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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gray Old and Fat are Bad

When the Mayhem Fest founder looks in the mirror, he must not see reality. When he declares in this interview that "metal got gray, old, and fat" as a reason for his woes, reality escapes him. The fact of the matter is that every person in the world has to deal with gray in the air, time not stopping, and pounds not being quite as easy to lose as they once were. I really don't think it's a "metal" issue; it's identifying your target audience. If I look at the Mayhem Festival lineup, I think it looks good on paper, but start applying logic to actually attending. Based upon my perception of festivals like this, I assume the following are true:
  1. Long walk from vehicle to stage
  2. No chairs to watch the concert
  3. No shade to prevent sunburns
For Alex, my 16 year-old son, none of those are issues but for me, at 45, those are concerns. The bands had better be damn good if I'm going to do all of that. And, looking at the poster below, I would probably only really want to see Slayer.

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