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Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh C'mon

Damnit, let him be a face!!! Ambrose on commentary last night sounded no different from when Rollins was on commentary and blathering about how the belt was "his" belt and that no one would take it from him. To end last night's episode, he put his Dirty Deeds move on Roman Reigns and told Shane McMahon he would fight Rollins and Reigns any time. McMahon made the main event at Battleground (in 5 weeks) Rollins v. Ambrose v. Reigns. This article tries to make the case Ambrose should be the heel - I say no, he gained my respect as a crazy guy willing to do what he takes. Now all he is going to do is blather on like every other heel. The "crazy" all-out character made him compelling - those thumbtacks he endured against Chris Jericho at their Extreme Rules match is just one example. Having him be all smug is a slap in the face.
Dean Ambrose Heel Turn Makes Him More Effective WWE Champ Following Cash-in

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