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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Latest Lars Lashings

The author of this Lars Lashing was so confident in their opinion that they didn't bother to create a login ID for the website:
Note: pasted verbatim from this website:

Lars Ulrich is not a good drummer. Anyone learning Drums, even remotely, will agree. I will try to explain why I personally think he's not that good a drummer. You have every right to disagree and I'd be happy to listen to other opinions. But please, do not give me shit like 'he plays in metallica, so he's good'.

Drums play rhythmicly, dynamically and musically. A drummer usually progresses in this order. First one would only concentrate on getting the rhythm right(which is the most important). Once that is in place, a drummer understands how controlling the force of impact of a drumstick on a drum head can create better grooves. Lastly,a drummer starts concentrating on the tonal aspect of drumming. Lars seems to be stuck on the first step. Now let's see how Lars' drumming measures against the points mentioned above:

1)No dynamics. Lars has absolutely zero control on dynamics. It is very evident by the way his hi hats strokes sound the same, all of them. The snare sounds the same too

2)Limited rhythmic patterns/progressions. Take any metallica song into account. It will have the most basic grooves.. Songs like Dyers eve and Master of puppets may seem complicated but it's mainly because because of the pauses and breaks, and not because of a complex groove . He has been playing the same chops for 30 years now.

3)Musicality. Everyone will agree that Lars' drumming is not musical. And it's okay to some extent because thrash metal doesn't exactly have much scope for drums tuned in specific intervals and stuff. Thrash metal is more about a steady groove.

It's no secret that Metallica songs are easy to play on drums. Out of the big 4,metallica is the only band which has songs that a newbie drummer can cover.

But at the end of the day, it's all forgotten because 'he's been playing in metallica since forever'. Good or bad, you decide.

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