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Monday, October 27, 2014


I've resisted the urge to write about Ebola because I was an English major and have zero medical training. All I can do is regurgitate what I hear and read in the media, hoping that the information is reliable. That said, it is one of the issues that is gripping the media headlines. Ebola is a disease that is not new to civilization, but is new to the United States. Until recently, there wasn't a lot of attention paid to the disease because in America's selfish view, it wasn't a disease 'here' - it was a disease 'over there in Africa so it doesn't impact us.' I'm not saying that is right or wrong - just documenting my perspective.

This is an article about how distraught the country is becoming:

If I tried to provide a daily and comprehensive list of articles about Ebola on the Internet, the list would be extremely unmanageable. Thus, I am not going to try and create one. While Ebola is a crisis in our country, I feel the need to let qualified authorities offer their opinion. I don't consider my opinion to be worth any more than the product of a trillion times zero.

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