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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Memories of the Twins

I was trying to remember a name that I knew Jeremy, my co-worker and guitarist / vocalist in Rattlebox, would know. After telling me the name, we had the following chat:
Me: are you in the Twin Cities?
Jeremy: Yes, that's where we are staying.
me: I have fond memories of downtown Twin Cities for a few reasons.

  1. During my freshman year of [Mount Mercy] college (1988), Karen and I met on a bus trip from CR to Mpls to see the Twins play the Chi White Sox. The guy down the hall from me was from Waukegan, IL, and coaxed me into going. Life-changing.
  2. My brother lives in a northern suburb - Rogers - and we had his bachelor party downtown. I don't remember much except that there's a bar called the Library
  3. In 2012, my friend Kevin and I drove up to see Opeth / Katatonia @ First Avenue. That was a good time.

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