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Monday, June 26, 2017

Remembering the Crippler

They are going to make a movie about Chris Benoit, the WWE superstar that murdered his wife & son in 2007. It is going to be called "Crossface" and be directed by Lexi Alexander. I'm 100% unfamiliar with her work - I haven't seen her films Green Street Hooligans, Punisher: War Zone, and I've never watched a single episode of the many TV series she has been involved in, which are Arrow, Supergirl, and Limitless. I have absolutely ZERO authority to say whether Alexander is a good choice or not for this film.

I do have the authority to say I remembered watching Monday Night Raw after this news came out, though I didn't remember the precise date, which was June 26, 2007 - a decade back from today. This article about his career is a fascinating glimpse into the backstory of what it means to be a WWE superstar. Specifically, this is the paragraph that made me pause and think:

During his 22-year career, Chris Benoit took many “bumps,” as they’re known in the wrestling industry. The innocuous term belies – probably intentionally – just how serious the injuries can be. From chair shots in TLC matches, to lead pipes, stop signs, and God knows what else in Hardcore contests, to botched German suplexes, there are a plethora of ways to sustain head trauma in this business. And they all happened to him. Repeatedly. Many more times, I think, than anyone really knew while he was still alive.

If that passage intrigues you, read the article.

Editor's Note: Having never even mentioned "Chris Benoit" on this blog, a label has been created.

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