Thursday, October 24, 2019

Painting by Numbers would be Awful... NOT!

The curse of seeing both sides to a situation raised its ugly head. In the article below, Chris Adler is quoted as saying that "being trapped in a "creative" formula and/or playing the same song 10,000 times did not bolster my love of playing. I’m never been one to “phone it in." I’d rather mow the grass.

I met Chris Adler (Lamb Of God): The Interview in Cedar Rapids, IA, in March 2007. He was a great guy. I felt comfortable talking to him.

I do have a question. When Adler says "playing the same song 10,000 times did not bolster my love of playing," I wonder if he was under the impression that he would never play a popular song 10,000 times. Think about it this way. Metallica will never play a concert for the rest of their career without "Enter Sandman." says Metallica has played "Enter Sandman" 1351 times. Metallica would have to play 8649 more concerts to play to reach the plateau of playing "Enter Sandman" 10,000 times. The tune has been around 28 years. I hate math, but I love a good challenge. I took 10000 / 1391, which is 7.1890726096, which means it will take 201.2940330697 years to play "Enter Sandman" 10,000 times. That's actually more of a question than a statement.

To do the fuzzy math yourself, read the article.

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