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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

USB-C = Cool

From reading, I can now say I've heard of USB-C. Until I read this article, I would have said, "nope, never heard of it." I like this part too:

The price isn’t terrible, either. It starts at $199 for the 4TB version, which is all the storage a reasonable person should need.

Since I purchased the portable 4 TB EHD earlier this month, I'm not in the market for a new EHD, but I like the concept of using the EHD as "more" than storage. Reminds me of when someone said, "A cell phone should be "more" than being able to call someone."

Speaking of the new 4 TB EHD I purchased earlier this month, I have less than 20 CDs remaining on Spindle #17. I took some time to move all my CDs that are "CD-Rs" or "burned to a CD-R" to separate spindles and put them in alphabetical order. No, that won't make the conversion process go faster, but it does make me more organized.

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