231 fees annually to rent the set-top boxes, or a national total of about $20 billion a year. If adopted, the nation's largest pay-TV providers, who represent 95 percent of pay-TV subscribers, would have two years to comply with the rules.

"This is a golden era for watching television and video," Mr. Wheeler wrote in an op-ed published yesterday in the Los Angeles Times. "By empowering consumers to access their content on their terms, it's about to get cheaper - and even better."

Disney Princess Criticism

Feminists Who Get Naked for “Slut Walks,” Complain Disney’s Princesses Aren’t Modest Enough

What If Metallica Kept their Old Tone

Parent fail of 2016: "I'm guessing this is the Rolling Stones."

Thursday, September 8, 2016


I was never in the Cedar Rapids Gazette when I was a high school swimmer but Alex's girlfriend Melanie is in this article.

Brief Excitement Followed by Disappointment

After he has the gold statue securely in his bag, we see Indiana Jones fleeing the temple. It's the iconic first action scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and we watch as he comes to the chasm. His guide has crossed it and demands that our hero toss him the idol. Jones does so only to have the guide drop Jones' whip on the ground and not aid in Jones' escape. Jones is desperate and jumps. The camera shot is brief but, looking up from the bottom of the chasm, we see how far of a jump it is. Jones is trying to grasp hope.

It is that precise moment, when Jones thinks he may perish but still wants to live, I think of when I read an article like this one about recovering data from a dead hard drive. My struggles and anguish regarding external hard drives that I have endured while converting my CDs to MP3 are common prose on this blog, sporadically peppered throughout the years I've posted to this blog as well as on the music re-conversion page. It's an awful sinking feeling when it happens and it has happened too often. In fact, as I was clearing out the den last night as part of the den project, I came across 2 hard drives that used to be inside of an external hard drive case. Using bigger-than-necessary letters on a yellow sticky note, I was reminded of the condition of those drives:


Loving Mary

The tune "Mary" on Bayside's "Vacancy" album is one of my favorites on the release so I've assembled this post with three videos about it.

The original:

The acoustic:

The story behind creating it:

Editor's Note: When asked if there was a tune on "Vacancy" that is not a favorite, there was silence in response.

No Mercy For What We Are Doing

Rush Limbaugh brought to my attention an article in which the #NeverTrump movement is brought to its knees with logic and precision. He seemed really animated about it - I've put the link to it here - The Flight 93 Election - but I don't want you to click it until you listen to a couple of versions of Metallica's "No Remorse" that are below. Updated: this is a rebuttal article to that one.

Rant: See, don't you just hate when links are sprinkled within the text? Are you supposed to go to the link and then come back? You as a reader have to make a choice. 

Back to the subject of this post.

Personally, I never declared myself to be a #NeverTrump disciple.

I don't think I would.

Last night, I was thinking about Trump after watching parts of the "Commander-in-Chief Forum" on MSNBC. I also watched parts of the HRC portion of the show, including the Saying 'I Make No Excuses' for Mishandling Classified Material, Clinton Offers New One part. Ultimately, though, I decided to record it with the DVR because there was a compelling rerun of "Shark Tank" on at the same time and I wanted to watch that too. Plus, one of the "The Dark Knight" trilogy films was on and though, tempted as I was, I didn't stay up until 2:30 AM to watch how it ends.

Anyways, Steve Berman's column about how Donald Trump does not need my vote, especially the opening of the column, is really remarkable, which I'll quote below:

Sometimes my kids bug me to buy a toy, or a cookie, or to take them somewhere, after I’ve told them no. They keep bugging me, then they bug my wife. Then they act sullen like we’re somehow abusing them. Then they bring up how other kids’ parents have bought this or gone here or given cookies.

Eventually it becomes a battle of wills, and the thing itself doesn’t even matter. Then it becomes an imperative to get the kids to just be quiet and stop bugging me. Then it becomes, “Oh hell, fine! Let’s go.” Anything to stop the constant nagging.

Even the Bible has a story about the value of nagging.

He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’

“For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!’” (Luke 18:2-5)

The latest in the long line of, “fine, shut up, I’ll vote for Trump” has come from former NeverTrumper Mark Levin.

It's just like the opening words James Hetfield sings in "No Remorse" on "Kill 'Em All":

No mercy for what we are doing
No thought to even what we have done
We don't need to feel the sorrow
No remorse for the helpless one

I really think Trump is helpless in this election cycle. While I really appreciate his passion - and I saw a lot of it in the clips I saw of the aforementioned show - I don't know if I believe he is the best person for the job. I don't think HRC is the best person for the job - just to be clear. I will watch the debates with keen interest to see if I can be swayed by Trump. Otherwise, hell, I may end up voting for a third party candidate...

Here's the Metallica I promised:

More Cowbell

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two Wrongs

  1. The first sentence begins with "At..." - where is the ending quotation mark?
  2. There should be a space after a period. 

Kill The Phrase

It needs to end. The phrase Benghazi hearings needs to never be uttered again when referring to the hearings about the 9/11/2012 attacks. From now on, those hearings need to be referred to as the Spoonfed Questions I Get to Answer so that MSNBC thinks I'm Awesome and then tells everyone that I'm being unfairly targeted because of my gender hearings.

All About Me

I love Bill Cosby's comedy. I think "Himself" is a snapshot of parenting and of a perspective I find very funny. His words paint a picture of what it is like to be a drunk, at the dentist, at the delivery room table, and then at their household after leaving the delivery room. I also totally enjoyed "The Cosby Show" for the majority of the episodes. The episodes about Vanessa going to a concert (The Wretched) and lying to her parents as well as when Vanessa got drunk and played the alphabet game with her friends (first) and then, when hung over, playing it with her parents, are some of the greatest scenes in the American television shows I've watched - not of all television ever, but just of the shows I have watched.

As difficult as it is to do so, I have to separate his comedy from his personal life. It's not an easy challenge to undertake. I only mention this when I read the article about how Cosby's lawyers are now stating that "Bill Cosby is the victim" and the subject of "racial bias."

My initial reaction was to recall how back during the OJ Simpson trial, that is the defense Johnny Cochran used - to make the trial not about inconvenient facts or about Simpson's actions, but to shape the narrative. My second reaction was to wonder if all of the tirades Cosby has made about the African-American community was just an act as I recalled the times I read accounts about his words regarding - in general - African-American males needing to take responsibility for their actions. My third reaction was to wonder why this statement from the prosecutor is aligned with how I view the case and why I am struggling to keep Bill Cosby schizophrenic instead of the single great comedian I find hilarious:

"He complains about racial bias but what about the African American women whom I represent who accuse him of sexual assault or rape and who refuse to remain silent about what they say they have suffered?" Allred said in a statement issued Tuesday evening.

Read the entire article here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Learn to Write

From here:

Supervisors laid out a plan to raise the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour starting January first. Then begin to boost the minimum wage by one dollar in January of 2018, and then January of 2019, topping out at $10.25 an hour.

Why don't paid writers earn their pay? Where is the subject in that second phrase? Then frustrate to read crap. Like that. Fragmented words. Soft contrast to harsh real. Paid writers. Earn. Pay. Not. Worth the air. Crap poetry uses phrases. Not. News. Stories.

First, Get a Million Dollars

Steve Martin explains the Hillary Clinton FBI interview. . .

You Judge for Yourself

KISS bassist Gene Simmons doesn't drink, doesn't think anyone should drink, but if you want to buy his booze, he'll sell it to you, per this article. I liked this part of the article:

“I’m not here to convince anyone of my lifestyle,” he insists. “This is what I want for me. You have to be judge and jury for yourself.”

I feel the same way. Being sober is what I want for me and I wouldn't want anyone to think they have to do something for me when they don't want to do it. I know I spent a lot of years feeling guilty about wanting to drink booze, especially when I lived in my parents' house during the summers of 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, & 1993. I knew Mom didn't want me to drink. Her brother was an alcoholic; my dad's dad was an alcoholic. I realize that she just didn't want me to be one either. I totally understood that back then. What I objected to was her telling me in words and actions what I should do or shouldn't do.

That leads me to Megan, booze, and college. While I am happy that Megan is at UNI and has, thus far, decided she doesn't even want to step foot in a bar, I commend her. I support her choice to not drink but not because I'm her father and I don't want her to make the mistakes I made. I support her because she owns her choice. She has resisted peer pressure and, per her words to me, has stayed home instead of going out to the bars in Cedar Falls with her dorm mates. I hope she stays strong in her conviction, unlike her father. I started out college the same way but only lasted until the end of October of my freshman year before I started being an a$$hole to my family and friends. It took a lot of years of embarrassing those I care about and love before I got my head screwed on straight and quit boozing.

Today is 2076 days (5 years, 8 months, 6 days) since I had a drop of booze.

Steps to Outrage

  1. The 5 most outrageous things Hillary Clinton said in her FBI interview
  2. More Clinton Email News 
  3. When Hillary Was For Muslim Profiling, Before She Was Against it and it was racist...
  4. The FBI Found Clinton’s Smoking Gun, Threw It Away, and Told Us on Labor Day Weekend
  5. It Is Time For Donald Trump to Withdraw In Favor of Mike Pence
  6. SURPRISE. Guess What Happened To Hillary’s Email Server When It Was Revealed? Timing is everything
  7. How Incompetent Are Hillary And Co? THIS is Where They Lost a Chunk of Email This story is e-magical.
  8. Hillary Clinton’s Email Compromised When She Clicked On a WHAT Link?? The word rhymes with corn. Yeah.

Legit Questions

Let's just lay all this to rest. Show us the authentic birth certificate. Not excuses, not photocopies - a legit birth cert. Then, finally, MSNBC might not make those who raise questions seem like the fringe. Period. It's really simple.


Monday, September 5, 2016

20 More Word Usage Mistakes Even Smart People Make

I am including this link to this article so that I raise awareness to the atrocities it describes within.

The Def of Idiot

To the best of my knowledge, Bayside doesn't play this song live. That's a shame - it'd be a great one to hear.

On a Bayside Trip

I probably have this video embedded on another post but it's definitely worth a reminder just how awesome this song is and just how awesome my life is now and that being in the situation described in this song's lyrics would not be my choice ... ever!

Show v Comics

I am getting excited for what I will see in 1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days (47 days)! The Season Six DVDs / Blu Rays were released and if you want to hear Negan swear, you have to purchase the Blu Ray because that version of the "Negan enters the series" scene is not included on the DVD.

Watched this Game

Jim Rousch & I watched this game in Lou & Jean's camper on Saturday night: Texas upsets No. 9 Notre Dame in two-overtime thriller

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Herky the Hawk is Traumatizing College Kids

The Iowa Hawkeyes play Miami (OH) today to open the 2016 football season. It seems fitting, then, to mention that the University of Iowa mascot is scary. Watch this and try to control your laughter...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Invoking the Clinton Defense Fails

  • In Washington, DC, there were no charges filed when HRC possessed 110 emails of classified information. The FBI called her "careless" and she continues to campaign to be the President of the United States. Meanwhile, not in Washington, DC, a sailor has 7 pictures of a submarine he worked on and is sentenced to prison. Don't believe me? Read it here.
  • While I don't necessarily agree with the idea conveyed in the conclusion of
    this article, this conclusion should have been the hook to the entire article:

    In the age of Trump, they are working very hard to push everything Clinton down and make it something it's not, because they just don't know how to deal with the lunatic running on the Republican side of the ticket.

    That is killer prose!

Promise Snot to Sue

From here, I promise snot to sue too... whatever that means <grin>!

Farewells / Hellos at the CR Gazette

Scott Dochterman, a great sports reporter for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, is leaving, per this article. Whenever someone leaves a company for a new opportunity, I am happy. I try my best to adhere to the belief that if the new opportunity is better for my co-worker and will make my co-worker have a better position in the world, I fully support it. I've formed that opinion after reading a lot of Techwr-L posts - none specifically come to mind as an example - over the years about when to leave a position. Certainly, Dochterman's decade at the Gazette for the articles he wrote about Iowa athletics will resonate for the immediate future, but then, sadly, the new reporter will be at the Gazette for a decade and Dochterman's contributions will no longer be remembered. That all said, I wish him well.

As to why I'm using the "work" label for this post, it is because of this text:

During his interview — which was to cover the “news” part of University of Iowa athletics — he brought with him a notebook full of information about the department with important news and contacts. He already was on the job.

This is similar to the 30-60-90 Day outline I brought with me to my second interview for my current position. It's a great tip.

Finally, since I'm writing about sports in this post, tomorrow is a busy day for Iowa athletics. First, at
  1. At 2:30, it's the Iowa Hawkeyes hosting Miami (OH) in Kinnick Stadium (where Metallica should be booked to play in spring 2017). 
  2. At 7:00, it's ISU hosting UNI in Ames. 
I need to find out whether I can see the ISU v. UNI game on TV. I'm sure Megan, Mark, and Susie will want to watch it. Karen & I have season tickets for UNI football so I want to see the game as well.

From 77 to 1

As described in this article, a talented video editor assembled 77 videos that were posted on into a single video of the Metallica concert. Of course, that concert was on Saturday, August 20, 2016, in Minneapolis, MN.

I barely know anything about writing well and I sure as hell don't know the FIRST thing about creating a video like this.

For future reference, here are where the individual songs are in the video above:

1:55 Creeping Death
8:29 For Whom The Bell Tolls
13:17 Fuel
18:04 King Nothing
24:06 The Memory Remains
29:17 The Unforgiven
37:17 Leper Messiah
43:00 Kirk Solo #1
45:11 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
53:13 Sad But True
58:55 Rob Solo
1:00:44 Wherever I May Roam
1:07:25 One
1:15:49 Master of Puppets
1:25:32 Battery
1:30:06 Kirk Solo #2
1:33:11 Fade To Black
1:42:17 Seek And Destroy

1:50:13 Hardwired
1:54:20 Whiskey In The Jar
2:00:15 Nothing Else Matters
2:06:12 Enter Sandman

2:12:50 End of show and band speech
2:18:50 Credits

And this is the list of the Original Videos by Youtubers :

1.    86millz
2.    A Bastyr
3.    Aaron Everett
4.    Aaron Sees
5.    bkriegel95
6.    Brandon Burlingame
7.    Carri M
8.    Craig Axelson
9.    David Nissoff
11.    enaybler
12.    goblueno2
13.    InvisibleKidTMCC
14.    john erigo
15.    John Garfield
16.    Mark Carlson
17.    Metallica TV
18.    mistabone66crush
19.    morganpay
20.    NCD Fan
21.    nick warner
22.    Patrick Carlson
23.    Picture Perfect
24.    porcelmc
25.    Rltrujillo
26.    Scott W
27.    sfswitzer
28.    Shane LaRene
29.    SkolViking88
30.    spasticliff
31.    Steve Richards
32.    Steven Bebel
33.    Todd Lange
34.    Todd Svetlovics
35.    Tom Eckblad
36.    Tony Sanfilippo
37.    xandercrow

I haven't taken the time to watch the entire video but I've skipped around to a few places. I really like that they played "Leper Messiah" and, perhaps in the minority, I would be perfectly fine if "Nothing Else Matters" fell off the set list. Seriously, I would be okay with never hearing that song again. I certainly don't think "Nothing Else Matters" is a bad song - it's that I would strike it from the set list in favor of any tune from "Death Magnetic" or "St. Anger." Seriously, yes, I would love to hear Metallica take a deep cut from "St. Anger" like "Dirty Window" or "Invisible Kid" or my favorite tune on that album - "All Within My Hands" - and slip it into the set list. Remind fans that there are other great songs on "Death Magnetic" and on "St. Anger". Hell, I watched a little bit of a concert from 1997 where Metallica came to the stage and were jamming "Bad Seed." That is such a great riff. I also like the riff on "Bleeding Me" though with the tempo of that song being "slow" I can understand why it isn't played a lot live.

Editor's Note: Either "77" is a typo or some of the "youtubers" listed above contributed multiple videos.

Make the Ammends

SEBASTIAN BACH Says He Was Urged By ROBERT TRUJILLO To Reconnect With His Former Bandmates In SKID ROW June 20, 2018