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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Like a Cult

Karen described our morning commute as like being in a cult because I have the radio tuned to Rock 108. This AM, Disturbed's new tune "The Vengeful One" came on. Karen lasted through the first verse, the chorus, & the second verse, but when the song reached the interlude after the second verse, she had had enough. She changed the station to Life 101.9, the Christian station, but only stayed there for a few moments because she doesn't like the female DJ. She changed the station (again) to 94.1 KRNA. I have no idea what was going on, at that precise moment, because I could only hear people talking over each other. I turned the radio off.

What's kind of funny is that yesterday, Karen started humming the melody of Seether's "Same Damn Life."

She was quick to point out that just because she recognized the melody is not an admission of actually liking the song.

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