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Editor's Note: This page is simply meant to collect links to political articles. Prior to Election Day 2016, each of the links on this page could have been a separate post, which would have artificially inflated the total post count on this blog. The following guiding principles have been established for this page:
  • no blind links will be included on this page - I will use the title of the article so the decision can be made whether to click the link or not. If it looks interesting, click it.
  • no dates of publication will be included on this page and, thus, chronological order is not implied. 
  • hover over the link to identify the destination website prior to clicking it
  • there is no attempt whatsoever to have an equal number of "conservative" links and "liberal" links. While I often align myself with Conservative values, there are some issues where the Conservatives have it wrong.

May 2017

Tuesday, 5/2/17 - Wednesday, 5/31/2017

  1. After his first 100 days in office, we should fear Trump more than ever America's political, economic and ideological power is declining, so it's turning to military power to keep its world status
  2. 100 days of Trump, two lonely accomplishments
  3. A Thinking Mom’s Message for Jimmy Kimmel
  4. Why won’t Democrats let antiabortion progressives under their tent?  
  5. Trump signs order aimed at allowing churches to support candidates, engage in political activity
    • The directive, part of a much-anticipated executive order on religious liberties, instructs the Internal Revenue Service to relax enforcement of rules barring tax-exempt churches from participating in politics. But the sweep of the measure — unveiled on a National Day of Prayer — was significantly narrower than a February draft, which among other things included a controversial provision that could have allowed federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees or single mothers on the basis of faith.
  6. An urgent message about the latest GOP health bill
  7. Pre-Existing Conditions – The ABCs
  8. Rachel Maddow Bombshell: Karen Handel Likes Tacos And Margaritas!

  9. The Federal Pro-Life Message
  10. Hillary Clinton Invokes Handmaid's Tale At Planned Parenthood Speech
  11. Sean Spicer Speaks In Tongues Trying To Explain How Trumpcare Covers Preexisting Conditions
  12. Obama Says His Presidential Library Will Be a ‘Hub for the Community’ - this will cost $500,000,000!!!!
  13. Netflix Edits 'Bill Nye' Episode to Remove Segment Saying Chromosomes Determine Gender
  14. OUT OF THE WOODS: Highlights from the Hillary Clinton Comeback Tour - Washington Free Beacon
  15. 'We're gonna pass it': House GOP confident it has votes to replace ObamaCare - House Republicans on Thursday are set to vote on a bill that calls for the repeal and replacement of one of President Trump's favorite targets: ObamaCare.
  16. Stop Trying to Make Hillary Clinton Happen (Again). It’s Not Going to Happen (Ever).
  17. The Reason Congress is Exempting Itself From Obamacare Isn’t What You’re Thinking  
  18. Below are the names of the House Republicans who voted to save Obamacare on Thursday after spending the last 7 years promising us repeal and then voting against it as soon as they got the chance:
    1. Andy Biggs, Arizona
    2. Mike Coffman, Colorado
    3. Barbara Comstock, Virginia
    4. Ryan Costello, Pennsylvania
    5. Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania
    6. Dan Donovan, New York
    7. Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
    8. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington
    9. Will Hurd, Texas
    10. Walter Jones, North Carolina
    11. David Joyce, Ohio
    12. John Katko, New York
    13. Leonard Lance, New Jersey
    14. Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
    15. Thomas Massie, Kentucky
    16. Patrick Meehan, Pennsylvania
    17. Dave Reichert, Washington
    18. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
    19. Chris Smith, New Jersey
    20. Mike Turner, Ohio
  19. Pirro: 'You're A Loser, Hillary, Get Back In The Woods'
  21. I really wish she would have been the candidate for the GOP.
  22. Trump Didn’t Win because of Comey or Russia – He Won because of the Culture War
  24. As Trump Erupts In Crazy, Most Republicans Hold Fast — For Now Party operatives say officeholders may start to bail when their own elections are on the line next year 
  25. Impeachment Is Not Enough 
  26. Victory! Teacher fired for giving student a Bible -- gets job back
  27. Tucker Carlson Launches A Racial Attack On Rep. Maxine Waters
  28. 5 Things: This Week On Fox News, America's Pravda
  29. Trump Threatening To End Daily 'Press Briefings' Is His Weakest Ploy Of All  
  30. Ford to cut North America, Asia salaried workers by 10 percent - source
  31. 2017_05_16_AM_0731

    It's really exhausting trying to keep up with all the political activity. With each new day, there is something BIG happening. I will do my best to keep up because it's an important time in our history.
  32. Case in point: the White House denies that Trump shared intelligence with the Russians, then Trump states it's okay he did:

    1. Trump defends sharing intelligence with Russian officials
    2. Donald Trump Says He Has The Right To Share Info With The Russians Who cares if the information is classified?
      Trump tweets seem to admit he revealed classified information to Russia, contradicting White House staff statements
      In a pair of tweets, President Trump tried to explain away the news that he had shared "code-word" information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador at a White House meeting last week, a disclosure that intelligence officials warned could jeopardize a crucial intelligence source on the Islamic State. "As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining ... to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism."
  33. A congressman said making a man get maternity insurance was ‘crazy.’ A woman’s reply went viral.
  34. Flynn to invoke Fifth Amendment, rebuff Senate panel subpoena
    • That's not good for Trump...
      • FLYNN TO TAKE FIFTH: Ex-national security adviser will refuse to turn over docs under subpoena Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s initial national security adviser, will invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination today, telling the Senate Intelligence Committee he will not comply with a subpoena seeking documents, Fox News has learned. The committee requested the documents as part of its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. A separate investigation into the matter is being overseen by special counsel Robert Mueller, formerly the director of the FBI.
  35. There Has Been No Treason. There Has Been No Coup.
  36. The Border Patrol Murdered Anastasio. Justice Now Depends On Trump.

  37. Discussion for McConnell I Don't Know How We Get to 50 Senate Votes to Pass ACA Repeal article.
    • Sometimes, the comments about an article are more insightful than the actual article. It's interesting how the Republicans have bitched and moaned about ObamaCare for 8 years but now, with the majority in Congress, the leader, McConnell, says, "I don't know how we get to 50 Senate votes to pass the repeal of ObamaCare. It's really shocking to see the GOP not know what to do with their abilities. Reading the comments offers a lot of differing opinions about it.
  38. Trump Had Over 20 Chances To Address The Portland Attack On Twitter Before He Did So Instead, the president tweeted about “fake news,” attacked the media and congratulated Republicans on the congressional win in Montana.
  39. BREAKING: Kushner Wanted Back Channel To Russia And Lied About It
  40. Clinton takes aim at Trump during commencement address at alma mater
    • Hillary Clinton didn’t pull any punches Friday when she took several jabs at President Trump – at one point even comparing him to Former President Richard Nixon - as she delivered the commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College.
  41. Seemed appropriate:
  42. 57 Seconds of calls for Trump's impeachment
  43. Campus Craziness
    • Speaking in Berlin a few days ago on his affinity for open borders, Obama threw out this stunning line:
      • “In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love…than my own child.”

June 2017

I really have not been able to keep up with updating this page. Today is Friday, June 9, 2017. Honestly, this page is not really interesting to me. Perhaps by the next time there is a presidential election it will be. In the meantime, here are 2 links I will leave as they seem like there will be a desire to remind myself about the current political situation in 2018.
  1. James Comey’s public testimony exonerates President Trump of obstruction of justice.
  2. Trump’s lawyer cites a questionable timeline in disputing Comey

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