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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Never Washing It Again

At some point at the Five Finger Death Punch / Papa Roach / In This Moment / From Ashes to New concert last night, I decided that I wasn't going to hover over Alex and Austin. Instead, from my comfy chair in the second balcony, perpendicular with the drummers of all four bands, I watched the entire concert. In short, From Ashes to New impressed me with their tunes that are blatantly influenced by Linkin Park, In This Moment was my least favorite as the band didn't make as sincere of a connection with the audience as they went through their 6 tunes (with a costume change after each which slowed any momentum they could have built), Papa Roach played enthusiastically and played my favorite ("Scars") acoustically on a small stage by the soundboard (which is where Alex and Austin were during the concert), and Five Finger Death Punch nailed the intensity with their ferocious tunes and vulgarity-laced commentary between songs. That's the short version of a concert review of what I saw. One other highly notable event was that when Papa Roach played "Scars" on that small stage by the soundboard, Alex was able to reach out and touch the lead singer. The joke was that Alex was never going to wash that hand again, but since he has a shift at Fareway,  he took a shower.

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