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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Yesterday AM, I was up early writing in my 10 year project. The journal project is where I have assigned a month/year combination to a section in one of 24 200 page spiral notebooks. Currently, I'm writing in Volume X, section 03. I began writing on page 55 of 82 @ 6:15 AM and wrote 7 pages. When we got back from the wedding in Marion (details below), I wrote another 3 pages. While I typically begin a section on the first of the month and finish it on the last day of the month, I wrote some long essays in the June section to the extent that I began this current section on 6/23/15. As we are on vacation the last week in July and spending it in Elkader, I had already decided I wanted to finish the July section by Thursday, July 23, so that when we leave home, I can bring the August volume with me. I'm now revising that idea. Because I'm on page 66, with 16 pages remaining in this section, the new plan is to be able to begin the August 2015 section on Friday, July 17, which is the first day of a three day weekend in Elkader.

Also, yesterday, I've seen deer before at the campground in Elkader. As I was writing in the aforementioned journal, I looked out the window and saw this guy.

Then, I opened a second blind that was covering the other window. I think the deer was looking into my soul.

Then a second one appeared and went into the woods.

Then, I showered and got dressed. Karen and I went to the wedding of BSS and LeAnn at Squaw Creek in Marion. This is the only picture I took.

We sat with my former co-workers at Quintrex - Deb (former manager), Phil and his wife Liz. When Liz worked at QDS in Customer Support years ago, I used to pepper our internal documentation with the word "automagically" and while we were eating, she said that she had seen that word somewhere and began to chuckle about it. I admit I had kind of forgot about how I used to use that word. It was my sarcastic dig at the adjective "automatically" being used to describe the functionality in the systems I documented. There is nothing "automatic" about software, in my mind, because a developer wrote the code to do whatever the software does. It may automate manual tasks, such as when you enter a zip code and the city & state are completed, sure. My point, though, is that's performing a task that you would have to do manually. Maybe it's splitting hairs.

Anyways, it was a good conversation. I heard a little about the current scuttle at QDS. As I listened, I couldn't help but think about how the situations I heard being described sounded vaguely familiar. I'm not going to go into detail here because it doesn't really matter what I heard about in that conversation. My point is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So, now with the recap of yesterday complete, right now, at this moment, it's 7:35 AM on Sunday, July 12, 2015. I'm sitting in Lou & Jean's sunroom in Balltown. We came from Elkader yesterday in order to see the Balltown fireworks. Among many highlights, I finally got to climb up the TV antenna onto Lou & Jean's roof. Alex had been launching bottle rockets and one of them was carried by the wind onto the roof. Attempts to spray water onto the roof in order to get it to roll down were unsuccessful so up I went. Alex had tried to climb up but got to the roof level and doubted his ability to complete the task.

I took some video of last night:

Last year, I took a lot more videos and a lot more pictures, but I don't think I've watched that video or looked at those pictures. Ever. Thus, I decided I wasn't going to take as much video or take as many pictures.

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