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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ideating about Bigger Than Current

I am always learning - "ideate" is actually a word. 

I had to google to verify it is actually a word. If you are a skeptic like I was that the word even existed, you can read what I found on

When you're back from expanding your vocabulary, review this ad and think about how fun this job would be. The first bullet point sold me - "Research and monitor trends across hundreds TV, movies, and games fandoms" - hook, line, and sinker. Writing disaster recovery documentation (current) or education software (Pearson) or medical devices (the hellhole in Kalona not mentioned by name) or equine management software (HiMARKS) or telecommunications software (Quintrex Data Systems) or hazardous materials software (Jordan Systems) or life insurance software (Network Data Processing) have all been fine (except the hellhole job) and I've loved specific aspects of each (begrudgingly, yes, at the hellhole job), but to be paid to write about a franchise such as "Star Wars" and to be paid to research trends regarding that franchise? It'd almost be as good as being the writer for or

All that said,NO, I'm not moving from Iowa to take this job in San Francisco, CA, even though that is where Metallica calls home. Extra points for the background picture on their careers page and looking like a great employer: 

Content Strategist

  • Department: Content
  • Location: San Francisco
Fandom powered by Wikia is the world’s largest entertainment fan site. As the fan's voice in entertainment, it's where you can find and share news, commentary, stories, and knowledge on your favorite shows, movies, games and more. Launched in 2006, Fandom currently boasts 360,000+ fan communities and a global audience of over 190 million monthly uniques and growing.

About your role:

This role supports our site-wide content strategy through research and data-driven content planning. The Content Strategist influences the entire content lifecycle: analyzing, planning, managing, and monitoring editorial, wiki, and video production.
  • Research and monitor trends across hundreds TV, movies, and games fandoms; utilize findings to plan and schedule editorial and video content that puts Fandom at the center of the conversation.
  • Conduct SEO, social, and user behavior research and use findings to ideate and plan the most useful and engaging content in the entertainment space.
  • Conduct competitive and market research on strategic and emerging games, television, and film IPs and use those findings to develop content topics and themes.
  • Improve internal and external linking to improve site architecture and help new fans discover to our best, most relevant content.
  • Ensure editorial content is optimized for search and user experience while balancing the needs of other distribution channels, including recirculation, email, and social.
  • Monitor evergreen content and assign timely updates to the Content team.
  • Present rankings, traffic, and engagement data to the Content team and stakeholders and use those results to shape additional content ideas. Provide insights to the Content, Community and Sales Development teams.

You are…

...a passionate reader and/or writer who loves TV, movies, and film. You consume your pop culture news from our competitors (IGN, AV Club, Nerdist), can explain our competitors social and content strategies, and can ideate unique content ideas based on the questions and conversations in the marketplace. You should be equal parts creative and analytical and comfortable making decisions based on limited information. The ideal candidate has extensive experience with keyword research, but could also be a less experienced writer or editor who has hands-on experience.
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Knowledge of keyword research, competitive analysis, linking strategies
  • Solid understanding of Google Analytics
  • Experience with WordPress or a similar CMS is a bonus
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments is a bonus
  • Willing and eager to learn new skills, crossteam process and relationship management

Benefits & Perks

  • Stock options
  • Annual Training Budget per Employee
  • Periodic Team Lunches and Happy Hour
  • Full pantry complete with coffee, a variety of drinks, cookies and healthy food options
  • Employee Interest and Hobby Groups supported by the company
  • Flexible working hours
  • International work environment with start-up culture

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