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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Goals? Of course I Have Goals

These are the goals I submitted to Bob to discuss for the next year.
What is your specific goal? (typically 3-5 goals, may include a professional development goal)
  1. Enhance existing relationships and establish additional relationship with all teams that are responsible for the 16 critical HCIS systems
  2. Establish additional processes related to how I do my work such as automating the compilation of the RoboHelp project to generate the required 3 deliverables (CHM file, PDF, and browser-based) and setting up how these deliverables would be available when a disaster happens. This also includes advanced MS Word practices related to templates and updating boilerplate text across the 16 critical HCIS system Word docs by updating the template.
  3. Integrate all relevant knowledge I learn by working on the disaster recovery documentation with the Cherwell project.
  4. provide editorial and writing guidance for HCIS co-workers
  5. provide guidance for HCIS co-workers who have questions about how to use the tools I use on a daily basis

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