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Friday, July 10, 2015


Without a doubt, my favorite Van Halen song is "Drop Dead Legs" from their 1984 release. It may seem odd for me to not choose a song like "Hot for Teacher" or "Finish What You Started" as my favorite Van Halen tune. After all, both of those tunes shine a huge spotlight on drummer Alex Van Halen. But no, I choose DDL because of the groove AVH has when he plays the ride cymbal during the solo and for the way he threw in what sounded like simple fills until I tried to play them myself sitting at a drumset. As for the video below, my brother-in-law Mark bemoaned to me the way David Lee Roth sounds live from his viewings of other recent live Van Halen videos. Sadly, it's unlikely that his vocals on DDL will change Mark's mind. Take that as a caution before you click Play.

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