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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Matthew Fray Does it Again - PERFECT

I really REALLY enjoy reading posts by Matthew Fray on his blog. This is just a small piece of an overall great article:

Sometimes I’m smart and know things. Like indisputable fact sort-of things. And I’m capable of getting frustrated or overtly angry if I hear or read someone “being wrong” about this thing I know.
Sometimes I just think I know things, but actually don’t. A false belief like I used to have about the Tooth Fairy, or how afraid I should be of getting on a ridiculously fun roller coaster or of jumping off high-dive boards into swimming pools.
When we believe we are Right or Correct, or that our opinions are Better or Worth More Than, we often argue or debate the point with anyone who disagrees.
And that is often the person we married or have a serious relationship with, simply because they tend to be around the most often.

I like this article because of a conversation I had with Alex the other day. He said something to the effect of that he wasn't interested in listening to someone vent as that person told him about 'things that don't matter' to him. Indirectly quoting Matthew Fray, I said to him something along the lines of 'The issue may not be important to you but it is likely very important to the person venting. As their friend, you have the role of listening to that person vent.'

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