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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Heading to Newton

I could get 4 tickets for $99 to the Snoop Dogg concert.

Instead Alex & I are going to Newton to see
in 1 month, 2 weeks, 6 days (50 days)
our tickets are for the GA Floor!!

See? It says the pre-sale begins at 9 AM. That's important for the rest of the story below
Our tickets are in the red box area

There was some drama surrounding it. I asked both Megan and Alex if they wanted to go. Both kids said, "yes." Did you notice the text in the red box above? Alex + Megan + Me = 3. After discussing the situation with Megan, she decided she didn't want to go.

Thus, I had a presale code because I am a Metallica club member. The website said my presale code was for the 9 AM presale. At 9 AM, I was entering my code and kept seeing an error message that it was invalid. It turned out that my presale code was for the 11 AM presale, which is when I had a status meeting with my manager at work! Luckily, Alex had an open period at 11 AM so he actually purchased the tickets. He printed the receipt, which is good, because we have not received a confirmation email as of 7:39 AM today.

And, in celebration of seeing Metallica in 2017, here's a new interview:

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