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Monday, September 21, 2015


I AM SHOUTING because I want to convey how STRONGLY I agree with David Limbaugh's article (link below). His hypothesis is that the Republican debate last week was long on drama. Where were the solutions? Months ago, I ranted about the need to lock all of the Republican candidates in a room together, and now, David Limbaugh's article - read the article here - essentially says the same things I thought when I posted that post back in July.

Last night, I spent over 3 hours watching last week's debate with Alex. He had an extra credit assignment, worth 12 points, and had to fill in a worksheet about what questions each candidate was asked and their responses. Candidate Carly Fiorina had two really strong sound bytes:
  • 1
    • .... I would ask your audience at home to ask a very basic question. Why have Democrats not solved this problem? President Obama campaigned in 2007 and 2008 on solving the immigration problem. He entered Washington with majorities in the House and the Senate. He could have chosen to do anything to solve this pro — this problem. Instead, he chose to do nothing. Why? because the Democrats don’t want this issue solved.
  • 2
    • .... if someone’s been in the system their whole life, they don’t know how broken the system is. A fish swims in water, it doesn’t know it’s water. It’s not that politicians are bad people, it’s that they’ve been in that system forever. The truth is 75 percent of the American people think the government is corrupt; 82 percent of the American people think these problems that have festered for 50 years in some cases, 25 years in other cases. The border’s been insecure for 25 years; 307,000 veterans have died waiting for health care. These things have gone on for so long because no one will challenge the status quo.

After this page was originally published, I came across another article. A memorable quote from it?

Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican:

Rea=d the full article. Be sure to read the comments. This is a pro-Republican article, published on the Huffington Post, a pro-Democrat website.

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