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Friday, April 14, 2017

So This is a Political Post but there's a GOOD Reason

Over the 4400 posts I've published on this blog, a certain style has emerged. I call it the 'real.' I strive to lay it all out on the Internet for anyone to read. That's why I will write about my failures, not just my success. I will write about my hopes and dreams even when they contradict my reality. It's also become apparent that I really like Erick Erickson as a columnist. I find his writing style to be refreshing and interesting. Anyone about to click the link to the article below needs to forget that he works in politics prior to clicking the link. Read the article from the perspective of a man trying to make his way through his time on Earth.

There you go. It's Good Friday and it's GOOD for me to be alive as well as for Erick Erickson to be alive because, as he explains, I’m Supposed to be Dead Today, where the "I" is Erick Erickson, not me.

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