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Monday, October 27, 2014

Catholicism Being Attacked

I read this article regarding a political race in Washington state where the Republican is Catholic and being attacked for believing in "Catholic stuff." In the comments section,

A conservative should be able to flip it around on the leftist as such:
"I seem to recall that in the Constitution it specifically states there shall be no religious litmus testing for higher office. But that's exactly what my opponent is doing. Because of my Christian beliefs my opponent is saying I'm not fit for this office. That's not he America I grew up in, that's not the America I learned in school, and that's not the America we should be teaching our children. Anti-christian bigotry has no place in our public forums. Take those backwards thinking back to Seattle where it belongs and leave the rest of us alone. "
But I suspect in the name of "civility" he will keep quiet about it.

Made me smirk and grin.

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