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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Divert to Win

There was a big shakeup in Donald Trump's presidential campaign on Monday (which I didn't mention on this blog). His campaign manager was fired. As Trump tries to put the focus back on HRC, there are new polls that show it's really not a definite path for HRC to the White House. Per Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points memo, the race is tight:

Both candidates understand that right now the race is fairly close ....
A new CNN poll has Clinton ahead of Trump 47 - 42 among registered voters.
However, in Ohio a Quinnipiac poll shows the race is tied 40-40.
In Pennsylvania it's just about tied as well -- Clinton 42, Trump 41.
In Florida Clinton leads trump 47-39.
Donald Trump needs to win all three of those states, and his polling has been going south for the last three weeks.

And yet, with all that negative energy in the Trump campaign, there is this article about how Trump is a nice and good guy without a camera in front of him. So, frankly, just who is Donald Trump?!?

And if our country only had to deal with Donald Trump's campaign, maybe I'd feel better about our country's future. I'd think, "This is a fad and it will pass." However, there are other important issues that continue to divide our country - guns and abortion. Erick Erickson's article called "We Actually Need More Guns, Not Less Guns" highlights this divide and, from that article, I really REALLY like this part of EE's column:

If the Senate is serious about saving Americans, they should really first defund Planned Parenthood, which chops up thousands of Americans a year and sells their body parts. Then, the Senate should pass national concealed carry reciprocity legislation and make it way the heck easier to buy guns.

That is inline with what I think and with what I have opined on this blog.

In conclusion, do I have the answer to all of these issues? Nope. I really don't.

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