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Friday, August 21, 2015

Where I Was 25 Years Ago is Not Where I am 25 Years Later

Editor's note: It's rare that I add a new label when I write a post. Today, I added the "Alice in Chains" label. It surprised me that I had never done that before.
It's beyond my comprehension that Facelift, the debut album from Alice in Chains, was released 25 years ago. This article - - goes through the story of how that album was initially received.

Twenty-five years ago, on Tuesday, August 21, 1990, I was not ready for Alice in Chains. I was still not ready for them when they were the opening band during the Clash of the Titans tour (Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth were the other bands on that tour) when it stopped in Cedar Rapids in summer 1991. It was about a month after that concert that I began to understand that "Man in a Box" is a really good tune!

I talked to Stephanie, Megan's roommate's mom, as we were moving Megan in to her dorm room. As it often does, music came up in conversation. She said that Alice in Chains was her favorite band and that she didn't like the current lead singer.

Per, these are the top 10 Alice in Chains tunes over the last 25 years.

4.      Listen to 'Hollow'
7.      Listen to 'Rooster'
9.      Listen to 'Would?'

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