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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Uptown Funk (Metal)

Compare the original with the cover. I vote cover.



Because It's Hallow's Eve...

Djent Meets Michael Jackson

Let's Go

Sorry DL... these lyrics absolutely SUCK!!! "Welcome to the carnival / Welcome to the edge of your seat"... REALLY?!? This is the first new song released since 2008 and this is the garbage you make me listen to?!? Couldn't you find a guitar riff that doesn't simply rip off one of your biggest hits - "Pour Some Sugar on Me" - to generate some reason why I would want to listen to the entire new album?!? Yuck....

I Ate Your Candy

Driving with Women

Driving With Women
It's always an adventure when you've got a woman in the passenger seat of your car :)
Posted by Story of This Life on Monday, October 5, 2015

Kids' Names are Getting Worse

Stumbled upon this comedian &


Don Jamison Gig

I went to Penquin's Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids to see Don Jamison, the host of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" perform standup. I met my friend Phil Smith at Jersey's and had a great dinner & conversation with him. It occurred to me that we've been friends for as long as Alex has been alive - 17 years. Anyways, after the show, I had the following pictures taken:

This is one of the parts of the comedy he performed last night. It's not from the show I actually saw, but he talked about Monopoly during his show last night. Caution: there's some adult content in this video....

Friday, October 30, 2015

Murder is Not Murder?

Missed the E

While I was up in Cedar Rapids, the Iowa Men's basketball team began their season in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. They won an exhibition game against a team they were expected to dominate.

Except they didn't dominate.

Look at the box score:

The starters for the team - Uthoff, Woodbury, Clemmons, Gesell, & Jok put in some serious minutes. The game is 40 minutes long & in an exhibition game, all but Woodbury played 1/2 of the game. The remaining players only had three that played more than 10 minutes. Of those three, Feming & Ellingsson were missed five 3 point attempts.

Again, I know this was an exhibition game and there is another exhibition game next week. I hope their next game results show a dominant team.

More Change Needed

This awesome looking double bass Ludwig Vistalite drum set can be mine... if I lived in the Detroit area.... and if I had a spare $2000 in my pocket....
This is the text of the ad:

9.9 out of 10 on this Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Kit. Known for their thunderous bass, stage presence like no other. 2 bass, 2 floor toms, 2 rack toms, snare as well as original hardware for rack toms. Exceptional look and near flawless condition. Antistatic foam lined humes and berg cases included with the sale. Call for more info. I live in the Port Huron area. $2,000.00. No trades

There were other pictures on the Craigslist ad, but this was what I would describe as being the most relevant as it shows the entire set. The other pictures were close up of the shells to demonstrate the lack of cracks as well as a picture of the Humes and Berg cases.

The RDR (Republican Debate Reaction) is not Good

This post is a list of 10 links from my "Townhall Daily" email newsletter. There is nothing pro-Democrat in these articles...

Explaining Tech Writing to a Retired Man

Editor's Note: Before reading the rest of this post, I want to be very clear. I really like my job & I really like the work I do on a daily basis. This post is not meant to be interpreted as bitching / complaining. It is merely reporting the current situation with a dash of my opinion to draw parallels between what I think about what I do on a daily basis & how I think there should be changes to the way I do the work I do on a daily basis.

Last night, I went up to Cedar Rapids to go with Dad to a grieving / faith sharing session at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Saint E's for short). Mom's death in December 2014 is still a difficult thing for Dad to deal with and to come to grips with, especially since he was married to Mom for 50+ years. When I had been up to see him a couple of weeks ago, during our conversation, he mentioned that he had gone the day before. The sessions are each Thursday. I told him that I wouldn't be able to go to the next session (at the time, 10/22 - Alex's birthday), but that I would go with him to the following one, which was last night.

That's why we were in the new fancy-smancy restaurant within the Hy-Vee on Edgewood Road for supper. I had a macaroni & cheese cheeseburger, which was an open face cheeseburger with mac & cheese on top of it. Damn! It was good! The fries left a little to be desired, but that burger was awesome!

Anyways, Dad and I had the opportunity to talk. He asked about work & so I explained to him about how we had started out with these ideas for our Next system:
  1. No procedures
  2. No screen shots
  3. Online only with no PDF (printable version)
Then I went on to explain that the first customer feedback asked us to have:
  1. Procedures
  2. Screen shots
  3. Online & PDF (printable version)
Dad thought it was funny how what we had started out saying we were not going to do became exactly what we were asked to do and what we do now. I also described how I love the idea of reusing content, though I know Dad wouldn't understand that phrase so I talked about how Customer A had a file so then when Customer B came along, Customer A's file was copied and all the references to Customer A were replaced with Customer B. I mentioned how Customer B wanted to have changes so then there were two versions of the same information with minor differences. Then Customer C came along and Customer B's file was copied and changed to reference Customer C. Dad's face showed that he understood the problem.

Then, I said that because we had started out thinking we were only going to be online, the tool we chose worked for that but now, since we had to a PDF, the tool we are using is not the right one. I said it was like starting out using a mallet hammer and then trying to do the same work with a claw hammer. It's not the right tool for what we're trying to do.

There were many other things we talked about as we awaited our food.

Close to the Mark

Here's a fun / interesting statistic. I'm very close to exceeding the most number of posts I've ever posted on this blog in a single month. This is post #68 for October 2015. The graphic below shows the top 10 months.

With this post, October 2015 actually pushes its way ahead of March 2015:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PW Update

Just because I don't spend as much time sitting & analyzing the athletes in the WWE (and other professional wrestling organizations) doesn't mean I am not at least peripherally aware of what is happening. On 10/25, there was the 2015 edition of the WWE's "Hell in a Cell" PPV. I didn't watch it.

I did watch enough bits and pieces of Monday Night Raw to learn that Roman Reigns is the next challenger to current champion Seth Rollins. Yaaawwwnnn. I've seen that match before; I've seen this feud before and all I can wish for is some twist to not make it so booorrriinnngggg because I would much rather see wrestlers that are new to each other - perhaps Kevin Owens feuding with Sheamus & Bad News Barrett to the extent that Owens needs to find a fellow wrestler that he can depend upon to make the save. Not a tag team partner - that's been done before. This would be as loose of an alliance as possible. Perhaps Cesaro, who also has a history with Sheamus & BNB, keeps on getting double teamed. Owens comes out, not to make the save, but to get a piece of the two of them (perhaps he received a beatdown earlier in the night and was "supposedly" taken to the hospital) so he comes running out to get revenge. Cesaro and him team up for a two-person-flipping-a-third wrestler over move - whatever its technical name is - and Cesaro looks surprised that they worked well together. Cesaro can still be aligned with a known Owens enemy - Neville - but perhaps Neville is also taken out and Owens actually breaks his typical "not fighting" routine and gets involved. It doesn't have to be a face turn for Owens; perhaps he becomes a tweener like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I digress.

Bleacher Report doesn't see Owens being used in the way I described above. This article proposes a Dean Ambrose v. Owens feud.

Meanwhile, another article speculates on who is going to be aligned with Undertaker / Kane at the next PPV - Survivor Series - that is in November.

One final interesting professional wrestling note is that Hulk Hogan's WCW contract from 1998 has been posted to the Internet. It's absolutely mind-boggling!

Speaking of the Debate

Editor's Note: I thought this post had been published....

A guide to the third Republican debate:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Don't Need You

No one needs a technical writer. After all, all we do is write. Anyone can write. The argument that you must have a college degree in English to be a technical writer is absolute hogwash. I do, but it's never been something I thought I had to have in order to be employed as a technical writer. I base that idea upon the premise that members of the Techwr-L list work as a technical writer and, per a recent thread, many of them do not have a college degree in English.

After all, the ability to point out what is wrong with this graphic has nothing to do with my English degree. Rather, it has to do with an eye for detail.


When an article complains that the moderator of the next Republican debate - tonight! - is a "hard-core" liberal, it makes me really wonder about the state of our political system. For what it's worth, why is hard-core hyphenated? I never thought of it as a hyphenated word as in "hardcore wrestling" or "hardcore Catholic" or "hardcore athiest" but I digress.

My point is simple. When you filter out all the beliefs that any politician - liberal, conservative, something in the middle of the two or further right or further left - holds precious as a mantra, you are left with a root core fact: all of us are Americans. Like it or not, the primary method for our form of government is to discuss and then plot a course for the issues we face as a country. The primary method of our government is not to whining and fussing and threatening to shut down the government because "that will show the other side" that we are protesting or supporting some "great cause" that is polling well. It's not to whine and fuss and feign disbelief at the direction of our country now that "your side" lost a debate and the plotted course is not one you agree with. Yes, I'm thinking about Obamacare & Planned Parenthood. None of that is productive. All that is doing is taking your ball away from the game and pouting because you were not winning.

I know all about pouting. It's a dangerous slippery slope. Once you are accused of pouting, it's generally difficult to convince the accuser that you are not, in fact, protesting. Often, you are doing what you originally didn't want to do when originally asked. It's a difficult position. You don't want to do what you were asked to do, the person asking makes a fuss that you don't want to do it, so you do it, and then you are accused of pouting as you are doing what you were originally asked to do.

I digress.

I really wish the Republicans had a clear message about their policies and a clearly united idea about how their plan for America is the direction we should all buy into by electing a Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election. Personally, I don't think the Democrats have a clear message about their policies either, but since the Republican debate is tonight, I'm not thinking about them. The problem with the Republican party, as I've whined and fussed about on this blog since July 2015, is that they do not have that unified policy. At one time, there were 20 candidates for president. I wrote that all of them needed to get locked into a room until they could decide who is running and to solemnly promise to not talk negatively about any other Republican candidate. Of course, that didn't happen. Carson / Trump, Bush / Rubio... all sorts of mini-feuds are distracting from a debate about policy.

Tell me how we are going to pay down the national debt. As of just a few seconds ago, each citizen in the United States would have to pay $57,219 to pay their portion. That's a policy decision that I want to know about. If a Democrat has a plan, I'd love to hear it. If a Republican has a plan, I'd love to hear it. Quit distracting from the real issues! The following screen print is from

For what it's worth, this article is cited extensively in the first link of this blog post.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Iowa is Robbed Again

Where are the dates in Iowa?!?!?

New Black Sabbath 2016 North American Tour Dates:

8/17 – Wantagh, N.Y. @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
8/19 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Susquehanna Bank Center
8/21 – Washington, D.C. @ Jiffy Lube Live
8/23 – Holmdel, N.J. @ PNC Bank Arts Center
8/25 – Boston, Mass. @ Xfinity Center
8/27 – Uncasville, Ct. @ Mohegan Sun Arena
8/29 – Toronto, Ontario @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
8/31 – Detroit, Mich. @ DTE Energy Music Theater
9/02 – Indianapolis, Ind. @ Klipsch Music Center
9/04 – Chicago, Ill. @ Hollywood Casina Ampitheatre
9/07 – Dallas, Texas @ Gexa Energy Pavillion
9/09 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Isleta Amphitheater
9/11 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ USANA Amphitheater
9/13 – Portland, Ore. @ Sunlight Supply Arena
9/15 – Oakland, Calif. @ Oracle Arena
9/17 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
9/19 – Hollywood, Calif. @ Hollywood Bowl
9/21 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ AK-Chin Pavillion

Previously Announced Black Sabbath 2016 North American Tour Dates:

1/20 – Omaha, Neb. @ CenturyLink Center
1/22 – Chicago, Ill. @ United Center
1/25 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ Target Center
1/28 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan @ Sasktel Centre
1/30 – Edmonton, Alberta @ Rexall Centre
2/01 – Calgary, Alberta @ Scotiabank Saddledome
2/03 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Rogers Arena
2/06 – Tacoma, Wash. @ Tacoma Dome
2/09 – San Jose, Calif. @ SAP Center
2/11 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Forum
2/13 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Mandalay Bay Events Center
2/15 – Denver, Colo. @ Pepsi Center
2/17 – Kansas City, Mo. @ Sprint Center
2/19 – Detroit, Mich. @ The Palace of Auburn Hills
2/21 – Hamilton, Ontario @ FirstOntario Centre
2/23 – Montreal, Quebec @ Bell Centre
2/25 – New York City, N.Y. @ Madison Square Garden

Read More: Black Sabbath Announce Additional North American Tour Dates

Scurrilous Accusations or Why Can't Shouting be Shouting

The Glory Days

I didn't pay much attention to it, but I just crossed an anniversary that I really don't give a crap about remembering in 2015 or beyond. You see, it was just over 5 years ago, on October 18, 2010, that I began working at a company - not my current employer - as a technical writer. Let there be zero doubt that the absolute darkest period of my career as a technical writer was when I worked at that company. Indirectly, and without naming that company, 10/18/2010 - 4/13/2011 (177 days or 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 days) was not fun. If you put the puzzle pieces that I've scattered throughout this blog, you may be able to figure out the company, but it probably isn't worth the effort to figure it out.

Anyways, the reason for even mentioning this anniversary is that prior to working at that company, I worked at a company for a dozen years that used RoboHelp. Ah, the glory days. I went from having zero experience with that software on 10/1/1998 to being an expert with that software on 10/1/2010. I learned so much about its inner workings, how to manipulate files 'under the covers' that no one had previously documented or asked about. I even became a RoboHelp MVP because of the way I helped people through various RoboHelp forums. The kind of odd thing about that award and receiving a certificate from the CEO at a staff meeting at that company is that most of the time I spent helping other RoboHelp users was when I was at work. 'What would I have completed had I spent 100% of my time at work doing the work I was being paid for' is a question I cannot answer.

The only reason RoboHelp even came up is I received an email about an upcoming training session about content reuse. As of this moment, my current employer has zero chance of ever using RoboHelp to deliver our documentation. We are using Confluence and delivering our documentation as, essentially, a website that looks a lot like RoboHelp's WebHelp output. There is a TOC on the left side of the page and search functionality. We haven't implemented an index, but are starting to implement labels. We are writing 'system documentation' and, because of that direction, we are not writing customized documentation for each customer's instance of our software. Except when we are writing customized documentation for one of our systems. We told one customer that we weren't creating customized documentation and then, since this was a special situation, we went ahead and made a copy of the existing documentation and made the copy customized to the customer, including the names of buttons and tabs.

Just as a history lesson and because it's relevant, the majority of my daily work is writing for the "Next" version of a system. There is a "Current" version and a "Next" version. The customers that are using the "Current" version have traditionally received a customized user guide, delivered as a PDF. While the user guide for Customer A & Customer B may have the exact same system functionality, each customer user guide often differs in the editorial and content arenas. For example, one customer insisted on writing "Click the <ButtonName> button" whereas the Microsoft style guide, which we are using, says to write "Click <ButtonName>." That's the simplest example, but it is an indication as to why each customer's user guide is unique from the next. Another example is that two customers didn't want their customer support information available to any other customer. Thus, there are three versions: one is a 'base' version, one is a Customer A version where their customer support information is included, and one is a Customer B version where their customer support information is included. The rest of the document is identical. The net result of creating and maintaining documentation like this is that the work is doubled, often tripled, if there is a change to the content in one of the sections that is within the Customer A user guide and within the Customer B user guide.

That is why, for the "Next" version of the system, our direction has been to create "system documentation." To me, saying the phrase "system documentation" indicates that the user assistance is dedicated to "the system" and describing the tasks that any user in the system, regardless of permissions, job duties, or anything, can do. This has been a challenge to both write and, in some cases, convince co-workers of this approach's merits. Think from the perspective of a user of Microsoft Word. There is no 'customized documentation' for that product. For example, if you purchase Microsoft Word and someone, perhaps a system administrator (but it doesn't have to be someone who would list "system administrator" as their job title) has set up your installation to not allow you to change styles, you can still read about how to change styles. You can learn about how to do it, but, perhaps, there's a check box or a button that is disabled (you can't select or click it) so that means you can't actually do that task. At its most basic definition, that is what "system documentation" means.

I'm ecstatic that we use Confluence and (thus far) are not doing any customized documentation.

Except for that previously cited system.

Other than that, no, we are not.

Except that there's another system where my co-workers believe that users that are set up with a specific "role" (for example, Neanderthal) should not be able to see the documentation for tasks that another specific "role" (for example, Medical Doctor) can do. They want the Neanderthal to only see Neanderthal tasks. If the Medical Doctor is set up as a role that can do all Neanderthal tasks, plus other tasks, that is the set of tasks the user with the Medical Doctor role should be able to do. And, to make things even more complicated, if there is a third level of tasks that neither the Neanderthal nor the Medical Doctor can do, such as a role called "Medical Doctor Supervisor", then the Medical Doctor shouldn't be able to read about those tasks.

But we are not doing any customized documentation. That's good. Check back in a year.

The Media

It seems like each time Bill O'Reilly opens his mouth, I smile. Here's the latest reason for my smile.

Who Will Care for the Uncared

When I am weary and tired, I wonder if it's worth the fight. Then I read articles like this one and realize that life is precious - all life.

In the above article, there was this comment:

Also in a similar vein, I bet they have "baby showers" when according to them there is no baby. Example:

Great question. If there is not a life growing inside of a pregnant woman, why have a 'baby shower' to celebrate the upcoming birth? Why not call it a "fetus that is breathing, but we won't call it a baby yet" shower?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yes! I Care

If you happen to be a "The Walking Dead" fan and didn't see the episode on 10/25/2015, do not click this link.

Paranoid is No Longer The Top

First, the "master" versions of my new favorite song. But, wait... this is not a new song. This was released on Black Sabbath's "Volume IV" waayyy back in September 1972. So, yes, that is true. Why do I consider this a "new favorite" song? Well, we recently purchased a new 2016 Chevy Equinox. It came with Sirius XM and, this AM on the way to work, I heard this song for the very first time that I can recall. So, yeah, it's a "new favorite" song even though it was released 43ish years ago... Because it's live video of Ozzy Osbourne, yes, he uses the F word. You are warned:

Here are two non-master versions.

Editor's Note:

Thought this post was "done" but there is a last moment addition. This cover is being included because:
  • The drummer is playing a Ludwig Vistalite

Nice Rack

Friday, October 23, 2015

Anyone But You

During the current Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns feud in the WWE, Bray Wyatt uttered the phrase "Anyone but you." It has served as a theme for the feud and to at least partially explain why Wyatt has been so anti-Roman Reigns and so dedicated to "destroying" his dominance in the WWE.

That same phrase could apply to most people when they think about our currently elected officials. I've heard more than one person say, "Anyone but [the current official] is who I would vote for."

Even Donald Trump is the question being asked in 2015. This article, from 1999, points out that there was a "Trump for President" sign in a Rage Against the Machine video.


Sorry, I was distracted by the 296 services.

Hillary Clinton testified in front of the Benghazi investigation committee yesterday. Here's some reactions:


When I was out to read this story about Benghazi, I noticed that there was a list of services for sharing the story. How crazy is this list?!?

1.       Twitter
2.       .netShoutout
3.       100zakladok
4.       2 Tag
5.       2linkme
6.       A97abi
7.       Adfty
8.       Adifni
9.       ADV QR
10.   Amazon
11.   Amen Me!
12.   AOL Mail
13.   APSense
14.   Arto
15.   Azadegi
16.   Baang
17.   Baidu
18.   BallTribe
19.   Beat100
20.   BiggerPockets
22.   BizSugar
23.   Bland takkinn
24.   Blinklist
25.   Blogger
26.   Bloggy
27.   Blogkeen
28.   Blogmarks
29.   Blurpalicious
30.   Bobrdobr
31.   BonzoBox
32.   BookmarkingNet
34.   Bookmerken
35.   Box
36.   Brainify
38.   BuddyMarks
39.   Buffer
40.   Buzzzy
41.   Camyoo
42.   Care2
43.   Cherry Share
44.   Chiq
45.   Cirip
46.   CiteULike
47.   ClassicalPlace
48.   CleanPrint
49.   CleanSave
50.   Cndig
52.   Communicate
53.   Copy Link
54.   COSMiQ
55.   CSS Based
57.   Delicious
58.   DigaCultura
59.   Digg
60.   Diggita
61.   Digo
62.   Diigo
63.   DoMelhor
64.   Douban
66.   Dropjack
67.   Dudu
68.   Dzone
69.   EdCast
70.   EFactor
71.   eKudos
73.   Email
74.   Email App
75.   Embarkons
76.   Evernote
77.   extraplay
78.   EzySpot
79.   FabDesign
80.   Fabulously40
81.   Facebook
82.   Fark
83.   Farkinda
84.   Fashiolista
85.   FAVable
86.   Faves
87.   favlog
88.   Favoriten
89.   Favorites
90.   Favoritus
91.   Financial Juice
92.   Flaker
93.   Flipboard
94.   Folkd
95.   Formspring
96.   FreeDictionary
97.   Fresqui
98.   FriendFeed
99.   funP
100.                        fwisp
101.                        Gamekicker
102.                        GG
104.                        GigBasket
105.                        GiveALink
106.                        Gmail
108.                        Good Noows
109.                        Google
110.                        Google+
111.                        GreaterDebater
112.                        Hacker News
113.                        Hatena
114.                        Healthimize
115.                        Hedgehogs
116.                        historious
117.                        Hootsuite
118.                        Hotklix
119.                        HTML Validator
121.                        ihavegot
122.                        Indexor
123.                        Informazione
124.                        Instapaper
125.                        iOrbix
126.                        IRepeater
127.                        iSociety
128.                        iWiW
129.                        Jamespot
130.                        Jappy Ticker
131.                        Jolly
132.                        Jumptags
133.                        Kaboodle
134.                        Kaevur
135.                        Kaixin Repaste
136.                        Ketnooi
137.                        Kik
138.                        Kindle It
139.                        Kledy
140.                        Kommenting
141.                        La tafanera
142.                        Librerio
143.                        LiDAR Online
144.                        Lifestream
145.                        LinkedIn
146.                        Links Gutter
147.                        LinkShares
149.                        LiveJournal
150.                        LockerBlogger
151.                        Logger24
154.                        Markme
155.                        Mashant
156.                        Mashbord
157.                        me2day
158.                        meinVZ
159.                        Mekusharim
160.                        Memonic
162.                        Mendeley
163.                        Menéame
164.                        Messenger
165.                        Mister Wong
166.                        Mixi
168.                        Moikrug
169.                        mRcNEtwORK
170.                        Myspace
171.                        myVidster
172.                        N4G
173.                        Nasza-klasa
174.                        NetLog
175.                        Netvibes
176.                        Netvouz
177.                        NewsMeBack
178.                        NewsTrust
179.                        Newsvine
180.                        Nujij
181.                        Odnoklassniki
182.                        OKNOtizie
183.                        OpenTheDoor
184.                        Outlook
185.                        Oyyla
186.                        Packg
187.                        Pafnet
188.                        PDF Online
189.                        PDFmyURL
190.                        PhoneFavs
191.                        Pinterest
192.                        Planypus
193.                        Plaxo
194.                        Plurk
195.                        Pocket
196.                        Posteezy
197.                        Print
198.                        PrintFriendly
199.                        Pusha
202.                        Quantcast
203.                        Qzone
204.                        Reddit
205.                        Rediff MyPage
206.                        RedKum
207.                        ResearchGate
208.                        Safelinking
211.                        Sekoman
212.                        Select2Gether
213.                        Shaveh
214.                        She Told Me
215.                        Sina Weibo
216.                        Skyrock Blog
217.                        SMI
218.                        SodaHead
219.                        Sonico
220.                        SpinSnap
221.                        Spreadly
222.                        springpad
223.                        Startaid
224.                        Startlap
225.                        StoryFollower
226.                        studiVZ
227.                        Stuffpit
228.                        StumbleUpon
229.                        Stumpedia
230.                        Sulia
231.                        Sunlize
232.                        SUP BRO
233.                        Surfingbird
234.                        Svejo
235.                        Symbaloo
236.                        TaazaShare
237.                        Tagza
238.                        Tapiture
239.                        Taringa!
240.                        The Fancy
241.                        The Web Blend
242.                        Thinkfinity
243.                        ThisNext
244.                        Thrill On
245.                        Throwpile
247.                        TopSiteler
248.                        Transferr
249.                        Translate
250.                        Tuenti
251.                        Tulinq
252.                        Tumblr
253.                        Tvinx
254.                        TwitThis
255.                        Typepad
257.                        Urlaubswerk
258.                        Viadeo
259.                        Viber
260.                        Virb
261.                        VisitezMonSite
262.                        VKontakte
263.                        vKruguDruzei
264.                        VOX Social
265.                        VybraliSME
266.                        Wanelo
267.                        Wayback Machine
268.                        WebMoney
269.                        Webnews
270.                        WebShare
271.                        WerKenntWen
272.                        WhatsApp
273.                        Whois Lookup
274.                        Windows Gadget
275.                        WireFan
276.                        WishMindr
277.                        WordPress
278.                        WowBored
279.                        Write Your Rep
280.                        Wykop
281.                        Xanga
282.                        XING
283.                        Y! Bookmarks
284.                        Y! Mail
285.                        Yammer
286.                        Yardbarker
287.                        Yigg
288.                        Yookos
289.                        Yoolink
290.                        Yorumcuyum
291.                        YouMob
292.                        Yummly
293.                        Yuuby
295.                        ZicZac
296.                        ZingMe

Make the Ammends

SEBASTIAN BACH Says He Was Urged By ROBERT TRUJILLO To Reconnect With His Former Bandmates In SKID ROW June 20, 2018