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Monday, October 31, 2016

Loved & Simultaneously Hated


I don't think I saw all of the episodes of this VH1 show, but I do remember seeing the first one where the band members meet for the first time.

Lando ... Young



I just used Shazam to discover Daddy-O by Ken Navarro.

No Gene

A graphic history of sex: ‘There is no gene that drives sexuality. All sexuality is learned’

Death of a Genre

How the Rise of Pixar Animation Killed Family-Friendly Horror

Not so Good


Raiders OT Donald Penn catches goal-line TD vs. Bucs, who cut him in 2013 — 'Excellent trolling, Del Rio' (@weezel32)

Bored with the Truth

Timing the Line

Great Show

But She's Going to Be AWESOME!

New Death of the Creeping Variety


Mandate to Force the Right to Vote

I Remember

From Des Moines Register Nov. 1, 1991: The day a university shooting rampage shocked Iowa
Part one:

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Room 309 is empty on a fall afternoon, 25 years after the murders. Chairs ring a long conference table, and sunlight slants across the room. One can peer in and imagine busy professors and post-doctoral researchers settling in for their Friday afternoon space physics theorists group, hauling along coffee and papers.That day, Nov. 1, 1991, Gang Lu came down the narrow hallway of Van Allen Hall, named after professor James Van Allen, who discovered the planet’s radiation belts and brought the space physics department at the University of Iowa a fame that lured the leading scientists in the world. It attracted Lu from China, where he was considered among its finest physics students.

As if the law does not apply to her

Yes, let me say this again, Hillary Clinton may lose and lose to Donald Trump no less.


Perfect Code**

This is Definitely Deep in the SWU

If Only

Stanley Randolph Jamming "What a Girl Wants"

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Loose Hands, Tight Great

CA's Drummer

I like Stanley Randolph so much that I insisted that Jonathan, my nephew that plays drums, stop playing his video game in order to watch a video of Stanley Randolph playing drums on the Christina Aguillarea tune "What a Girl Wants." He may be my new favorite drummer as his drumming skills are top-notch.


There's a lot of talk about Tool putting out a new album - I think they sound great here.

Maybe there could be a co-headlining Metallica / Tool gig at Kinnick Stadium or the UNI-Dome?!?


Brooks Wackerman is a phenom on the drums - he's in Avenged Sevenfold now.

A Lot to Like

This looked funny until...

Adam Sandler's name popped up.

Not a fan of his.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be a Hero

As UNI takes on North Dakota State in the UNI-Dome in a few minutes, I have to ask, "Who will be a hero for the Panthers?"

Not a War Movie Fan but...

I don't like the "great war movie" genre. For example, while I realize movies like "Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan" - the movies that popped into my head after writing "great war movie" - are considered "great movies," war is just not a subject I want to watch in a movie. I'm not unpatriotic; I'm not delusional about what "war" is in the "real world." I just choose to not immerse myself in that specific genre. I'd rather watch a "Lethal Weapon" or a "Die Hard" or a "Indy Jones" or a "Star Wars" or "The Shawshank Redemption" before I watch a movie about war. And if the "war movie" is rated R, there's a less than zero chance I will be willing to go. That all said, I like the trailer for this movie - which is about war - and if I read the reviews and they're not describing gory battlefield scenes, I might consider going to see "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk."

Friday, October 28, 2016

Love SB & RH

Misleading or Spinning

When I saw the headline in my Fox News email, I knew (immediately) that the fine folks at would have a spin on it.

Sure enough, they do: What strikes me about that article is that the first line - "FBI Director James Comey needs to be fired." - wasn't what liberals thought when Comey found no reason to file charges against HRC, but now that this has happened, he's being thrown under the bus.


That article leads to this article which has a clear analysis of the letter sent to Congress by the FBI director.

Gasp! Paying More is not equal to a Bad Thing!

And quit with the grave dancing Democrats.

Meanwhile remember that faith trumps fear...

Get Past Your Past

I get a daily email with a "thought for today" and today's - - is especially relevant to me. It's really ironic, in fact, that I received this specific email today.

Last night, I was rereading my journal from April 2011 through May 2011. April 2011 was a very dark time in my life - I don't like talking about it. I was in a very bad situation in my career and rereading my words from that time in my life, I was reminded of just how that dark time in my life has impacted me in very positive ways. I firmly believe every thing that happens in life happens for a reason. I know, now, that if I had never gone through that dark time, I wouldn't have landed at Pearson and if I wouldn't have landed at Pearson, I wouldn't have landed at my current job. It is hard for me to let go of the past and not doing so has damaged relationships in my life, probably beyond repair. For that aspect of the past, I am so regretful that things went as they did. But as the quote for today points out, I can't change the past so I should not waste the energy trying to do so.

Was it Too Violent?

Lots of controversy online about the Season 7, episode 1, and the brutal deaths of .... and .... including this article and this rant from undertakerfreak1127 (caution, undertakerfreak1127 likes to curse):

Metallica is Touring

This is what Metallica played last night.
I am slightly curious whether or not additional songs find their way into the setlist. The notable tunes that are not included in this setlist but that have seemed to be popular with the band for including are "Fuel," "The Memory Remains," and "Blackened." Also, there is not a single tune from "Death Magnetic," their most recent album. I hope "All Nightmare Long" and / or "Cyanide" finds a way into the setlist. I really would not cry if "Whiskey in the Jar" or "Nothing Else Matters" were banished. I do like that "Moth into Flame" is included! All that said, watching this video gives me goose bumps and makes me not really care what songs they have on their setlist - as long as they play near me, in eastern Iowa.

And that's when I start thinking about how I can't wait to hear these or other tunes live in Kinnick Stadium and / or the UNI-Dome - as if repeating it over and over will make it happen. At football games in both of these stadiums, I have heard "Enter Sandman" over the PA system. Whenever I hear that tune, I say to whomever I'm next to, "I would really love to hear this song live where I'm sitting." If it's in Cedar Falls @ the UNI-Dome, Mark, my brother-in-law, usually just smirks - he's not a Metallica fan.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Glory Days Part II

One year ago today, I wrote Glory Days Part I . How true is it today in 2016?

Learn to Write

Then Kilmeade got into the action by feigning anger because Hillary, a Cubs fan when to an Adele concert instead of dutifully sitting in front of her television set and watch the Cubs v Indians World Series game.

That said, I think this is hilarious:

The only mystery is how far will these three will slide into Donald Trump's undies to support him?

Marinated in the Stimulus

This is a real problem - teenagers not being able to separate their "online" life with "reality" - so I thought it was responsible to share this link. My father-in-law subscribes to Time magazine and when he's done reading them, he gives the issues to me.

The Day for Justice... Plus, Was 90s Metallica Awesome

"Why Metallica's mid-90s identity crisis was awesome/," said I... NEVER!! It wasn't awesome - it was something they had to do as musicians / artists & I'm glad they did, if it means it flushed out all the stuff in their system.

By the way, I woke up feeling bloated and uncomfortable today, I yawn loudly, and I dropped off the yard waste in the back of the Ford F-150 in a mud hole so now my shoes that I bought a couple of weeks ago are all full of mud. Sigh. It's going to be a good day, though! I just have to endure the 'not good' of the day part of it first.

Love these Best Moves Collections

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up. What Does That Really Mean?

It seems like the answer is too obvious, which is "it will take more $ to have the same coverage."

True Trump Trying to the Terrible Truth

"He could make this race for the last two weeks a referendum on Obamacare. But of course he won't do that," said former Ted Cruz strategist Chris Wilson. "It's just a matter of him swatting at flies instead of having a coherent and consistent message."

Touring the World and Some Acoustacallica

I think there is plenty of room for a date in Iowa on the following list of Metallica tour dates in 2016-17 (so far):

Oct 26: San Juan Coliseo, Puerto Rico
Oct 29: Quito Parque Bicentenario, Ecuador
Nov 01: Bogota Hipodromo de los Andes, Colombia
Nov 03: Guatemala City Estadio Cementos Progreso, Guatemala
Nov 05: San Jose Estadio Nacional, Costa Rica
Jan 11: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome, South Korea
Jan 20: Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo, China
Feb 03: Copenhagen Royal Arena, Denmark
Feb 05: Copenhagen Royal Arena, Denmark
Feb 07: Copenhagen Royal Arena, Denmark
Feb 09: Copenhagen Royal Arena, Denmark
Mar 25-26: Sao Paulo Interlagos Racetrack, Brazil
Mar 31,-Apr 01: Buenos Aires Hippodrome San Isidro, Argentina
Apr 01-02: Santiago Parque O’Higgins, Chile

I'm thinking a concert at Kinnick Stadium in late August - right before the 2017 football season begins - would be perfectly awesome!

I saw this as well:

A video posted by Metallica (@metallica) on

From here.

Learning Always

I've been having a devil of a time getting a linked Word document with a link to a PDF in my RoboHelp project to work in my output. I've been in contact with Adobe Tech Support and, after I requested it, I was sent a link to a sample RH project so I could compare what the Support person said worked for them and what I had in my RoboHelp project that didn't work. The project was placed on a FTP site and when I opened up the FTP site, all I saw was a lot of files. I knew there had to be an easier way than downloading each file individually so I fired up Google.

Here's the procedure I used from How to download a folder containing multiple files on an ftp server to a desktop? to avoid tediously downloading each file.
  1. Open an Explorer window. Click on the Start menu, then select My Computer.
  2. Type the ftp url in the the address bar. For example:
  3. If a login is necessary, a dialog box will appear.
  4. A listing of all directories and files of the server will appear.
  5. Copy the files just as you would with a normal folder.
I really enjoy my job on a day like today when I can come in to work and learn something new. I am blessed to be here!

After He's Got outta Dodge

Obamacare woes to linger long after Obama is gone

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Disaster or Not

On one side, you have the declarations that Obamacare is a disaster:

And on the other side, you have this:

Here's two other political articles to wrap your head in.

What I'll Never Own - from the Fort Worth Craigslist site

1970's Ludwig Double Bass Vistalite Clear Drums - $3700 (fort worth)

Here is a beautiful set of Ludwig Vistalite Clear Drums (double bass). This is a 15 piece kit! I've had them for over 30 years. They are well cared for and in super clean shape. They come with factory soft black vinyl type of material bags for the drums (7). Also it has a set of 8 clear octabons that make the kit really big with lots of show and sound. I have new heads (remo whetherking pinstripe) for the octabons but just haven't put on. The symbols are Zildjian and the pedals are Pearls. There are many stands that are Tama. I've always liked the look and strength of those stands.

Super impressive set and I got a lot of attention when I use to play them. If you have any question, then please just give me a call.


Trump Talks about HRC in 2008

I predict snippets of the video on this page will appear in a HRC political ad prior to the election, which is 2 weeks from today.

Wrapped Around My Leg


Question the Explanation

Editor's Note: Somewhere on this page -  - there is a reply to a comment that is a single paragraph that is structured with a lot of sentences that start with "Only HRC [did this]. Only HRC [did that]." That comment is now buried somewhere among 3,484 comments. It's worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. The editor has failed.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Moat Goat

Kris Bryant shoots down any curses connected to Cubs — ‘Who cares? I’ve pet goats. No one believes in that’ (via

"I'm the Victim?" Really?

Too Bad Metallica is Human

Empty Violence

Goodbye for Real

This is a reaction to last night's TWD season 7 premier - I really hope you have seen the episode before you click this link - Goodbye for Real


From the Techwr-L list today:
On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 7:47 AM, Lin Sims wrote:
> Was everyone but me aware that if you create a shared review pdf using
> the Standard version of Acrobat that the reviewers must ALSO have the
> full Acrobat? I seem to have missed that little tidbit, and my users
> have been very frustrated when trying to use a shared review when all

Robert Lauriston replied:
Yes. Adobe does its customers a disservice by not mentioning that in every relevant help topic.

Potential Metallica Opening Acts

Costa Rica
COLEMESIS (Facebook | YouTube)
Costa Rica
HERESY (Facebook | YouTube)
Costa Rica
HÖWLER (Facebook | YouTube)
Costa Rica
PNEUMA (Facebook | YouTube)
Costa Rica
SIGHT OF EMPTINESS (Facebook | YouTube)
Guatemala City
EXTINCION (Facebook | YouTube)
Guatemala City
HUMUS FUGA (Facebook | YouTube)
Guatemala City
METAL REQUIEM (Facebook | YouTube)
Guatemala City
MISS LILITH (Facebook | YouTube)
Guatemala City
ORICALKOS (Facebook | YouTube)
San Juan
A MILLION SOULS (Facebook | YouTube
San Juan
FULLMINATOR (Facebook | YouTube)
San Juan
MACHETE (Facebook | YouTube)
San Juan
San Juan
ZAFAKON (Facebook | YouTube)

Catholic Team-Up: Fighting Porn Addiction in the Military

What an eye-catching headline! Read the article here.

Too Cautious

I fear I've been too cautious about not emptying my EHD's Recycle Bin:

Predictions from 1020 about 1024

If you didn't see last night's episode, look away. If you did see it, the following list was published on Thursday, 10/20/2016.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

One of these Videos is WRONG

It was 53 days ago, on 8/31/2016, when I created this post and scheduled it to be posted at 10:10 PM on 10/23/2016. The Season 7 season premier of "The Walking Dead" will have just ended and (hopefully) it will be known which of the following videos is incorrect. The first one talks about how Negan does NOT kill Glenn & the second one talks about how Negan DOES kill Glenn.

It seemed like this day would never arrive 53 days ago - Glad it's here...


Pantera Still Rocks My World

World Series

‘Next year is this year’ — SI’s Tom Verducci explains how the Cubs finally have the right ingredients to win it all

Did you know

Did You Know? The iconic arcade game “Pac-Man” was released as “Puck Man” in Japan due to the titular character’s hockey puck-like shape–but when released in English speaking countries, it was changed to Pac-Man so that the arcade cabinets couldn’t be easily vandalized into displaying something obscene.



Oh NO!!!!

Iowa City West football draws dominant Bettendorf in first round of district playoffs

Saturday, October 22, 2016

WS set

Cubs fans emotionally sing 'Go Cubs Go' — Video from inside Wrigley in Team Stream

Baffling is Right

Kirk Ferentz Has Baffling Answer About Decision To Kick FG Down 14-6

Recommended by AW

Roast the Grimes

Gasp! Trump is a Dude!

There was a video here, but it was removed. Sorry.

The Hammer

Hades in a Box

Hell-ish moments in Hell in a Cell: WWE Top 10, Oct. 22, 2016

So What?!? Jericho is Awesome

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins Feud Is Being Overshadowed by Chris Jericho | Bleacher Report

Great Pass

Louisville's Lamar Jackson rifles career-long 74-yd TD pass to give Cardinals 17-0 lead vs NC State — Vid in Team Stream

Exposed Hypocrisy

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Friday, October 21, 2016

Opinion is Not Equal to News


What am I Missing?

I did "click an update name" and I didn't "learn more" when I did.

How to use cmd to find WiFi password?

This is not exactly a "DOS Batch File" but the command prompt is DOS.

Open command prompt in Admin mode, by right clicking on command line icon and clicking run as Administrator.
Once in the prompt type in the following, put in the SSID of your network instead of networkname.
netsh wlan show profile name=networkname key=clear
You should see the password under Key content in the Security settings section

Totally sweet to know this information!

Possible Band?!?

There was a Craigslist ad from a guitarist looking for a drummer. These are the songs the guitarist wants to play.

I admit it’s not the type of music I normally listen to – Bayside is currently on top of the list I regularly listen to - – and Metallica - - is not far behind. Still, I'm intrigued.

Who Made It?

Reinforcing the Change in Philosophy

While the purpose of this post is to encourage customers to purchase their services, this article - Using Product Documentation as PDFs? Say Goodbye to Your Customers! - has some merit. When we were thinking about the documentation for PearsonAccess Next, we ultimately chose to use Confluence instead of the author in Word / distribute PDFs like we had done for PearsonAccess. Perhaps no other decision in my career as a technical writer had the greatest impact on my technical writing philosophy. The ability to implement reusable content was instrumental in being hired where I work now and, just yesterday during my ITIL class, the instructor stated that there needed to be a single place for documentation and not to copy and paste as it introduces significant overheard.

Three cheers for content reuse!

Another Perspective

I wrote about the "abortion exchange" between Trump and HRC and Bill O'Reilly wrote about it in this column.

Lamb of God?!?

I can actually imagine this song getting radio airplay on Rock 108.

Editor's Note: this is an explanation of "The Duke":

Tallica News & a Bassist Joke

* Editor's Note: while this comment adds nothing of value, the user name "OriginOfFeces" is brilliant and had to be captured.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Four Minutes

More Crap


So Much for the Relocation Option

Iowa approves $89.9M 'revitalization' of Kinnick Stadium's entire north end zone


Documenting the Questions

This is a selfish post - its purpose is solely to remind my future self what I asked Adobe regarding linking to Word documents from RoboHelp.
I am using RoboHelp 2015.

I have questions about this help topic - – and this related blog post - - in relation to linking to Word documents.
  1. I am going to be linking to 16 Word documents on a network drive. What I wanted to do was set up two separate folder structures – one called Sections (for the general information) and one called Systems (for the 16 Word documents). Is setting up folders within the Project Manager a good strategy?
  2. If I drag the Word document to a sub-folder, RoboHelp is still “linking” to the network folder, correct?
  3. I have learned that when I create a folder through RH, it creates the folder in my RH projects directory. The other thing that I’m trying to set up is the ability to drag the “Disaster_Recovery_Documentation” folder (shown below) to my TOC designer to automatically create the TOC based upon the folder structure.
  4. What does the green icon mean that is next to the “Cardiac Monitoring System – Xcelera.docx” file? Where can I see an explanation of icons like that one in the online Help?
I hope to get some information sooner than later...


Vet & More Waiting

CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

Third and Final D is OVER... Thank Your God

Everyone is flipping out this morning about last night's third and final debate. When asked if he will respect the outcome of the election, Donald Trump said:

“I will look at it at the time,” the Republican nominee said, referring to the election results. When he was further pressed by moderator Chris Wallace to answer the question directly, Trump said, “I will keep you in suspense.”

which you can see here. When I researched what he said through, I found 278,000,000 results for "trump not accept presidency":

Well, first of all, that's a dumb question and why it was asked in the first place should be questioned. As I heard it, I wondered if it was just a set up for Trump to say something controversial and, sure enough, it was. What I think people are missing is that Trump was his usual evasive self, not wanting to be pinned down to an answer because, frankly, every time he states something, it is eventually used against him. From that perspective, okay, don't give a definitive answer to a dumb question.

Below is a list of links about the stupid question and the rationale behind everyone freaking out today.

Of course, the problem is that this election is rigged as it turns out the videos I embedded yesterday are apparently legit and ties the HRC campaign to starting riots and planting people at Trump rallies. Trump did get a perfect volley from HRC when she bemoaned how Trump rallies had violence and he responded with - paraphrased - 'it's great that she's talking about how bad it was when she was the one who set up what she's complaining about'. HRC did a good job of setting him up.

Another good point Trump made was when it came to abortion. Trump said that he was pro-life and that 'ripping a baby out of the womb' hours before giving birth is not acceptable. For HRC's part, she actually made a case that women that are considering an abortion shouldn't have the government telling that woman what to do and I found myself nodding. HRC also said brought up the pro-choice argument about only if a woman's life was in danger should late-term abortions be considered. Of course, she then ruined it by talking about how great Planned Parenthood is for providing medical services to women and how states have made it "so hard" for women to get access to the medical services they need. I was almost on HRC's side until she ruined her argument. She mocked Trump for supporting shutting down the US government because of how the US government gives $ to PP. I think it's an extreme measure, but I would love to see the Democrats explain why they will stage a sit in and protest gun violence but not support saving the lives of babies in the womb. I just don't get it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why He Won't

Innocent? I guess so...

Jury clears NBA's Derrick Rose in rape lawsuit.

A Fable about Change Management

Once upon a time, there was a system called "Assessment Management System." There were many (many) Change Management activities that governed the packaging and release of this system. For example, there was a weekly meeting where proposed changes to the system - which were entered into a system called Rally - had to be approved by the manager of that development team. Within Rally, there was a field in the "story" details for us (the tech writers) to mark whether the change impacted the user interface, the documentation, or was N/A. We ran queries over the Rally database to get a list of stories we needed to review for doc changes. We used that list of stories to determine our workload. The reviewing of the stories packaged with a release was time-consuming, but it allowed us to “own” whether or not there was a change needed to the doc. We thought of the doc, in this way, as “source code” and as the product owners of the documentation. Some dev teams had bought into our value as TWers and would mark that field in Rally as a way to flag it for us. There was a field for designating what release the change was to be included in. It was a sweet CM process.

However, all good things end.

It was decided to rewrite the system using a new tech platform. The new system was to be called "Assessment Management System Next" and was to be developed by an entirely  different team of developers. These developers were never involved in the original Change Management activities for "Assessment Management System" and, because of that, they only heard about the meetings and the bureaucracy. Thus, this new dev team ditched all of those CM activities. They didn’t replace them with a different approach – they were simply not going to be done.

Thus, there were no longer any meetings to review what changes were going to be made. Only the Dev Team Manager (who hated writing things down lest he be questioned what he meant by his description) knew what changes were going to be made to the system and when they’d be released. At first, some of the Dev team members were using Rally, but there was no requirement – from anyone – to use the "release" field. Looking at a Rally story, there was no way to know if the change was going out tomorrow, next week, or if it had already been released! There was no way to know which changes to the system were being bundled into a release.

In response to all of this, our manager decided that we would no longer "dumpster dive" in Rally and review stories for potential doc changes. The Dev team(s) were told they needed to create Release Notes and to give those Release Notes to us and then we would write the doc changes based upon those Release Notes. If the Dev team(s) didn't include a change to the system - like adding a new menu option - our manager told us we did not need to be worried about it. Explicitly, we were told do not investigate any change in the UI that we might have seen in the Test environment of the system. If it’s not on the list, it’s not relevant.

No, I didn’t like this change. However, my questioning of the “new way” of doing our work was seen as “not adaptable to change.” After a while, I accepted the new way of doing our work. Then a release went out to the customer, with a change in the system, that wasn't in Dev's Release Notes. Customers asked Customer Support about the new functionality, how it impacted the way they did their tasks in the system. Customer Support looked in the online Help and found no information. They went to our manager. She said, "It wasn't in the Release Notes. We don't know what it does." She pushed the issue off on Dev, who had a Dev team member talk to the customer. Essentially, it came back to us as we scrambled to figure out what we needed to know, to meet with the Dev team(s) and to learn how the changes worked, and how it impacted the system. These were all things that had been learned during the "Assessment Management System" CM activities that had been dismissed as "too bureaucratic."

There is no moral or goal of telling this fable - it came to my mind during my ITIL class today.

Make the Ammends

SEBASTIAN BACH Says He Was Urged By ROBERT TRUJILLO To Reconnect With His Former Bandmates In SKID ROW June 20, 2018