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CDs to MP3 Documentation

Welcome to what hopefully - crossing fingers - is the documentation for the current and last in my lifetime CD to MP3 conversion. Officially, I began this process on 6/6/2016. Thus, the information in the table below begins with the 20160601 - 20160615 row at the bottom of the table and works up to the most recent. Friday, March 01, 2019

Start Date End Date Number Notes
20171016 20171031 61841 This is the command I ran on 10/16/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a .amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row. As was true for the 20171001-20171015 row, I've been deleting a lot of duplicates. Out of the number in this row, I can say that I have a sub-directory with 297 files that do not have some aspect of their file definition complete. Some files don't have one or more of the following:

  • title
  • Track #
  • Contributing Artist
  • Album
as shown below:
As of this moment, I have 35 more CDs to convert on Spindle #34.
20171020 20171020 64083 Special Update!I finished converting Spindle 33 on Thursday, 10/19/2017, and on Wednesday, 10/18/17, I reached the 500 day milestone.
20171001 20171015 64237 This is the command I ran on 10/16/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a .amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row.
This number is lower as I had intended to counterbalance the number of duplicate files I've been deleting with completing the conversion of Spindle #32 by yesterday, but I have 30 more to go. The next few days are not going to led themselves to a lot of time to work on this project, but I still hope that finishing Spindle #32 will be completed by 11/01/2017. I purchased 125 CDs for $25 through a Craigslist ad. I call that a mighty fine bargain: $.20 a CD, especially if you consider each CD would have had an average price of at least $10. That's $1250 worth of CDs for $25 - it's 98% off the retail price!!

As a follow-up, I had a good time at the Overkill, Crowbar, and Havok concert. The other two bands never showed up. I talked to a guy who played guitar in the prison band - he had just spent 3 years in federal prison. Long story short, he asked me for a ride and I didn't give him one. I feel bad about that and I've been praying for him. I won't go into a lot of what I have been writing about in my private journal, as it's not the right place, on this page, to do so. I will say that there is a lot to be said for saying you want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and actually living that way. In hindsight, if asked again, I would give the guy $20 to get a cab ride home.

We have a busy weekend. We have a wedding in Dubuque on Saturday and on Sunday, we are getting up early and driving to Cedar Falls for Alex's 19th birthday. It is also the start of The Walking Dead Season 8! 
20170916 20170930 67958 This is the command I ran on 9/27/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a .amr /s musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row.

Due to completing the conversion of the CDs on Spindle #31 last night, I'm taking a pause from the conversion until Sunday, October 1, 2017. The reality is that I have to pack to go to Elkader tonight because tomorrow night, I am going to Spicolli's in Waterloo to see Overkill, Crowbar, Havok, and two other bands. I am going with my friend Kevin H. and my son Alex. Kevin is off work @ 5 so I'd like to be on the road to Cedar Falls around 5:15. Kevin lives in NE Cedar Rapids and to get to his house, I take the Boyson Road exit, which is undergoing construction. I will seek an alternate route.
20170901 20170915 75056 This is the command I ran on 9/15/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row.

I didn't finish as much as I thought I would. During the past week, we really didn't have anything going on at home. In the back of my head, I thought it would be a good week to hibernate in the den and rip at least a spindle.

That didn't happen. I am barely through 25 CDs on Spindle #31. The number to the left does not include some CDs I ripped because I didn't transfer them from the Windows 10 PC to drive_b, but it does include 2204 files with (2) in the file name.

This project will receive less and less (and less) attention as September winds down and October begins. Today is Friday and we are going to the camper in Elkader today. Next week will be busy with some tasks I've been putting off. I need to stack my drums back in the furnace room because I don't want to have them out and have the basement in its current state of disarray when the kids come  home. I did briefly consider stacking them in the den or even setting them up in the den, but I have given up on that idea.

20170815 20170831 59747 This is the command I ran on 9/5/2017 (due to Labor Day and being in Elkader from 9/1 - 9/4) in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row.

My hope is to finish Spindle #30 by today, September 5, 2017, so that I can say "I finished 30 spindles in 1 year, 3 months (457 days).

I was curious how long I can expect to work on this conversion with 2000 CDs (20 spindles) remaining if it took 457 days to convert 3000 CDs. If I divide 3000 by 457 days, I learn that it took 152 days to convert 1000 CDs (or 10 spindles). Thus, I can extrapolate that in order to convert 2000 CDs, I will need until Friday, July 6, 2018, at that pace. Further, if I hit that date, I will finish this CD to MP3 conversion ~8 months (technically, 7 months, 3 weeks, 4 days so I'm rounding "up" to 8 months) (240 total days) ahead of my goal of being complete on Saturday, March 2, 2019, which is when I will be working on this project for 1000 days.

Hopefully that all makes sense!
20170821 20170821 1153 files in 27_Spindle folder
1135 files in 28_Spindle folder
Special Update! My nephew, Tyler, ripped CDs for me on Saturday, 8/19/2017, while his dad and I made music (okay, noise) in the other part of the basement. He finished Spindle #27 and began Spindle #28, which I then finished on Sunday, 8/20/2017. I will begin spindle #29 when I sit down in the den next! It is going to be a while before I have a weekend to rip CDs so I am ecstatic Tyler worked on this project. 

The jobs to synch u:\, y:\, and z:\ to the new WD 8 TB EHD - which has been christened "E" for future reference - completed over the weekend as well. I was going to start a synch from m:\ to e:\ but when I left for work today, it was storming. I unplugged all EHDs and PCs before I left for work.
20170801 20170814 51843 This is the command I ran on 8/18/2017:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row.

I completed spindle 26 in 3 days! I started it on 8/13/2017 and finished on 8/15/2017!

The other big news is I purchased a WD 8 TB EHD for $190.10 at Best Buy. Right now, I have jobs running on my Windows 10 PC that is copying files from the following drives to it:
My goal is to manipulate the files and eliminate the duplicates and then push back a refreshed copy of the files. For example, I can't tell you how many zillion copies of pictures I have, but there is a lot. The same with Word docs, PDFs, and, yes, MP3s. I want to end up with a single version. Then, my plan is to use the U:\, Y:\, and Z:\ EHDs for backups. I do NOT plan to take the WD 8 TB EHD anywhere - it looks exactly like the "R:\" drive that fell from the desk and is currently keeping the bass drum pedal for the Yamaha set from digging into the wall.

The CD to MP3 conversion is 66 days ahead of schedule. I completed ripping Spindle 25:
20170716 20170728 54932 This is the command I ran on 7/28/2017:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row. I'm updating this page a couple of days early because we are going on vacation. I won't be in front of a PC again until Monday, 8/7.

I completed ripping Spindle #24 this AM. I ripped Phillippe & Opprobrium at 3:49 and 3:51 AM:
Why? Why would I do that? I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP!!!

Anyways, this project is now 48 % - 24 spindles x 100 complete out of 50 total, as shown below:
I look forward to resuming this project the week of 8/7 (our 24th wedding anniversary, though likely not on Monday 8/7 ... because I hope I have other matters to attend to that night!
20170701 20170713 44643 This is the command I ran on 7/13/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row. I'm updating this page a couple of days early because Alex & I leave for the Chicago Open Air concert tomorrow AM. I won't be in front of a PC again until Monday, 7/17, which is when we are coming back to Iowa. Thus, here's the picture of my WMP folders:
20170616 20170630 44023 This is the command I ran on 6/29/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a *.amr /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row. Somehow, I reduced my count 981 files from the 20170615 row. I know I removed some duplicates but, darn! I wanted to continue the trend upward.

I completed Spindle #22 on Wednesday, 6/28/2017 and will likely begin converting Spindle #23 on Wednesday, July 5th. Just for the record, the CD drive on the Toshiba (family) laptop does not rip CDs - don't know why - and my work laptop does not have a CD drive. I am contemplating the purchase of a ~$40 external CD player that I could hook into either laptop with a USB cord.

Starting tomorrow, 6/30, we will spend the weekend in Elkader. We will go to the Garnavillo 4th of July parade and then, likely, return home before any local fireworks begin. Because I do not have the aforementioned external CD player, I am not planning to convert any CDs over the weekend or even on July 4th, due to watching the fireworks.
20170601 20170615 45004 Will I or won't I - that's the question! Today is actually 6/14/2017 and here is the scoop. I have 10 CDs remaining to rip on Spindle #21. Will I be able to finish ripping those 10 CDs tonight?

Update on 6/16/2017
I finished converting Spindle #21 and began ripping the CDs on Spindle #22 - 10 done, 90 to go!   

As for the Metallica concert, it was totally awesome. Alex and I had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. Already, we are looking forward to the Chicago Open Air concert in July, which is 4 weeks from today. My goal is to finish ripping Spindle #22 by July 13th so I can update this page prior to going to that concert.

I am happy to be able to say I have over 45000 files in my music collection. At 20 Spindles, I had 25688 files so an average of 12.844 songs per CD, rounded up to 13. 13 x 2000 = 26000 when I finish ripping Spindle # 40 and 1/2 of 26000 = 13000, which is what I would project I would have for Spindles 41 - 50. Thus, added all together and I get:
25688 + 26000 + 13000 = 64688 files from the 5000 CDs on my 50 x 100 capacity spindles. Add 16175 from my Music_shell\Music folder and my Music_shell\_youtube folder and that pushes my grand total - projected grand total that is - to 80863 tunes when this is all said and done.

Thus, my goal (hee hee) is to obtain 1472 more CDs. Why that number? 100000 - 80863 = 19137 divided by the 13 songs / CD average = 1472.076, which I will round down to 1472.
20170516 20170531 40268 This is the command I ran on 5/26/2017 in the b:\music_shell folder:
dir *.mp3 *.3gp *.wma *.wav *.m4a /s>musiclist.txt
to get the number for this row. I am calling this row early even though I have less than 20 CDs remaining on Spindle #20. I don't believe I will finish that spindle prior to 6/1/2017. In fact, this may be the end of the era where I make weekly and substantial progress on this project. Looking at the calendar, I don't see a lot of weekends where I will be able to convert CDs. Of course, I will try to slip downstairs to the den to keep this project going, but as for the weekends between now and ... WOW! Saturday, November 11th, which is Karen's Women's Weekend Away. Even that is not a sure thing, to be honest, as it's a full 24 weeks away - 0.4615384615384615 of a year! I just looked at the calendar and between the graduation activities this weekend and next, starting our weekly treks to camp in Elkader, I just don't see a lot of opportunities to continue this project at the same pace as I have since beginning it. The project is not going to be forgotten as I'm likely to slip in some time sometime between now and November 11, 2017, to rip CDs.

I admit this project is not what I'm thinking about the most lately. I'm trying to be more engaged in Alex's graduation from high school tomorrow (5/27), the preparation leading up to his graduation party on 6/3, going to Newton, IA on 6/9/17 to see Metallica with Alex on 6/9. I'm really looking forward to Alex's reaction to the concert - to see if he walks out a Metallica fan, like I am. It is only a short 2 weeks from today!! The plan is to  work from 7 -11 AM and then head to Newton. It will be the 5th time I've seen them in concert:
  1. 1989 - Cedar Rapids
  2. 1991 - Cedar Rapids
  3. 1993 - Iowa City
  4. 2003 - Moline, IL
  5. 2017 - Newton, IA

On the weekend after the Metallica concert, we will be in Elkader for Father's Day and, beyond that, it's really too far out into the future to accurately describe.
20170501 20170515 40012 I finished converting Spindle #18 and have begun converting #19. I am hoping - fingers crossed! - to purchase a tower later this week (Wednesday, May 17) so I may be converting more than 1 CD at the same time. Doing the conversion one-at-a-time sucks.

I liked what I did for the 20170401 row with a screenshot of WMP. I am going to do that for the row that includes the 1st - 15th of the month.
20170416 20170430 37248 Why is there is a decrease from the row below?

I eliminated a lot of duplicate files.

I had hoped to be able to report that Spindle #18 is complete, but it is not. I have 48 more CDs to go. The Toshiba laptop has been very unreliable when I insert a CD in the CD drive. Sometimes, Windows Media Player immediately opens the CD and I can simply click "Rip Now" and sometimes... it spins and spins and spins. If I am going to have ANY chance of completing this project within 1000 days (I have 670 days remaining until 3/2/2019), I am going to have to have two PCs ripping CDs at the same time. The 1000 days goal means I need to average 50 CDs / day. Right now, I have 22255 files that have come from spindles and 14993 in non-spindle files.

My goal is to finish Spindle #18 by 5/15/2017. I know we are likely going to Elkader on Friday so that, eliminates 4 out of 14 days (1 day for prep, leaving Friday, returning Sunday) so it will be a challenge to accomplish my goal.
20170401 20170415 42643 What?!? How did I go from 111285 to 42643, a decrease of 68642 files?!?

Relax. Breathe!

What I have done is to create a separate directory to store the "not a music file but related to this project" files. This means that all of the .txt files that I create through my various DOS batch files are no longer included in the music_shell folder, like had been done in the past. The reason for this is I wanted the number on this page to match the files Windows Media Player says I have in my b:\music_shell folder. WMP does not include .txt files. the actual "music" files I have from the "non-music but related to music" files I have, as shown below:

I realize this is going back to the way I used to calculate the number in this table when I would run separate DOS commands to report the number of each file type. I think that's better than over-inflating the number on this page. It's more real.
20170316 20170331 111285 I am weeding out many duplicate files. The next number will be lower than this row.
20170324 20170324 108121 Special update on Friday, March 24, 2017. I ran the following DOS commands last night
md v:\music_shell2
cd y:\music_shell
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(1).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(2).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(3).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(4).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(5).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(6).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(7).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(8).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(9).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(10).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(11).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(12).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(13).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(14).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(15).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(16).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(17).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(18).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
xcopy y:\music_shell\*(19).mp3 /s v:\music_shell2
del y:\music_shell\*(1).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(2).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(3).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(4).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(5).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(6).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(7).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(8).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(9).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(10).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(11).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(12).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(13).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(14).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(15).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(16).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(17).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(18).mp3 /s
del y:\music_shell\*(19).mp3 /s
to copy all the duplicate mp3s from (1) to (19) to the v: drive, which is a 1 TB EHD I might have mentioned somewhere else on this blog - it is a former EHD that I thought was dead, but it is (obviously) not. I ran similar commands for .jpg, .txt, .wav, .3gp, and .wma files. No longer will the numbers on this page reflect duplicate files in my y:\music_shell folder!
20170301 20170315 104164 As a reminder, the number in this row is the result of this DOS command:
dir y:\music_shell\*.* /s

Because of a special situation, this row reflects a snapshot of the y:\music_shell folder on 3/13/2017.

When I ran this command

dir y:\music_shell\*(*).*

there are 3932 File(s) listed.

Then, when I ran this command

dir y:\music_shell\*.*

there are 104164 File(s) listed.

I have less than 50 CDs remaining to be ripped on Spindle #15.

In the near future, I plan to purchase a tower from the Johnson County IT department for under $100 so that I can have a second machine ripping CDs. I also plan to purchase a portable external hard drive that does not rely upon electrical power to replace the y: EHD that I take back & forth with me to work so I can listen to tunes as I write.
20170216 20170228 94286 As a reminder, the number in this row is the result of this DOS command:
dir y:\music_shell\*.* /s
I am 65% complete with Spindle #14. I have set a goal of being done with it by 3/12/2017 because, in my Excel file that has a tab for the CD to MP3 conversion, I should begin converting Spindle #15 on 3/15/2017. I know that I will not have much time to work on it this weekend (Lou & Jean are visiting) so that is why I am giving myself until next weekend.
Special Update: I finished converting Spindle #14 on Sunday, 3/5/2017 @ 9:18 AM so it's on to #15, which will be 100 CDs I own thanks to the purchase I made in late 2016.
20170201 20170215 83002 As a reminder, the number in this row is the result of this DOS command:
dir y:\music_shell\*.* /s

While increasing 42 files may seem awful, it isn't for the following reasons:
  • I ran DOS batch files over the y:\music_shell folder to 'xcopy' *(2).mp3, *(3).mp3, and *(4).mp3 files to a separate directory and then used 'del' commands to delete all of the *(2).mp3, *(3).mp3, and *(4).mp3 files in the folder. There were quite a few duplicates. In the same vein, I have located and then deleted many other duplicate files in the y:\music_shell folder.
  • the 5236 MP3 files Kevin gave me on an external hard drive are not included. Alex and I were in Cedar Rapids to volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul and after we were done, we dropped off two wood CD racks that I no longer need because of storing my CDs on spindles. While talking to Kevin, the opportunity that he can get me a new-to-me PC tower in the future arose. There is no timeline for when. I also volunteered to rip his CDs once I am done with ripping my CDs.
  • It doesn't include the CD files that I have ripped which reside on the Toshiba laptop for spindle 13 - I will copy those files to the y:\music_shell folder prior to the 20170216 - 20170229 row above.
Also, just for the record, less than 20 CDs remain on Spindle #13. While I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I plan to finish #13 and begin #14 on Saturday morning.

I've also wrote about this idea in the 10 year project journal but it is worth mentioning here. I really REALLY love my job. I am 40 days shy of my 1 year anniversary and have my first performance review with Bob this week - Friday, 2/17/17, at 3 PM. I am excited about my current project and even more excited for the future. Just to recap, I am the only technical writer in a large department. To read the specific goals I submitted at work, refer to Goals? Of Course I have Goals.
20170116 20170131 82960 As a reminder, the number in this row is the result of this DOS command:
dir y:\music_shell\*.* /s
Between now and 2/15,  I hope to increase that number by ripping more CDs while, at the same time, I hope to decrease that number by eliminating duplicates.

In other news, I finished ripping Spindle #12 and am ready to move on to Spindle #13. I also stopped by the North Liberty Police Department on Friday, 1/27/16, to pick up some empty cake boxes. I now have the storage capacity for an additional 1050 CDs in my collection due to the 10 x 100 spindles and 1 x 50 spindle I now have in the basement. An idea I have percolating is to take my favorite 20 CDs from each of my other 50 spindles. I haven't decided if it's a good idea or not, but it is an idea. Another idea I've had is to not do anything with those 11 empty spindles in the hope that I fill them with CDs I do not own. I realize it seems I have an endless supply of empty spindles, due to my relationship with the North Liberty Police Department, but I don't want to presume that will always exist (even though I think it will as they will always have backup cameras). It's certainly possible that they (someday) cease burning DVDs and only use online (Cloud) storage.

In other news, I am moving forward with this project with a dedicated machine. On 1/29, Alex & I went to Best Buy in Coralville. I purchased a Lenova laptop - his high school graduation present. Per Alex, the Toshiba laptop does not hold a charge. He had been taking it to school because of his online class and his class at Kirkwood and needed a reliable machine. I had grown increasingly more uncomfortable with the prospect of the "main" machine traveling back and forth.

And yet, in other news, I am likely to download a lot of tunes from in preparation for the Chicago Open Air 2017 concert in July 2017. Hotel reservations have been made for Alex, his buddy Nick, and I. Here's is a playlist from (I didn't create it):

20170101 20170115 90367 From this date forward, I am only going to track my progress by using this DOS command: dir y:\music_shell\*.* /s . No longer will I manually run DOS commands to find totals for specific file types. I think that is the best way to track the "gigantic" scope of this project. For the 20170116-20170131 row, I will have moved all music files on the y: drive that are outside of y:\music_shell to the y:\music_shell folder.
20161216 20161231 48743 After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  • 48095 MP3s
  • 319 WAVs
  • 310 WMAs
  • 19 3gps
I have begun Spindle #11, which had 28 Metallica CDs.
20161201 20161215 44957 After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  • 44193 MP3s
  • 230 WAVs
  • 515 WMAs
  • 19 3gps
I have 50 more CDs on Spindle #8.
20161116 20161130 33869 After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  • 33418 MP3s
  • 182 WAVs
  • 250 WMAs
  • 19 3gps
I completed Spindle #7 and began Spindle #8.
20161101 20161115 32580 After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  • 31902 MP3s
  • 289 WAVs
  • 369 WMAs
  • 20 3gps
I figured out that 3/2/2019 will be when my reconversion project is complete. Yes, it's that far off in the future.On that day, it will be 1000 days since 6/5/2016, which is the date on which I restarted converting my CDs to MP3. More details to come, including the 10 milestones I've established.
Note to me: Volume XVII, Section III, pages 26 - 28 contain the pre-planning for the 1000 day timeline.
20161016 20161031 NNNNN I delayed entering this row's information because I was close to finishing a spindle on 10/31/2016; then time slipped away and it was 11/15/2016.
20160916 20160930 38984 Okay - now that's better. After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  1. 38475 MP3s
  2. 206 WAVs
  3. 283 WMAs
  4. 20 3gps
I manually added them to get 38984. I'm not going to complicate things further by including the files I copied from my Z:\drive because most of those files are going to be duplicates. There are
  1. 44043 MP3s
  2. 161 WAVs
  3. 213 WMAs
  4. 0 3gps
That would inflate what I have by 44417, up to 83401. That doesn't seem logical.

In other news, I finished converting Spindle 04 and added a new page with its information.
20161001 20161015 72609 Okay - now that's better. After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  1. 72003 MP3s
  2. 323 WAVs
  3. 263 WMAs
  4. 20 3gps
I manually added them to get 72609.

In other news, I finished converting Spindle 05 and added a new page with its information. Originally, I was going to be out of town both the weekend of 10/22 & 10/29, but because of a change in plans, I will be home on 10/22, which is Alex's 18th birthday, and able to work on Spindle #6 prior to the Iowa v. WI football game at 11 AM. I hope I am up by 6 AM so I can work on it for multiple hours.
20160916 20160930 38984 Okay - now that's better. After I manually ran DOS commands to find totals for the following:
  1. 38475 MP3s
  2. 206 WAVs
  3. 283 WMAs
  4. 20 3gps
I manually added them to get 38984. I'm not going to complicate things further by including the files I copied from my Z:\drive because most of those files are going to be duplicates. There are
  1. 44043 MP3s
  2. 161 WAVs
  3. 213 WMAs
  4. 0 3gps
That would inflate what I have by 44417, up to 83401. That doesn't seem logical.

In other news, I finished converting Spindle 04 and added a new page with its information.
20160901 20160915 669 Due to the den project being assigned a higher priority than this project until 9/15/2016, there will be zero new CDs ripped to MP3 during this time period.
20160815 20160831 669 I suppose I have to go lower before I achieve new heights?
20160801 20160814 716 Yeah, I'm dumbfounded by that number as well. I am doing more research.
20160716 20160731 14847 Editor's Note: Updated number column on 7/29/2016 to 14847. Also, as a way to measure progress, I am converting Spindle 04.

Yes, that's the right number. I've gone through great effort to rid the music_shell folder of duplicates. There's also as drastic of an update to my grand scheme of re-re-converting my spindles of CDs by 12/1/16. That's just not going to happen. Today is actually 7/17/16, a Sunday. We had our twice-a-year MMC gathering at our house yesterday and all my time really went into preparing for that. I did manage to complete two spindles of 100 CDs each. I'm going to create a new page where I will post the contents of those spindles (each on its own page) for future reference. I'm currently working on spindle #3.
Back to the subject, the reason 12/1/2016 is not going to happen is because there will be 11 Sundays before I am likely to be home in the den on a Sunday morning. Between Elkader & UNI home football games, that's what the calendar likely holds in store for me. There will be likely be little to zero time on non-Sundays to work on the re-re-conversion. Thus, if there was a time to feel bleak about doing this project in a timely manner, that time is now. That said, I will continue to do what I can to complete this project, but it's not going to be easy.
20160701 20160715 75236 The terrible AWFUL news is that DriveSavers in California is unable to recover files from my EHD. It sucks, to say the least about an awful situation. I think in some odd way I hesitated sending it to them because I didn't want to know that the overriding majority of my Uncle Rico the Band rehearsal recordings were vaporized when that EHD became unusable. I did have two small bits of good news. First, I had an EHD in the side hutch in the den and couldn't recall why I had never taken it out of the plastic case and tried to access it with my 2 bay dock that I use to access other EHDs. So, I opened the case and plopped it in. Guess what? It worked! The second bit of good news is that there was a message on our home phone answering machine on June 21st. The caller asked that I call her back at the North Liberty Police Department. When I called back, the officer couldn't find any record of needing to talk to me and suggested I call the next day when the office staff would be present. When I did, I learned that they had saved empty CD spindles (also known as "cake boxes") for me! You see, back in February, when Alex had a car accident, I had stopped in to talk to them and had noticed that they were using CDs from a spindle to back up camera footage. The burned CDs were then placed into a soft case wallet. I asked what they did with the empty spindles and was told they were recycled. I said that I could use them. Then, actually, I forgot about it until the phone call. When I stopped there, I was given 10 x 100 capacity spindles and 2 x 25 capacity spindles. They are going to keep my name and number and call me when they accumulate more. On eBay, these spindles are expensive! Back to my new 4 TB EHD - always assigned to Y for future reference - there are 327820 File(s) files with a (2), (3)... (9) on this drive. That means, assuming they are all duplicates, I have 548887 actual files on this drive. It's a start but time will probably reveal more files that I am not remembering at the moment. At least Megan's pictures from her Europe trip are safe - that makes me feel relief.
20160616 20160630 63571 Don't get too excited by the number you see in this row. It's a trick - that number includes the 36021 files I had when I ran this command: | dir y:\music_shell\music\*(2).mp3 *(3).mp3 *(4).mp3 *(5).mp3 *(6).mp3 *(7).mp3 *(8).mp3 *(9).mp3 *(10).mp3 *(11).mp3 /s | And the difference between those two numbers? 27550. It's going to be a long journey... I have the package to send to DriveSavers in California sitting in the truck. I thought there was a Federal Express dropoff box in front of the local Casey's, but there is not. I discovered this when I drove by the Casey's to drop it off. There is a mail supplies store on 965 that I can stop at on our way to Elkader after work.
20160601 20160615 NN,NNN I officially declare that I am going to reconvert my CDs, beginning on Sunday, June 5, 2016. It's a sad thing to have to admit to, but it's my reality. Especially since Gillware sent back my 4 TB EHD and I have a Federal Express label to apply to the box they sent it back to me in so that it can go to DriveSavers in California. It's been a chaotic couple of weeks but I hope to get down to Federal Express very soon - certainly prior to 6/16/2016, which is when I return to this page. In the meantime, I have started to slowly and haphazardly reconvert my CDs. I have 4525 CDs. I was able to successfully export the Media Player library to a text file and it's beyond massive. Part of me is overwhelmed with this project, even though I've done it before.

I have a tentative goal to work on the conversion for the next 6 months in order to hit a target date of Thursday, December 1, 2016. It's 183 days away. How many CDs do I have to rip each day to hit that goal? Dividing 4525 by 183 tells me my answer: 24.72 CDs a day or, more accurately, a spindle with 100 CDs on it every 4 days. When I did the previous conversion, I sometimes had my work laptop, the family laptop, and a PC running Windows XP converting CDs simultaneously. Believe it or not, my work laptop at my job (5/28 was my two month anniversary) doesn't even have a CD drive so that bumps me down to two machines I can have running at the same time. However, using the Windows XP PC is excruciatingly awful and slow and mind-numbing - I'm unlikely to attempt to use it again. That drops me to a single CD drive. What does all that mean? I'm unlikely to hit my 12/1 date, but I'll still shoot for it.

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