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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Favorite Subject in the Lyrics I Wrote

Years ago, I transcribed 19 spiral notebooks into a RoboHelp project - I think I've described that on this blog elsewhere - and recently, I started poking around the lyrics I wrote. I came across this article - about forgiveness - shortly after I came across these lyrics.

Unable to Think

Authored on 06/16/1993

Two thoughts pounding
Pointing at I . . .
There's no way I can
Forgive this feeling
For visiting me twice
In a short lifetime,
No explanation found.
I return to the Burn, a
Sensation in my stomach,
The kind that festers
With Ignorance as they
Laugh together, joyful
And pleasantly planning
My fall. They'll wait
Until the festering
Increases, too immense
For words or for a
Poet to dominate into words,
Do you understand where
I'm going? The end is . . .
Unable to think.

Twenty-three in Years

Authored on 02/15/1993

I never can say what I feel
Neither can you

I never can open up to what is real
I can't talk to you
The words fight my instinct
Keep your mouth shut
This is for your own good
Lies I've learned to live with
Reflecting until the sun rises
Thinking about failures
Remembering when I've cried
Knowing why dreams have died . . .
Twenty-three in spineless years.


Saturday 08 05 2006 Unable To Think 19A 06/16/1993 189 About Parents During Engagement
Saturday 08 05 2006 Twenty-three in Years 19A 02/15/1993 189 Twenty-three in spineless years
Transcribed into the RoboHelp project on Saturday, August 05, 2006

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