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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Helluva Circle & More Coulter

Part of what I've been complaining about is how the Republicans just don't know when they have it good. This article essentially says the same thing. If you are a politician and you want your legislative agenda to become the law of the land because you're convinced that your fellow lawmakers on the other side of the aisle are up to no good, then you want a majority in Congress.

And the Republicans have it.

Yet, there are these RINOs (Republican In Name Only) that insist upon folding. One of the candidates in last week's debate - maybe Ted Cruz? they all blended together after awhile - stated that he wanted to play poker with President Obama because he folds every time. I think that candidate should play poker with Mitch & John in Congress. They're already talking about being strong 'the next time' or 'when such-and-such bill comes up' instead of focusing on the present.

What was it that Yoda said about Luke Skywalker in the swamp? Oh yes. Yoda criticized his student for focusing on someplace else, but not where he was (that's poorly paraphrased) because that meant he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing at that present moment. Frankly, that is Mitch & John.

Then you have Ann Coulter, who I really liked not all that long ago, criticizing the Pope in public. From the link on that article, I got to this page which included this quote:

Ann Coulter makes a living from bashing liberals–it’s something she says she greatly enjoys –and she takes a conservative/Republican position on just about everything, except incidentally her music tastes.

Of course, if it's about music, I have to look at it. Turns out she's a Grateful Dead fan, or at least she was when that article was published on 2006/06/23. Just for the record, I think that is how all dates should be communicated because sorting is a lot simpler when it is YEAR/MM/DD. Just saying.

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