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Friday, June 30, 2017


I am on vacation until Wednesday, July 5th, which is when I return to work. This is the schedule I know about as of this moment:
  • Friday - drive to Elkader
  • Saturday - see "Wonder Woman" in the Elkader Theater, go to 4 PM Mass, eat supper
  • Sunday - Lou & Jean are going to Bob & Mary Lou's 90th birthday party in Dubuque; unsure what Karen, Alex, Megan, and I are doing.
  • Monday - Lou & Jean & Karen are going to Lou's doctor appointment in Dubuque; unsure what Alex, Megan, and I are doing. I had thought about going golfing but with 3 of us, that wouldn't really work out well.
  • Tuesday - Lou & Jean & Karen & Megan & Alex & I are going to the Garnavillo 4th of July parade. It starts at 10 AM and, traditionally, we leave from Elkader around 9 AM to get a good seat. Sometime after the parade, we'll likely pack up and return to North Liberty - most likely prior to any local to North Liberty area fireworks beginning.
  • Wednesday - Karen & I return to work; unsure what Alex & Megan have planned. 
It will be a busy weekend. I have nothing planned other than 'going with the flow' and seeing the "Wonder Woman" movie. We can see it not in 3D at the following times:
Saturday - noon
Sunday - 3:30; 7:00
It looks like a movie called "Megan Leavey" might be the next movie:

And what would my life be without finding errors on websites. On the "Reserving Seats" page - - I found this:

Yes, I used the "Contact Us" page to tell them about it.
Editor's Note: This is a reminder to check the "Reserving Seats" page on Wednesday, July 5th, to verify the typo has been corrected and that there is a link (or that the "click here" text has been removed).

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