Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fascinating Achieve

It's fascinating to see this tour of Office 2016 and to read how Microsoft has added the ability to collaborate while writing a document in MS Word. In my world, that is a huge reason why there was a push to use Google Docs instead of MS Word. As a professional technical writer, I don't believe Google Docs has the ability to replace MS Word. Today.

There's three things that Google Docs needs.
  1. The ability to create user-defined styles. I want character styles for UI elements so that if I have 100 references to a check box, I can create a character style (which I already have in my MS Word file) and control all 100 instances of that style with a single change to the document's template.
  2. Building off of the previous item, I want a template. I want to control what styles are available and I want to have consistency across all of the Google Docs.
  3. I want a better understanding of how to transfer (convert?) the MS Word macros I have into a format that is usable in Google Docs. This has more to do with me learning than it does with Google Docs as a product.

See the tour of Office 2016 here.

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