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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Megan is 19

Editor's Note: I had planned to write a longer post regarding Megan's 19th birthday than the following. The following is the beginning of where a longer post was heading. I didn't have time to write more than the following and now, Sunday, 8/16/2015 @ 9 AM, it doesn't seem appropriate to finish this post as if it was completed on Friday, 8/14/2015. Thus, here is the unfinished post.

I've stared at this empty blog post for a few minutes now and am not sure where this entry is going to go. Today is my daughter's 19th birthday and, on Monday, my wife, Alex, and I will drive to a city 1.5 hours away and help her move into her dorm room. Rumor has it we are leaving our house at 6:30 AM on Monday.

Last night was her final night working at Fareway until Thanksgiving break, which seems like an eternity away from now. Even when she comes home from college for that holiday break, Alex and I will be @ the 2015 edition of NCYC in Indianapolis so we will not be home when she gets home. Of course, there may be weekends between now and then that she comes home, but with playing in the marching band at home football games, any plans regarding her coming home for a weekend are unknown.

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