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Friday, September 25, 2015


From my Fox News First Daily Politics email newsletter:

Today is the birthday of William Faulkner. Born in 1897, the Noble Prize winner is the definitive voice of the American South in the 20th century and best known for his Shakespearean portrayals of Southerners of castes high and low and both black and white in novels like “Absalom Absalom” and “The Sound and the Fury.” But Faulkner may have reached his highest heights in short stories. Faulkner despised the necessity of turning out smaller pieces to pay the bills, an act he referred to as going “whoring” and “boiling the pot.” The University of Mississippi tells the story of his short stories here.

I read "Absalom Absalom" and "As I Lay Dying" when I was an English major at Mount Mercy College. I know I didn't care for him nearly as much as my professor...

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