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Friday, April 14, 2017

Rapper Pushing for Proper Punctuation is GOOD

Today is Good Friday.

In unrelated news, a new Linkin Park single, featuring Pusha T and Stormzy, was announced in an email I received at 11:15 PM last night. These things made me smile:
  1. Either Pusha T or Stormzy is pushing for proper punctuation thanks to the phrase "A period at the end of every sentence." 
  2. The (paraphrased) 'I've been killin' it longer than you've been alive, you idiot' slam is awesome!
  3. These comments are priceless:

  4. The occasional high-pitched sound effect - maybe it's someone singing - is cool.
  5. The line about 'goodbye to my demons' during the litany of things being said 'good goodbye' to towards the end of the song is a powerful thought as shouldn't everyone say goodbye to their demons? I'm thinking "yes!"
The first video below is the "official lyric video" and the second is the "Official Audio" video but, honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two.

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