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Monday, June 19, 2017

Oh! To Have $300 in Spare Change!!

I need to stay the hell away from as I would be better off not knowing this had been posted. Now I'm wishing for $300 in spare change...

This lot includes over 37 CDs with out of print albums, rare imports, singles, live recordings, autographs and more. Below you will find a complete listing of everything included. Most items are in like-new condition but a few show signs of wear, most notably the Reload and Garage Inc. CDs as they were promotional albums which got regular play in a music store when they were released. I don’t believe many of these CDs were ever made widely available so please be aware that some of them could appear to be a reprint, while I don’t know for sure I have noted the ones that may be in the list below.
  • Autographed Load album by James, Lars, Jason and Kirk.
    • This was given to me by a friend who said it was autographed at a concert in Kansas City during the Load tour. There is no COA.
  • Wherever I May Roam (METCB 9) *German Import
  • Kill ‘Em All (9 60766-2)
  • No Leaf Clover (562 700-2) * Rare gold CD with printed signatures
  • Turn the Page (566 591-2)
  • Metallica & Friends Acoustica possible reprint
  • One (23DP5438)
  • Mama Said (UK METCD 14/INT 578 871-2) *England Import
  • Garage Days 2 (CD9606) possible reprint
  • Enter the Studio (MET 23)
  • For Members Only (D2P 828) possible reprint
  • Bay Area Thrashers the Early Years (OTR 1100060)
  • Unforgiven II (METCD 17/568 551-2) * Sweden Import
  • Garage Days 3 (CD 9612) possible reprint
  • A Night at the Symphony – Berkeley ’99
  • Metallica & IR8 Edits, Demos and More (MI 666) possible reprint
  • Live Garage NYC ’98 possible reprint
  • Load Your B-Sides (LYBS 1-97) possible reprint
  • Metallica the $9.98 CD – Garage Days Re-revisted (E2 60757)
  • Metallica the $9.98 CD – Garage Days Re-revisted (E2 60757-2)
  • Garage Days and More (CD9301) x 2
    • 2 of these are included, one has a misprint on the CD with title The Garage band (GB-406) but the tracks match Garage Days and More
  • Creeping Death (CD 12KUT 112)
  • Garage Inc.
  • Master of Puppets (9 60439-2)
  • S&M (62463-2)
  • Metallica (9 61113-2)
  • Reload (62126-2) *Promotional CD
  • Ride the Lightning (9 60396-2)
  • …And Justice for All (9 60812-2)
  • Load (61923-2)
  • St. Anger (62853-2)
  • M3K Live Concert Recordings from: 12/31/1999, 1/4/2000, 1/9/2000, 1/10/2000 reprints
  • Live Sh**: Binge & Purge (61594-2)

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