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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not Topping the Past

It's kind of interesting to look at the number of blog posts at the month level. Rather, it's interesting to me. For example, in July 2014, I posted 50 times. Compared to the month that ended yesterday, I posted 38 times or 76% of last year. Why? I can't explain it.

Rather, I'll focus on the present, which is that it is now August 2015! August will be a very busy life in our lives. First up is Karen and I reaching our 22nd wedding anniversary. We will not sleep together on our wedding anniversary and I only mention it because it will be our first wedding anniversary that we are apart from each other. The plans are for Megan, Karen, and Megan's friend to be coming up to Elkader on that day while Alex and I will be traveling to Davenport's Adler Theater to see Shinedown. This was a prearranged concert - Karen could decide whether I took Alex to see Godsmack / Papa Roach / In This Moment on Tuesday, May 19, or to Shinedown on Friday, August 7. She chose 8/7 and, upon deciding that, the plans were made for it to be a "girl's weekend" in Elkader.

Moving on, the following Friday is Megan's 19th birthday and the current plan is for her to have some friends over for a bonfire. Then, on Monday, we move her to UNI. It's hard to believe, sitting here in the Jayco camper in Elkader, that in 17 short days, Karen, Alex, and I will take Megan to Cedar Falls to begin her new career as a college student. I knew that time wasn't going to stand still for me, no matter how much I would wish for it to do so. Megan is growing up and I am very proud and hopeful for her as a person (and of course as my daughter) that she will begin the rest of her life when she gets to UNI.

As of now, we will spend the final two weekends of August up here in Elkader. It will be different to be here with Megan off to college. Of course, I will miss her being around so, therefore, I'm not going to write about her being away until she actually is,  you know, away.

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