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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rearranging Music Files

When I write about reorganizing my music files, I am writing about moving files from one netwrok drive to another. An example is the following screen shot which shows my current Desktop background in and among the messages about the status of moving files. When I was given the 4TB MyCloud drive, I created several partitions with the idea that each member of my family would use that partition. As time has progressed, that really hasn't happened. Thus, another reason I want to consolidate files is because I'd like to remove several, but not all, of the partitions I created and have two partitions: one for music, one for all other files. That ties into the idea of purchasing another 2 TB (maybe larger if I tie its purchase into a birthday / Christmas present!) external hard drive. I realize that I made a lot of my backing up of files more complicated than I needed to make it. I also factor in that I have had 3 external hard drives crash as well as how I reformatted our family laptop twice. The mess I am still trying to clean up is a mess of my own creation. Sincerely, I am hoping that the mess is cleaned up sooner than later!

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