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Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016 Present

Alex called me up last Wednesday as I was mowing the grass in 90 degree heat and asked me what size shirt I wear. He has a history of wanting to buy t-shirts for me at Hot Topic, a store in the Coral Ridge Mall, that I wouldn't wear. With that in mind and sweat dripping (literally) out of every pore on my body, I answered his question with "Don't buy me anything at Hot Topic." He said okay and hung up.

Later that night, I apologized for being short with him, explaining that I was out mowing and wasn't really in the mood for talking. He said that he had found a Metallica t-shirt at Hot Topic for $4 and proceeded to tell me that it was an "And Justice for All" t-shirt. I think he saw my face droop as he told me that. "And Justice for All" is only my all-time favorite Metallica album, outranking all others.

I didn't think any more about it until the kids and Karen gave me my Father's Day presents early on Friday night. I received a wood rack and a cover for it, which we will use at the campsite in Elkader. Then Alex gave me a plastic bag and inside was a Metallica "And Justice for All" t-shirt like the one I'm wearing below:
From L-R, Louis (father-in-law), Mark (brother-in-law), Dave (brother-in-law), me with my Metallica t-shirt
Why am I the only one showing teeth?!?

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