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Thursday, March 31, 2016

First Feet Landing

A great cover... Under the Bayside video below, I embedded her cover of Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" so don't miss that!

The original song by Bayside, from back in 2010. This song is still part of their setlist, including when Chris & I saw them in Des Moines in the fall. The band played in at South by So What in Texas and have a gig scheduled in Las Vegas, NV, on April 4. Maybe they will stop in Iowa City or Des Moines on the way home?!? Until I saw this video, I never knew that Anthony played this song at his wedding.

Tiny Stills playing "Rich Girl" for your pleasure.

Had This Riff in My Head


Weighing In

The problem is that I don't trust the Republican party. Time and again, they have said that they would never do _____ only to fold and do it. Saying that they won't have hearings only means that they will have hearings. And from what I understand, the Biden rule that is cited is irrelevant. That has to do with federal judges, not the Supreme Court. Apples and oranges.

To the point about the fear of a more liberal judge being nominated by President Clinton.... Yeah I am fearful of that happening.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Walking Dead Predictions

Everyone has a prediction about the way The Walking Dead, Season 6, will end, which airs this Sunday. The episode is 90 minutes & I hope it is actually 90 minutes of "content" and not what could have been condensed into a 60 minute episode if it wasn't the "season finale," if that makes sense. This season has been a roller coaster with some character deaths that I didn't expect. Because I haven't read the comic book, I don't feel qualified to make predictions... but that doesn't mean I won't make them. Based upon what I know, I predict that it will be Rick who is killed. I know, I know, he's the "main" character and all. I hope I am wrong. I don't see how I can be correct. I created the playlist below from the first 15 hits from Youtube. Some are months old, some are very recent. I have not watched all of them so I won't vouch for the accuracy of the content.

Unleash the Kraken

I was trying very hard to remember what movie had a character say, "Release the Kraken" so thank you Internet for taking me to the clip below!

This Article

It's not ironic that Cruz said what he said. It's hypocrisy. I wonder if his left hand knows what his right hand is doing.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Only Once

As a lifelong Iowa Hawkeye sports fan, I will only say this once.

I wish I lived in Ames.

I just saw this ad on the Ames Craigslist page.

High energy blues infused rock band The Righteous Wicked is searching for a drummer of fill in on writing sessions, shows and future recordings.

if interested, please reply to this posting or check us out on Facebook at
our website at
plus our self titled EP is available on iTunes, spotify and Youtube.

Here's one of the tunes on their EP:

Brace Yourself

Despite a bazillion "pro-Republican" or "pro-Conservative" posts on this blog, I am not smirking when I write, "I want to see and understand both sides of the political spectrum."

I was reminded of this when I went to this article - - as I was fully expecting an anti-Obamacare article and that this post, which I had started prior to actually reading the article, would be a pro-Republican or pro-Conservative post.

As I began to read the article, my expectations were initially fulfilled. The charts in the article are compelling. As per my normal modus operandi, I read the comments at the bottom of each article I link to on this blog. Again, as expected, a lot of the commenters posted their opinion to support the article's thesis: Obamacare is bad.


When I finished reading John Kominitsky's comment, I paused.

I pondered the words.

I thought some more.

Then I realized this portion of the comment coincides with my opinion. I have changed the formatting of the comment and snipped after the first sentence of the ordered list in an effort to make the points more concise.

Here's three really important things . . .

  1. One can gain health care access with a pre-existing condition.
  2. Your insurer cannot toss you onto the street by cancelling your plan if you develop a chronic disease.
  3. Your insurer cannot impose a life time cap on your coverage.
Does a rational person not think these three ACA benefits should not be more costly and unneeded. If yes, consider yourself a fortunate and privileged American. Alternatively, those that view these security benefits as a liberating gift, feel free to dance in the street.

While I wish this sentence:

Does a rational person not think these three ACA benefits should not be more costly and unneeded.

had been edited when he wrote it to this sentence:

Does a rational person not think these three ACA benefits should not be more costly and unneeded.

that's more personal preference than being "wrong" or "incorrect." I personally don't like the double negative construction (and when I start my NEW JOB on MONDAY, I hereby promise myself to never write sentences like that!)

I don't believe those three things are bad or are evil.


In other related news, I read many comments under this picture that I came across on the "Occupy Democrats" Facebook page that were less intellectual or grounded in reality than Kominitsky's comment. That simply means that sometimes I agree with the Democrats / Liberal point of view and other times, I don't.

Laying Out Options

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Screaming for Attention

Before clicking on this link, know that the destination page is a collection of movie reviews for "Batman v. Superman" which opens tomorrow. It's not my fault if details about the film are revealed...

Here's the link:


I installed "MP3 Organizer Pro 3" and the very first time I opened the program, I saw this:


I'm less than 0% confident about using this program.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When Silence is Better

What the following illustrates is how structured my private writing has become as a result of being a technical writer for 20+ years. I have 4 notebooks that I am writing in for my private writing and, as of 1:00 PM, I'm unable to write in any of them. Here's why:
  1. In my private journal - part of the 10 year journal project series - for the month of March, I'm on page 72 of 78. I've scheduled myself to write
    1. 72, 73, & 74 tomorrow
    2. 75, 76, & 77 Friday
    3. 78 Friday (this will be the single page Epilogue that ends each section)
  2. In my laid off journal - a separate 150 page spiral notebook that I began on the day after I was laid off and in which I only write on the front of the sheet of paper, not the back - I've scheduled myself to write
    1. 118 tomorrow
    2. 119 Friday
    3. 119.5 (this will be the only time I write on the back of a page in this notebook so that I have a single page Epilogue)
    4. 120 - 126 Monday - First day of new job
    5. 127 - 131 Tuesday
    6. 132 - 137 Wednesday
    7. 138 - 143 Thursday
    8. 144 - 150 Friday - 5th day of new job
  3. In my summary volume - a separate notebook I use to summarize the previous 8 days on a 1/2 sheet of paper  - the next time I will write in it is Friday, 3/25. 
    • This volume has a very specific role in the 10 year project. When it is complete, I will have 
      • a single volume that I can look at and read summaries dated from January 2, 2012 - December ??, 2021. 
      • a multi-page summary after each year on pages I have blocked off so I can write more extensively about the year that just finished.
      • a page:year ratio yearly summary in the final 10 pages of the notebook so I can read single page year summaries from 2012 - 2021
  4. In my private journal - part of the 10 year series - for the month of April, I had previously asked "Future Me" some questions pertaining to work and other subjects to be answered by "Current Me" in April 2016. I have answered those questions and will wait until Friday, April 1, 2016, before continuing that volume. The laid off journal is meant to be a bridge between the March 2016 section and the April 2016 section in the 10 year series as a way to interweave that separate notebook into the mix of the 10 year project.
I wanted to lay all of that out because rather than post my situation on this blog or on my Facebook page - as the author of this article did - when I was laid off on 1/26/2016, I intensified my private writing. Sure, I messaged some friends through messenger and networked that way and then, once Lent started, I decided to not be on Facebook until after Easter, though I admit I bent that "guideline" a bit for various reasons / situations that came up (like to see if a friend had routed any job leads to me).

Spewing Soapbox Sense

I left the following comment on this article:

Always learning is a good theme.

Any newbie TWer reading this article needs to understand that you cannot be a one trick pony. I have worked as a technical writer since 2/10/1995. I have worked at multiple companies. It is always important to identify what needs your employer has and how your specific strengths and skills align with your needs.

For example, I worked at a company where a co-worker was responsible for UI design of a Windows interface that "laid on top" of a text screen. I learned how to do that, as his backup and then, when he left the company, I took ownership of it. That's just one small example of adapting to the needs of my employer.

All of that said, I begin a new job on 3/28 in a department that has never had a TWer. My first task is to write a Disaster Recovery Manual. It is an exciting and new opportunity to expand my knowledge.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Greatly Detailed Pro Wrestling

"The greatest achievement that a black wrestler could have in the '70s, '80s and '90s is not being seen as a black wrestler" is a powerful quote from this article.

Monday, March 21, 2016


This is the gazillionth trailer for B v. S. & it really offers a good glimpse into the movie I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!!!

Missed Bill

Digging the Vocals & Drumming

Greater usability equals to greater productivity!

What is wrong with the title of this post? Let me count the errors...
  1. "Greater" implies a comparison, as in "5 is greater than 4." Where is the comparison?
  2. Eliminating the word "greater" results in this: "usability equals to productivity." That makes no sense.
  3. The use of "greater" can also be dinged because it's a long word (6 letters) and it's used to describe even longer words ("usability" and "productivity"). Not a lot of variation between the two halves.
  4. As I alluded to, "A [equals to] B" is a construction that doesn't read well. The "to" is unnecessary.
The disturbing aspect of this sentence is that it is from an email from Adobe, a reputable software company, touting its new version of RoboHelp.

Stairway Is Awesome

Some of the comments about the above video:

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Missed That 5FDP is Coming to Burlington

Drop drip drop drip

Some Drummer Wanted Ads

From Des Moines Craigslist:

Hard Hitting, Pro Drummer - Needed for alternative rock band. Must be available for weekend gigs, but more importantly, able to learn the parts. Your job as a drummer is to have fun! All band expenses are paid for, including the practice studio.

If you feel you're the man or woman for the job, text your age, years played, video links you have, including any bands you've been in. If you're a pro drummer but don't have any video, just send the best phone video you can so we get a feel for your playing.

From Chicagoland Craigslist:

we need a good, powerful cool groove drummer

this is the kind of drummer we need/want: cool, time keeper, who can powerfully groove some jams. If you would picture: Peter Hook on bass (joy division/new order), Keith Richards /Tony Iomi on guitar , and morrissey -Ashcroft (w cooper/maynard abilities) on vocal... thus- we need power behind us. here are some tunes, but there are 3 albums posted. *we rehearse in Shelby, Mi - (DETROIT MI- our bassist relocated from philly, so thought we'd take a shot). thank you.

Liar and Insane

Retirement of Sting

As I've babbled previously on this blog, I've had a deep appreciation for Sting, the professional wrestler. Aside from his wrestling work, he has talked at great length about his Christian faith and about how he has always tried to follow the path of Christ and to be a good person. I respect him. The news came out the other day that, due to a neck injury, he is going to retire from professional wrestling & that it will be announced that when he is inducted at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony on the Saturday night prior to Wrestlemania 32, he will announce his retirement officially.

It's really too bad. As this article highlights, Sting didn't go to WWE when WWE purchased WCW. Instead, he went to TNA and helped that fledgling company thrive. After finally arriving in WWE, the "dream match" everyone on professional wrestling websites wanted was Sting v. The Undertaker. When the Undertaker's match for Wrestlemania 32 was announced to be against Shane McMahon, I wondered if something was wrong with Sting. Seriously, the thought went through my mind that instead of Shane v. The Undertaker, if the original plan had actually been to have Sting v. The Undertaker but (for some reason) it couldn't happen.

Now I know why it isn't going to happen. I actually had envisioned Shane "calling in a favor" to Sting, as part of the buildup to WM 32, to have Sting act as Shane's proxy and take Shane's place. After all, the storyline goes that Vince McMahon has The Undertaker stepping in for him, to be (as Shane said on last Monday's episode of Raw) Vince's "bitch" so it would make sense that Shane would summon Sting to help him.

See that's why I should really be a WWE writer - I get the whole storylines of what WWE is trying to do and that storyline would have made a lot of sense. Certainly, I do not get excited about Shane McMahon fighting the Undertaker. It reeks of a desperate ploy to bring Shane back onto WWE programming. I know Shane isn't going to win. It's a given. Vince McMahon will watch his son get pummeled and beaten. The only way this swerves out of the ballpark is if the Undertaker turns on Vince and "lays down" for Shane so that Shane wins. That seems unlikely because Shane and the Undertaker battled (briefly) on Monday's episode of Raw in order to build up Shane as a "fighter" who won't back down.

The way I see it, Shane McMahon is (roughly) my age and has no business being in the match he is in. None. That's why I expected Sting (getting back to the original topic) to be Shane's proxy and give fans like me a match I would have paid to see.

Two Awesome Finishes

Not For Me

Now that I have been hired and start my new job in 9 days, it seems ironic that Crystal Group in Hiawatha posted this ad - I added the bold/italic below to raise an awareness that it's unclear whether they need a technical writer for their manuals or an editor in their Human Resources department to avoid informaiton & dertermine. In either case, I'm not throwing my name in the ring for this job because my 2016 job search is OVER!!!

Technical Writer March 2016

Crystal Group Inc - Hiawatha, IA
Examines, understands and describes in writing the construction and mechanical components of each computer server. Lists instructions, describes how we maintain service, change memory and processors.

Works closely with engineering and manufacturing employees to obtain informaiton for technical manuals.

Diagnose mechanical aspects of the server and dertermine how to perform maintenance by checking blueprints, other repair manuals and parts catalogs.

*Associates in related field in Engineering or Manufacturing with ten or more years experience.

*Must have technical writing experience related to Air Force manuals related to general systems, job guides, illustrated parts, and backshop book.

*Must be able inspect small parts, disassemble/assemble computer and carry computer servers within department areas.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Visio preferred.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Who Thinks of S--- Like This

The Hype Continues for B v S & CA:CW & SS

Two Drummer Wanted Ads

From the Iowa City Craigslist Musician's page: (I responded and hope something materializes...)

I need a drummer!

I am a guitar player/harmonica player/singer/ other instrument player. I have been doing open mic night sets in IC and have a gig or two lined up going out into the summer and could really use a chill drummer for some acoustic/ quieter electric sets. I have probably about an hour or two of material ready currently. Let me know if you would be interested, I'm open to ideas, songs, whatever. I NEED A DRUMMER!!!!!

From the Chicago Craigslist Musician's page: (typos and questionable words retained...)

Non-homeless ('cause I'm married) , semi non-broke drummer for sale (Northwest Indiana)

He is a 40 something percussionist with a lot of experience.... some of it even in playing the drums. He is (semi) free to a good home under these conditions:

You must be willing to play with him.... nobody is a perfect fit the first go round, but after 3 or so practices, he will have found your groove nicely
You must be playing a style he is looking to play.... be it blues rock, grunge, alt rock.... picture XRT or Q 101 circa 1980-2000 (though he can/will play the classics and newer stuff)
He has pro gear, and no issues traveling to practice (preferably in the NWI area)
He is bathed twice a week, feed once a day.... on poptarts and coffee.
He knows he's the "World's OKest drummer", and is just looking to play out and earn a bit of pocket money... not tour the world.
He is very special (but not "special")

Really, if you've read THIS far, heres the run down. He's a decent drummer, likes a wide variety of music, and is looking for like minded musicians... he would like to play out on occasion, and have some connections to get in to some places.... just need a band, or like minded musicians to join up with. (And so I can get him oitta the house now and then)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

John Hill, You Rock

On this page, go down to the comments until you find the one from John W. Hill in Charleston, West Virginia. That is where I found this awesome comment:

Slayer continued because they show no mercy. Even though Jeff is currently haunting the chapel (after which, hell awaits), Slayer will still reign in blood. Sure they'll all end up south of heaven one day, and yes, they spent some seasons in the abyss after Jeff's death and Dave's effective firing, but then divine intervention came with the arrival of Gary and Paul. The new album has undisputed attitude, an evil slice of diabolus in musica, and even though Jeff's death proves that god hates us all, Slayer will continue to fight the Christ illusion that has the whole world painted blood. They will forever be repentless.

Yeah! Outnerd that, RiotAct666!!

(p.s. But it was really because of money)

Blood Will Follow Blood!

When I woke up, humming Metallica's "Damage, Inc" today, I immediately knew I was going to embed a Youtube video of the tune and a video of a drum cover.

30 Hours

This site told me that I've lost 30 hours of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time, which began today.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Point Missed

Let me be blunt. Using Microsoft Word for as many years as I have, I approach articles like this one differently than other less experienced Microsoft Word users. I fully embrace my geeky tendency to mount a soapbox when discussing Microsoft Word. The word "rubbish" comes to mind when I think about how the author of the article implies that manually formatting a table in order to achieve the layout you want is the correct way to go.

It's not.


Here's where the author gets off-track:

NOTE: If you know that you are going to need to expand the margins the same way in other cells of the main table as well, you can select multiple cells in the table.

What could the author have instructed the reader to do instead?

Use a style. Styles STyles STYles STYLes STYLEs STYLES!!!

That is the foundation upon which any Microsoft Word document that is going to be used by a professional - and by that I don't mean to imply "professional technical writer" or "professional writer" in any capacity. I mean professional as in you are being paid to do the work. If you're doing work in Microsoft Word and you're not being paid, you have no obligation to use styles. Use Normal style and manually format it - I really don't care. My position is simple: if you're being paid and you're using Microsoft Word for the output you are being paid to create, use styles. It's very simple. There are so many ways to define a style and then apply it within Microsoft Word - it simply takes some forethought and planning.

Friday, March 11, 2016

And Back to Politics & Other Interesting Tidbits

Donald Trump said 'we need a good deal' regarding Cuba. Marco Rubio had a most excellent answer:

Meanwhile, in CA, a burglar breaks into a house and is shot. The shooter is sued - based upon the premise that the burglar was drunk and thought he was going into his friend's house - so the shooter now has $85,000 in legal bills!

On MSNBC, there's at least these 6 anti-Republican articles to be analyzed and, to be clear, I think the Repubs make a lot of mistakes. That's why these political posts are tagged with "Republican Tendencies" and not something like "Republicans Can Do No Wrong Ever Because They Embody Perfect Politics" - just saying...


I Agree With Lars - Finish the New Record

You are Playing with my Words

I love that line ...

Not Going to Happen

Hillary Clinton was asked about what would happen if she was indicted for the email scandal. Her reply was, "It's not going to happen." When I heard about that, I though, "Wow, she's confident." Now that I have read this article about what the United States Attorney General has said, that the DOJ is not required to charge Clinton, I now know the reason behind her confident statement. Read this & you will too!

And speaking of Hillary, I really hope that when Bill Clinton said this, he mentioned to her that he was going to say something like it - otherwise, he may be calling Monica L up for a rendezvous!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shut up with the Hate

This article is shit. Seriously, the only song he likes on Death Magnetic is "The Day that Never Comes"? It's certainly not a bad tune:

As I've wrote previously, my three favorite tunes on Death Magnetic are:
My Apocalypse

The Judas Kiss

All Nightmare Long?

Thinking that "The Day That Never Comes" is the only "good" song gives this guy no credibility whatsoever, regardless of whatever band he sings in.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stop the Presses

It's over.

My job search is over.

Yesterday, I accepted a new technical writer position!!!

THANK GOD, my job search is over.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NeverTrump = GuaranteedTrump

The outlook for Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee is described in this article.

After reading the article, here's what I wish. I wish that Marco Rubio sticks with the race. I think he is the better choice for the Republican nominee. I think he has the best message and has the ability to make me believe what he is saying is what he believes. I would choose Rubio over Cruz. That said, I would rather have Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio over Donald Trump.

As for Donald Trump, a few interesting articles: 

Top 5 Batman Moments & Best Actors

Monday, March 7, 2016

RoboCopy, Powershell, and good ol' DOS really rock my world. In a quest to condense files in multiple folders into a single folder with a command, I found this article. Now a DOS window is happily processing a command similar to this one:
robocopy C:\ C:\OutputFolder *.pdf /S /R:1 /W:1 /NDL /XJD /XD OutputFolder /L

Sunday, March 6, 2016

What I Missed Last Night

Maybe, Possibly, Tomorrow, These 40 Days of Hell will Yield a Fruitful Harvest

I was laid off 40 days ago and now, I'm simply trying to not think about tomorrow. You see, I had a second interview for a Senior Technical Writer position on Tuesday, February 23rd. Cautiously, I think I did awesome. I have been trying to not believe my own hype and not get myself worked up and play mind games about what could happen. Tomorrow, I could possibly know if I will be joining that company.

To understand the gravity of what I may know tomorrow, understand what happened to me 40 days ago. While I've purposely not put a lot of the day-to-day struggles of my life since being laid off on this blog, I realize if there was ever a time for transparency, it is now. If you are reading this, I really REALLY need your prayers. I really REALLY need you to tell God that you are praying that this prhmusic dude
  • who was recently laid off
  • who writes a blog
  • who plays drums
  • who collects his thoughts and posts them here to be read by the Internet . . .
On that Tuesday morning (January 26th) morning, I had received an email invitation to a "Performance Review" meeting at 10 AM. Prior to the meeting, I had learned that two other co-workers had received the same invitation. I was sitting in the room with them when another manager walked in and said that he had some bad news. He asked us to come with him down to HR. When I was laid off, my world was crumbled. I felt compelled to stand up from the chair that I had been sitting in. I turned and faced a wall because I didn't want my co-workers to see me cry. Facing the wall didn't prevent tears of disappointment and failure as my 6' 4" body shrunk to microscopic levels, taking along my self-esteem and my self-confidence on the journey.

And, as I pat myself on the back for not being 100%, I'm somewhat happy (in a weird and odd way) that upon hearing this terrible news, I immediately realized it wasn't only my career path going off the tracks. As my brain processed the words from his mouth, I thought about my family.
  1. How would I pay the next mortgage payment for the house Karen and I live in?
  2. Would I have a job in time to be able to pay Megan's UNI fall tuition?
  3. What about the funds we had planned to send with Alex when he goes to Europe this summer?
It's now 40 days later - I don't have any concrete answers for those questions. C'mon tomorrow! Prhmusic needs a new job!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Foreshadowing the Orange Jumpsuit

Not the Right Job

I had a second interview for a job I really REALLY want last Tuesday. As I await what I am praying is good news about that job, I continue to receive job alerts from, though I question how helpful the email I received this AM is in finding a new job.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WWE in CR on March 5

Featured Superstars

  1. Dean Ambrose
    1. Would be awesome to see in-person!
  2. Kevin Owens
    1. Would be awesome to see in-person!
  3. Alberto Del Rio
  4. Kalisto
  5. AJ Styles
    1. Would be awesome to see in-person!
  6. Sheamus
  7. Becky Lynch
  8. Charlotte
    1. Probably means Ric Flair is with her....
  9. Jey Uso / Jimmy Uso
  10. D-Von Dudley / Bubba Ray Dudley
  11. Xavier Woods / Big E / Kofi Kingston - known as "The New Day"

If There's a DT / KKK Connection, Don't Ignore the HC / KKK Connection, which leads to

Remember the THC?

5/26 - TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION @ WOOLY'S -  504 E LOCUST AVE - $14 ADV/$16 DOS - DOS: 6:30/SH: 7:30
*On Tour with Sons of Texas
*New Album: Dark Side of Blackout April 22nd via Carved Records - recorded at Boot Hill Studio in Corinth, TX and Valve Studios in Dallas, TX with producer Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Hellyeah, Damageplan).
*TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION are the purveyors of their own patented Red Dirt Metal sound: designing their own line in life and in music. For them, there is no other way. TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION are committed to crafting a unique, original and thoroughly raucous brand of music that's born of both life experience and a respect for rock 'n' roll's forefathers. What exactly is Red Dirt Metal? Take outlaw country, toss in a dash of Southern-fried classic rock and mix it with some potent Texas power grooves and you've got a combustible sonic cocktail on your hands.
*TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION's 2014 release Ride Onhit #8 on the iTunes Rock Album chart, #5 on the Billboard Hard Music Chart, and #4 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. 2012's Peacemaker spent 30+ weeks on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and 17+ weeks on the Hard Music Chart. Dark Side of Black aims to smash those records and bring on a whole new chapter of THC.

People Need to Step Up

Recently, I have linked to some articles about Donald Trump. The man is amazing. No, his policies are not amazing but he is amazing. When he entered the race, I really didn't think he would actually walk into the Republican convention and be the nominee. If that happens, and, if you believe a specific poll that declared this, he will lose to Hillary Clinton.

Or Bernie Sanders.

I read a blurb that said even though Sanders didn't do well yesterday - Super Tuesday - he is going to stay in the race in case Clinton goes to jail. That's precisely what I thought O'Malley should've done. Quite frankly, the debate concerning Trump's campaign rages on and no one knows if he can or cannot be stopped. Look at the Fox News Opinion Page newsletter top two headlines below.

There's no consensus, which has been the problem with this entire election cycle. The Republican party had no consensus as to what they represent and what message they wanted to project. "We have to be a better choice than Obama" is not a campaign strategy. Republicans need to start acting as if the game is in overtime and pull out some heroic measures or else, in  my opinion, we will see President Clinton.

No Title

The Iowa men's basketball team was defeated by Indiana at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Senior Night. Anthony Clemmons, Jared Uthoff, Adam Woodbury, and Mike Gessell played their last game in Iowa City. They travel to Ann Arbor, MI, to play the Wolverines. I can't speak to what happened to the team that caused their slide. Losing 5 of their last 6 games can't be easy for the players or coaches. Of course fans on social media were seething, calling for coach to resign, for the seniors to be benched and replaced by the underclassmen, and other nonsense. I get the disappointment - of course I'm disappointed - but I also saw a spark in the players. They were down by double digits and came roaring back. They put the ball in the hands of Clemmons who had just made a 3 point shot and ran a play to get him open. It looked good, but fell short. Woodbury grabbed the ball & called time-out with 2.1 seconds. They inbounded the ball, got it to Peter Jok who had what looked to be a great looking shot - making it would have tied the score and sent the game to overtime - but it just didn't go in.

Know what? That happens in basketball. The ball either goes in or doesn't. If I were one of the players and coaches, I don't think I would encourage a cone of shame or anything drastic. As I said, they go to Ann Arbor, MI, on Saturday. Hopefully, they play loose and without any extra pressure and win the game.The last time they played each other, on 1/17 in Iowa City, the Hawkeyes won 82-71. It's certainly possible for them to win on Saturday and take the win as momentum going into the Big Ten Championship Tournament.

As for the other male basketball team I am interested in, the Iowa City West Trojans defeated Iowa City High in a qualifying game for the Iowa state tournament. They played in Cedar Rapids at the US Cellular Center and play third-seeded Des Moines Hoover (21-2) in an 8:15 PM quarterfinal game on Wednesday, March 9th, at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Nothing like home court advantage for a tournament game.

Make the Ammends

SEBASTIAN BACH Says He Was Urged By ROBERT TRUJILLO To Reconnect With His Former Bandmates In SKID ROW June 20, 2018