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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Have Enough Quotes?!?

There is zero reason that the genres in quotes under the band's picture should be in quotes. That's the only way to say it. On top of that, from a musical standpoint, "punk" and "classic rock" do not belong together and should not be linked with the & within the quotes.

A better way to present those genres would be to use commas between each genre and to use a & at the end before the last genre - "Hits from Today" - if that is to remain as the last genre. Personally, I would make it the first genre listed. I also would not list both "surf" and "rockabilly" in the list - I would list one or the other. I would also group Hits with Classics, and put the rest of the genres in alphabetical order. Assuming all of that, the list becomes this:
 Hits & Classics: Garage, Glam, Punk, Rock, & Surf 
I'd like to think there wasn't a professional writer who collaborated with the band to create the existing poster.

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