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Monday, April 24, 2017

Management Concepts

I read Bad Management Behaviours and zeroed in on the 7 traits of a bad manager, which are:
  1. Their team routinely suffers from burnout
  2. They lack emotional intelligence
  3. They don’t provide adequate direction
  4. They find blame in everyone but themselves
  5. They don’t provide honest feedback
  6. They're Blind To Current Situation
  7. They're Self-Serving
You can read the full details in the article. What I wanted to focus on was the joyous realization that I have not worked for a bad manager in my entire career. Seriously. I've worked under the following managers in my career and, ranked, I would put them in this order:
  1. Bob
  2. Deb
  3. Vickie
  4. Dianne
  5. Christy
  6. Courtney
Anyways, I honestly feel like none of them fell into the 7 traits of a bad manager. I consider myself very lucky!

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